Denny Sargent

A Lifetime of Practice

Aion 131 (Denny Sargent) is a writer, teacher, and eclectic ritualist. He was introduced to mythology and magic in New York City where he grew up and has been a member of various initiatory groups. Denny has a BA in Education and an MA in Ancient History. He has spent over 20 years as a ceramic and sigil artist and his work has been displayed in Seattle. He has taught at several colleges and academies, specializing in ESL, and currently directs a language school.

Denny has taught seminars on various topics and has written for many different Pagan and magical magazines. He is politically dedicated towards environmental goals and is a committed member of several Green organizations. Denny has engaged in extensive traveling and research and has written a book titled Global Ritualism, Myth & Magick Around the World. He is currently working on various projects and has a new book coming out called The Tao of Birth Days.

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We highly recommend that if you have interest in Dennys's work and even an interest in studying with him then you should certainly read the following interview. This will really help explain what you are entering into and just transformative this course with Denny is.


Learn about Meeting Your Guardian Angel

Read his interview on Perseus

In this interview Denny goes into great details about his training, travelling and adventuring around the globe seeking out knowledge and legitimate teachings.

We go from his exciting youth just discovering the path to India, Japan and back to the US where Denny has become known for his entertaining books and interviews.

We also hear about Dennys course on Perseus which goes into great detail as to how to meet, talk with and work with your HGA.

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