Perseus Arcane Academy’s Course Model

Perseus Arcane Academy is a platform that allows individual teachers and experts to share their knowledge and experiences through online courses. Perseus works hard to ensure genuine teachers can have a voice via working with our platform. All courses in their current state have been produced by and for Perseus.

Our Refund Policy

If you are unsatisfied for any reason within 30 days, we will provide a full refund with no questions asked. Simply contact us to initiate the refund process via the contact form. https://perseusarcaneacademy.com/contact/

Course Interactivity Depends on the Teacher

The interactivity and sense of community in each course depends on the teacher and their approach. Some may utilize discussion forums, live sessions, or other interactive elements, while others may have more of a traditional lecture-style format.

Addressing Concerns on a Case-by-Case Basis

While we have general policies in place, each situation is unique. We invite students to connect with us to share any questions, concerns, or feedback related to a course experience so we can see how we might be able to assist. We aim to be reasonable, understanding, and focused on a positive outcome for all involved.

Providing Reliable Information and Training

Through our blog, we aim to be a reliable source of free information on a wide range of esoteric and mystical topics. We bring together knowledgeable contributors to share their insights. Our paid online courses are focused on providing effective training and in-depth knowledge from vetted experts in their fields. We uphold high standards for the quality and reliability of our training materials and instructors

Fair Compensation for Teacher Expertise

Our teachers put great care into developing their courses and we want to ensure they are fairly compensated for their efforts and expertise.

Do the Courses have Subtitle’s?

Currently our courses do not have subtitles. All courses are in English. If you are unable to speak English then please do not purchase as you will not be able to get full benefit without thorough understanding. We may if there is sufficient demand add subtitles in the future, but this will be on a case-by-case basis.

Sales Tax Regulations

For students in jurisdictions where it is required by law, sales tax will be added to the final purchase price of course enrollments. This is something we have no control over and must comply with based on where you are located. We apologize for any inconvenience but have no ability to change or avoid sales taxes imposed by state, local, or national governments. The additional tax amount will be made clear prior to finalizing any course enrollment.

Emails from Perseus Arcane Academy

At Perseus Arcane Academy, we strive to provide an excellent learning experience. Within 14 days of your course enrollment, we will reach out to get your feedback and ensure you are having a positive time with the material.
We may also occasionally contact students about relevant course updates, new releases, or special deals for current members. We like to show our appreciation by offering students first access to new courses at exclusive prices.
If you prefer not to receive any correspondence from us, simply email contact@perseusarcaneacademy.com with the subject line UNSUBSCRIBE. This will let us know not to send any outreach or promotional offers. We aim to respect your communication preferences while providing a high-quality education. We follow GDPR and we are always open to hearing what we can do better, so feel free to email us.

Can I become a Teacher?

At Perseus, we prioritize working with teachers we know and trust. There are a few ways we build those relationships:
1. If we already have an established relationship with you as an educator, you’re likely a good fit.
2. We also value referrals from those in our network whose judgment we trust. This allows us to get to know you and determine if we can develop that trust.
3. For teachers unknown to us, we start by exchanging introductions and learning more about your teaching experience and approach. Most importantly, we want to ensure you are genuinely passionate about student growth and development.
The key points are that we focus on trusted relationships, we leverage our network to identify new candidates, and we take time to ensure a values alignment and commitment to students. Get in touch to discuss developing a course with us.

Differing Perspectives Welcomed

We live in a complex world with diverse cultures, experiences, and opinions. It is only natural that we will sometimes disagree or have contrasting viewpoints. When this happens, you have three choices:
1. Decide that differing views are a normal part of life, and move on without getting upset.
2. Provide thoughtful feedback via comments or email. We welcome opportunities to understand perspectives different from our own through mature dialogue.
3. Vent your disagreement on social media. However, negativity rarely changes minds.
This platform aims to represent a range of views neutrally, not promote any single position. If you take issue with any of our content or interviewees, we encourage you to choose option 1 or 2.
Though we may not always agree, our shared humanity calls us to conversational kindness. With compassion and patience, we can coexist harmoniously. There is room for all perspectives here if discussed respectfully. We believe open and considerate dialogue is the best way forward.

Why does Perseus Arcane Academy charge for its online courses?

At Perseus Arcane Academy, we believe in honoring the time, effort, and lifelong dedication our teachers have invested in mastering their spiritual knowledge and skills. Our instructors have spent years, even decades, studying under renowned masters, traveling to sacred sites, and sacrificing other opportunities to acquire their experience.
While some may expect spiritual teachings to be provided for free, we respectfully disagree with this notion. Just as any professional career requires extensive training and comes at a cost, the spiritual path is no different. Our teachers have poured immense resources into their own education and development, and it is only fair that they receive reasonable compensation for imparting their hard-earned knowledge.
Beyond just theoretical concepts found in books, our courses offer you the invaluable benefit of our teachers’ direct experience, insights, and ongoing personal guidance. You gain access to their wisdom cultivated through years of practice, as well as the opportunity to ask questions and receive personalized support throughout your journey.
We understand that some in the community may take issue with teachers charging fees for their expertise in spiritual subjects. However, we firmly believe that truly respecting and valuing an individual’s teachings means being willing to provide fair compensation for their time and life’s work.
Ultimately, our goal is to create an environment where those sincerely seeking spiritual growth can learn from authentic teachers who have walked the path before them. If our modest course fees resonate with you, we welcome you to join us on this transformative journey. If not, we wish you well and hope you find a path that aligns with your values.

I saw Falcon Books Publishing on my statement, is this correct?

Yes, Falcon Books Publishing is the company that Perseus trades under. If you have specific questions regarding any payments do, please get in touch via the contact form.