New Release: Introduction to Meta Magick Scrying

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We aim to provide the highest level of quality, clarity and accessibility in educational resources for seekers wishing to learn and develop in the arts of Magic, Evocation and Kabbalah

Sixty Skills – Master Course (18 Months)

This is an 18-Month Curriculum taking you from absolute beginner all the way to magical independence.

The Complete Evocation Masterclass

As the title says a complete masterclass opening up these normally advanced skills to students far earlier than what you might think is possible.

Magic & Mystical Introspection -Ongoing Course

LA multi year course spanning 10 levels that meets and goes further than Franz Bardons IIH in many ways fully developing the students abilities.

Mystical Quabbalah by Ray Del Sole

An in-depth study for advanced students wishing to develop and master this mystical training. Ray opens the door to this art.

Attaining your Holy Guardian Angel

Three Course in one. Denny guides you to meet with, communicate with and finally to Knowledge and Conversation’ with your HGA.

Meta Magick Scrying

Work through the stages of building a basic set of Metamagick fields. Culminating in 28 days using the tools you have built in the course.

New Course: Meta Magick Scrying

Meta Magick Fields

During this course you will be led through 7 in-depth modules involving video lectures, video and audio instructional lessons explaining the exercises as well as constructing your own magickal tools with the help of the provided templates.

At the end of the course, students who have done all the exercises will have a set of talismans which they have made that anchor and integrate the Meta Magick Fields.

The course concludes with a 28-day program of practice that uses all the tools and crystalizes them as a mode, or vehicle, for experiencing time through the filter of this personalized, meta-magickal set of artworks.

Watch the Introductin to Meta Magick

Meet the Teachers on Perseus

We’re a talented group of creative individuals interested in art, cinematography, design, music, and all niches in between.

Sixty Skills

SixtySkills has covered the globe and over a thirty-year period derived the key techniques from all the major schools, crystalized in the Master Course.

Andre Consciencia

A modern day, author of multiple books and creator of the Magic & Mystical Introspection coursework for serious students wishing to go far.

Jake Green

Creator of our biggest course the Evocation & Invocation Masterclass. Opening up these arts to those with less experience.

Ray Del Sole

A teacher of teachers. Ray is the creator of our ‘Mystical Quabbalah’ course. An in-depth look at this art through the German language.


Lifelong practitioner and author of the amazing 360 Spirits of the Earth Zone. Nenad has multiple courses for advanced students.


Well known author of books in support of those practicing the work of Franz Bardon. Virgil has a helpful course for the cost of a coffee.






Enrolled Students




The best teachers are the most articulate. The best articulators take the complex and explain it simply. This to me is why Sixty Skills and the man behind it is so valuable! Not to mention he is eager to answer your questions.


– Tom / Student of the Master Course

I completed Earth Sphere Invocation Aschmunadaii. Absolutely wonderful. I have a feeling to do this again or felt invited to do so.

Student – The Evocation Masterclass

I also want to thank you for creating such a cool academy, you-re doing a great job and wish you good luck with it.

Student – Mystical and Magic Introspection

The curriculum helped to fill in gaps where I did not feel confident. The result was a huge leap in my confidence in the reality of these magical arts.

Student – Sixty Skills Master Course

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