Divine Providence

10 Steps to Divine Providence with Nenad – A Detailed look at the First Step

We are extremely fortunate at this time to have experienced practitioners sharing openly what used to be extremely difficult to access information. Not must that but we now have practitioners willing to work with students one-on-one to ensure practical success. One of those teachers is Nenad, he is a teacher of teachers as his courses are for those who have reached the latter stages of Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon.

We are extremely fortunate at this time to have experienced practitioners sharing openly what used to be extremely difficult to access information. Not must that but we now have practitioners willing to work with students one-on-one to ensure practical success. One of those teachers is Nenad, he is a teacher of teachers as his courses are for those who have reached the latter stages of Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon. In order to reveal some of the depth of nenads courses I wanted to share this post. It shows some of the content of his 1st course, helping qualified students to begin to explore the 30 Heads of the Earth Zone under the close supervision of Nenad. This is a 310 day journey, certainly a huge commitment from both student and teacher but one that is absolutely worth it if you wish to proceed in an efficient and safe manner.

The 10 Steps to Divine Providence are accomplished via nine courses:

1st Course – Making the First Step to Divine Providence by evoking thirty Heads of the Earth Zone

2nd Course – Meeting your guardian angel

3rd Course – Making the Third Step to Divine Providence by becoming the number 73

as the Shem ambassador on Earth

4th Course – Making the Second Step to Divine Providence by traveling to the Moon

and becoming Lunar magician

5th Course – Meeting the Great Spirit of Tarot Through Tarot Magic

6th Course – Meeting the 10 Archangels and traveling through the Tree of Life

7th Course – Astral Projections in 280 steps

8th Course – Making the Fourth Step to Divine Providence by becoming a friend with


9th Course – Mastering the Thirty Aethyrs of Enochian Magic

* These courses can be taken out of order if you have experience in the content of the previous steps.

1st Course – Making the First Step to Divine Providence by evoking thirty Heads of the Earth Zone

Course objective

There are 10 steps to Divine Providence, and the objective of this course is to ensure that the student has made the first step.

The main objective will be achieved through:

– Evocations of 30 heads of the Earth Zone

– Visiting regions of the Earth Zone where those 30 heads reside

– Continuing cooperation with them after the first successful evocations

The point of this course is to encourage students to overcome their possible blockages

and fears and start practicing evocations with the knowledge that they have already

obtained through the first eight steps from Franz Bardon’s IIH.

Guided instructions for protection will be also given during the course.


The following steps are made to get our student progress from the point where they have no or little experience of evocation to the accomplishing the course objective, which is to establish a successful communication with 30 heads of the Earth Zone:

I Preparation period

Duration: About 10 days

It includes:

1. Meditation and fasting

2. Understanding of the Earth Zone

3. Studying the related material

4. The student will decide together with the teacher which 30 of the 360 heads of the

Earth Zone would be most preferable to be evoked.

II Preparation for ceremony

Duration 5 days

1. Arranging the altar for the Earth Zone.

2. Setting up magical triangle for one of the 30 heads of the Earth Zone. The triangle

should be differently arranged for each evocation. It will typically include magical

tools like magical mirror, crystal ball, crystals, plants, pentacles and sigils.

3. Arranging circle for one of the 30 heads of the Earth Zone.

4. Usage and understanding of Divine and angelic names for the conjuration.

5. Preparing offering.

III Evocation

During one day or one night. It will be decided by both the student and teacher.

IV Mental and astral wandering to the part of the Earth Zone where the evoked

spirit resides.

It usually happens as a part of the evocation.

V Sharing the result of each evocation and exchanging the ideas with the teacher

about the problems, results, experiences, obstacles, successes, symbols, etc. –

Duration: During approximately 3 days after the evocation

VI Receiving instructions from the teacher how to continue the cooperation with

the evoked spirits in the future.

Duration: During approximately 2 days after the evocation.

VII Rest with no magical working

Duration: 2 days

  • Evocation of the first head includes 15 days preparation and two days rest.
  • Altogether it takes about 22 days to evoke the first spirit.
  • Preparation period for other 29 spirits is shorter.
  • Evocations of all other 29 heads of the Earth Zone takes around 10 days each, including 2 days rest.
  • Duration of the whole course is expected to be around 310 days.
  • Mentorship and close observations and supervision during all of this time is essential.

Module Objective

There are 30 modules in total, one for each spirit.

The sample of this module applies to all 29 modules as well.

Module objective is to make sure that the student is progressing smoothly on his first

step to Divine Providence by following the following steps:

1: Understanding of the Earth Zone where the evoked spirit resides (inhabitants,

region, functions, connections with our world, the magician’s role, etc).

2: Reasons why this particular head is being evoked, why it is important for the

student’s life and spiritual aspirations and how it may effect his or her daily life.

3: Applying ceremonial magic into evocations (magical circle, magic triangle, magic

weapons, offerings, banning formula, sigils, talismans, etc).

4: Learning how to communicate with the spirit and understand his or her messages.

5: Learning how to astral and mental travel to the regions of the Earth Zone where the

evoked spirit lives.

6: Advanced magic with the evoked spirits. This include: further working with the

evoked heads, attracting their energies and attention, making special magical links,

working on the tasks with their help, following their signs and instructions, writing a

magical diary etc.

7: Further cooperation with the heads’ subordinate spirits, servitors and assistants.

8: Dealing with the heads’ counter-genii.

Module content

There are 30 modules and the contents of each are specific depending on the spirits

the student would like to evoke. This module content is based on the example that the spirit Padidi, the master of painting, is chosen to be one of the 30 evoked spirits.

The content of Padidi’s module includes:

1. Understanding of the Earth Zone

– The student will be informed what Padidi’s role is in all of the four realms and his influences in all other regions of the Earth Zone. The Earth Zone is divided into 360 regions and four planes related to each letter of the YHVH (the last H includes our world’s reality). The Earth Zone is equivalent to Malkuth. The first Y is ruled by Divine names, the first H by archangels, V by angels and the last H by humans. The closest to us is the etheric realm. This is usually the place where spirits and magicians meet during the evocation.

– The student will explore relations between Padidi and higher hierarchies. For example, the most important archangels of the Earth Zone are: Sandalphon (the governor of Malkuth), Uriel (the guardian of earth element), Gabriel (the water element), Michael (fire) and Raphael (air).

– The student will also explore what other spirits live in Padidi’s region. Obviously many of them are painters and artists. Generally speaking, all over the Earth Zone, besides angels and demons, there are many different beings, some of them have similar names but are quite different, like elementals, beings of the four pure elements and elementaries.

– Djinni, from Arabic origin, meaning “hidden, covered, or concealed”, are a class of

spirits that are lower than angels. They possess magical powers. The Qur’an describes

them being composed of “smokeless fire”, and capable of transforming into various


– Animatics offer knowledge, a wonderful understanding of things, and diligence and

providence. According to Agrippa, the Animastics are: Merlin, Priapus, Aphrodite, Hippo, Vertumnus, the 12 apostles, 72 of Christ’s students and include many saints. They are similar to the Meshartim. They used to be people from this world, but now they are half-angels or half-gods, because they did many good things to help humanity. Agrippa says that they give people more rewards than the angels do. They also announce good news.

– Egregores represent a spirit that comes into existence through people’s fantasies. In contrast to other beings who were created by Divine Providence directly, egregores are created by human beings. If the egregores were created for some dubious reasons, they would then tend to develop strange characteristics as they grow up and get more powerful.

– There are also guardian angels who come from different hierarchies of spirits as well as guardian genii whose purpose is, according to Bardon, to watch over their protégées.

– There are psychopomps as eternal travelers. Their knowledge about all possible

planes, regions, tunnels, channels and planets is marvelous. They can be angels, gods,

humans, animals, or members of any different kinds of spirits.

– Wanderers are different. They also go to many places and they do not have a set

home to be at. Wanderers are often not too sure about their origins. They are traveling

the universe since they separated from their consciousness groups.

– There are also many different kinds of nymphs, dryads, oceanides, satyrs and all

other kinds of natural spirits.

– There are also heavenly musicians, saints, bodhisattvas, and of course a lot of

humans everywhere.

– Animals are also present all over the Earth Zone. Some species do not exist in our

part of the world any more, and some might emerge in the future. All in all, the student will have an opportunity to go very deep into the mysteries of the Earth Zone during this course by evoking Padidi and 29 other heads of the Earth Zone.

2. Identification of the student’s most important 30 heads of the Earth Zone to


It is up to each individual to choose 30 of the 360 heads of the Earth Zone for

evocations, because people have their own preferences in the line of their life

situations and spiritual aspirations.

The student may choose to work with the heads of the Earth Zone following this pattern, but this is just one of many possibilities.

1st Head – Identified as the most important due to his or her astrological

influences on the student’s natal chart.

2nd Head – Identified as being of the secondary importance as for astrological influences

3rd Head – Identified as being the third important as for astrological influences

4th Head – Teacher of fire magic

5th Head – Teacher of earth magic

6th Head – Teacher of water magic

7th Head – Teacher of air magic

8th Head – Important for the student’s profession

9th Head – Important for love or sexual magic

10th Head – Important for the student’s finances

11th Head – Important for health

12th Head – Fairy magic

13th Head – Magical protection

14th Head – Entertainment

15th Head – Karma

16th Head – Enlightenment

17th Head – Initiation into Moon magic

18th Head – Initiation into Venus magic

19th Head – Initiation into Mars magic

20th Head – Initiation into Solar magic

21st Head – Initiation into Jupiter magic

22nd Head – Initiation into Saturn magic

23rd Head – Cosmic magic

24th Head – Important for the student’s hobbies

25th Head – Divination

26th Head – Nature

27th Head – Agriculture

28th Head – Science

29th Head – Development of special mental or psychic powers

30th Head – Art

3. Applying ceremonial magic into evocations of the 30 heads of the Earth Zone. The student will need to make an altar of the Earth Zone with the teacher’s instructions. If the student wants to evoke Padidi, he or she will need to adjust the preparation, magical steps and rituals according to this spirit’s energy and characteristics.

Divine and angelic names for the circle and conjuration should in the case of Padidi be: Dos, YHVH Tz’ Vah-Oht, Rochel and Haniel. The reason is that all of those Divine names and angels are related to art, beauty and Venus.

Dominant colour of the space’s decoration should be colourful and beautifully arranged with some artistic details and paintings. According to numerology, 10 candles of different colours should be used as this spirit’s number is 64 (6+4=10). Alternatively you can use only 1 candle of any color as in numerology 10 also gives one (1+0 = 10). The triangle for Padidi is advised to be arranged like this:

– A magic mirror, a crystal ball, a chalice, crayons, inks, paintings, and art


– Topazes, pearls, opals, agates, and turquoises;

– Lilies, lavender, angelica, and primroses.

As for the offering the best are: sweets, fruit and cakes

4. Learning how to communicate with spirits and understand their messages When a head, like Padidi appears in your room, you should treat him or her like your dear guest. The meetings between the student and the spirit usually occurs in the etheric realm, the densest part of the astral world and the closest to our reality. It is the most convenient place for them and us to meet. For this, the student will need to tune his consciousness into a bit higher level. With the first 8 th steps from Bardon’s IIV, it should not be that difficult to reach this level. If there are some problems, the teacher will give guided instructions to the student what to do how to be able to see and communicate with the spirits.

5. Learning how to astral and mental travel to the regions of the Earth Zone

where the evoked spirits live

During the evocation, the head like Padidi can invite you to host you in his or her region. For this, the student will need to know how to astral project or mental project, or at least lucid dream. However, with the first 8 th steps from Bardon’s IIV, it should not be that difficult to reach that. Especially, when the evoked spirit comes to your space, he or she will certainly give you additional energy to push your achieve your OBE easier. Take on your journey your sigils with you. Commend your conscious where to lead you to at the beginning of your journey. You will have the feeling like that you are travelling around the space, from one part of the Earth Zone to another until you would reach the wished destination. Have a walk, look around, speak with spirits, talk to the Head and his assistants, collect knowledge and share experience.

6. Advanced magic with evoked spirits. If you evoked Padidi, your future conjurations might be more specific. The first time when you evoke him, the

conjuration should be more general:

“In the name of Dos, YHVH Tz’ Vah-Oht, Rochel and Haniel, I ask you Padidi to

visit me in your visible form. I would like to learn from you how to paint. I am fully

aware about my limitations, so I also ask you to give me inspiration any time I paint.


Especially because Padidi is an art teacher, he will appreciate very much if you include some of your own paintings that you made in your future evocations. As his name, according to Mathers means “Topaz”, Padidi will also be happy if you include this crystal into your painting. The magical image of a painter holding a topaz in one of his hands will certainly facilitate your future evocations of this spirit. Padidi’s favourite paintings are the grandest masterpieces in art history and can be your future magical links to him. Have his sigil by your side any time you paint, if you are an artist.

Dedicate 4° Gemini to Padidi. Enjoy art masterpieces from museums, art galleries and art books. Start a new diary specially dedicated to Padidi’s art and include your thoughts, sketches and drawings in it. You can also try to create magical links to Padidi through his favourite music, such


– Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition.

– Vaughan Williams – Job – A Masque for Dancing.

– Igor Stravinsky – The Rake’s Progress.

During the course, more information and many more details will be given about

Padidi and other 29 heads.

7. Further cooperation with the heads’ subordinate spirits, servitors and assistants. Heads are usually very busy spirits, so in future evocations the student may have opportunities to meet some of their assistants. Some of them may become permanent magician’s helpers too, if the head agrees and if there is a mutual sympathy. For example, Padidi may agree to send one of his spirits to be a muse any time a student would decide to paint. This helping spirit might even be some of the greatest late painters who now populate Padidi’s region of the Earth Zone.

Who exactly will be your helping spirit sent by a head will often depend on your own specific interests. Each head has a lot of different subordinate spirits. Taking another example, Amia is the best teacher of crystal and precious stones from the Earth Zone, so he can help you evoke and cooperate with spirits of stones and crystals whichever you like, and they are numerous, such as:

– Agate spirits help the magician strengthen his or her body and mind;

– Alexandrite spirits are responsible for spiritual transformation and


– Amazonite spirits give joy and uplift depression;

– Amber spirits bring harmony to the body and spiritualise the intellect;

– Amethyst spirits strengthen the endocrine and immune systems;

– Aquamarine spirits purify the mind and body and calm the nerves;

– Aventurine spirits reject negativity, anxiety and fears;

– Azurite spirits cut through illusion and help in meditation;

– Beryl spirits provide protection and avert laziness;

– Carnelian spirits heal other stone and crystal spirits;

– Citrine spirits give cheerfulness and hope;

– Diamond spirits provide will and power;

– Emerald spirits enhance spiritual insights;

– Jade spirits increase longevity and fertility;

– Lapis lazuli spirits lead toward inner wisdom;

– Malachite spirits reduce stress and enhance good sleep;

– Moonstone spirits reveal stress and help women when they give birth;

– Obsidian spirits protect and give strength;

– Onyx spirits give information about any subject;

– Opal spirits enhance intuition;

– Pearls spirits enhance good judgment and promote mercy;

– Quartz spirits have many diverse faculties from enhancing meditation to expelling fear and jealousy;

– Ruby spirits refine lower passions;

– Sapphire spirits strengthen the will;

– Tiger’s Eye spirits rule over spirits who can help the magician to ground and focus;

– Tourmaline spirits protect and aid in sleep.

8. Dealing with the heads’ counter-genii. The student will have guided instructions how to protect against possible unwelcome guests. Nevertheless, it will still be possible to encounter the head’s counter-genius during the evocation. The heads are like “darker” twin brothers or twin sisters. Their faculties are usually the same or very similar, but their methods are different, sometimes dangerous. Not all of them are certainly “bad”, but their energy can feel darker. They sometimes show little empathy to human beings and they can cloud the magician’s mind with strange ideas. They are all also linked to Divine Providence, as everyone else is, but their influences can lead the student astray for a very long time. During this course, the student will learn who they are, why do they exist, what their specific faculties are and how magic with them can backfire or give no or very strange results. Like with all other heads, magic with Padidi can backfire, but in what way and to what extent, will depend on the magician’s maturity and readiness to improve as a human being and an artist.

Lesson Objective

In the case that the student has chosen Ubarim (17° Taurus) as one of the 30 heads of

the Earth Zone, lessons objective is as follow:

Lesson objective 1: Ubarim in the Earth Zone (his friends, his region, his function, his

faculties, etc.)

Lesson objective 2: The reason why the student identified Ubarim as one of the most

important 30 heads of the Earth Zone. Set up a plan for evocation, cooperation and

list of hopes and expectations.

Lesson objective 3: Applying ceremonial magic into evocations of Ubarim (magical

circle, magic triangle, magic weapons, offerings, banning formula, sigils, talismans,


Lesson objective 4: Evocation of Ubarim

Lesson objective 5: Visit Ubarim in her region

Lesson objective 6: Advanced magic with Ubarim and future cooperation.

Lesson objective 7: Further cooperation with Ubarim’s subordinate spirits, servitors

and assistants.

Lesson objective 8: Dealing with Ubarim’s counter-genius.

Lesson content

In the case that the student chose Baalto (25 ° Taurus) as one of the 30 heads of the

Earth Zone to evoke, the lesson contents will be as follows:

1st lesson: Baalto in the Earth Zone – The student will have an opportunity to study

the material on what so far has been written about Baalto by other occultists.

2nd lesson:

Identification of Baalto as one of the most important 30 heads of the Earth

Zone. There might be a few possible reason such as:

– The student might be born on (25 ° Taurus), or one day before or after that day.

During those three days Baalto is especially active in our part of the Earth Zone.

– The student might be interesting in earth magic

– The student might like gnome kingdom

– The student might have lost a thing that now he wants to be found

3rd lesson: Applying ceremonial magic into evocations of the 30 heads of the Earth


1. Divine and angelic names for the circle and conjuration: Alla, Adonai Malek,

Elemiah, Sandalphon and Uriel. The reasons for this is that the all of those names are

directly linked to the earth element and gnome kingdom.

Conjuration: In the name of Alla, Adonai Malek, Elemiah, Sandalphon and Uriel, I

ask you king Baalto to appear in your visible form and to take my humble offering. I

would like you to tell me if you are willing to teach me about earth magic. Your

people are very diligent, practical, curious, smart and witty and I would like to absorb

their qualities with your help. If you accept my request, I will use your knowledge to

help people find lost objects and in many other ways too. I give you my word. Amen.

2. Dominant colour of the space’s decoration: Brown – Baalto likes brown colour

3. Candle: 1 brown candle. Baalto’s number is 55. In numerology it stands for the

number 1 (5+5 = 10 = 1)

4. Triangle should at least partly consist of:

– A magic mirror, a crystal ball, pentacles, a chalice, a pendulum, old coins and

statues or pictures of gnomes;

– Agate, onyx, jet, brown jasper, peridot, amazonite, turquoise, obsidians, ambers,

opals and quartz;

– Sandalwood, petunias, lilies, cypress, branches of oak and beech trees, cypress,

patchouli and vervain.

5. Offerings: A cigar, coffee, brandy and cake

4th Lesson: Evocation of Baalto

A few days of fasting will be necessary before before each of the student’s first evocations. The student will also get instructions about protection. The objective is to meet Baalto into our world’s reality. The student is also expected to give his or her own contribution about knowledge what we have collected so far about Baalto, focusing on his methods, faculties, assistants, friends, region, etc.

Many gnome kings honour Baalto and pay homage to him as their supreme ruler. He can agree to show you his form long enough to let you draw his picture. After the first successful evocation of this head, you may be able to see gnomes easily, but sometimes in very unusual places.

If you want to find things which have been lost, you can ask Baalto for help. This spirit can teach you how to properly use a pendulum to find lost things and pets that have strayed. Baalto has a great sense of humour and he may inspire the magician to tell funny jokes and invent many amusing stories. Baalto’s subordinate spirits have great sense of humour. They like to laugh and to have a good time with each other. On the other hand, his messages can be very dramatic too. Baalto can also find a way how to influence people in a positive manner and exchange fitting gifts with one another. He can help you get rewards, promotions, a higher salary or anything else to improve your life and career.

5th Lesson: Astral and mental travelling to the regions of the Earth Zone where Baalto resides.

The student is invited to give his or her own contribution on better understanding of Baalto’s world. Baalto’s chamber is full of treasures. So, if Baalto likes you, he will also give you some gifts. Baalto’s gifts can be very precious if they come directly into our world from his region. His theater is famous for playing the best dramas and having the most talented actors of the Gnome kingdom. Baalto can guide you through underground tunnels and tell you many interesting stories about Tartarus. He can significantly enrich human understanding of mythology. No human writer has said very much at all about Pluto’s palace except that it has many gates, is crowded with innumerable guests and is situated somewhere in the Underworld. On the other side, Baalto’s gnomes have written thousands of books exclusively about this castle.

6th Lesson: Advanced magic with Baalto

The magical image of the ancient god Bel will make Baalto’s presence stronger and more obvious. Baalto’s name obviously relates to Baltazar, which translated from Akkadian means Bel Protects the King. He is attracted to music and paintings made in celebration of earth spirits. You will also probably need to dedicate a stone as a link to Baalto’s magic. Baalto may suggest some other magical links to him as well. Dedicate 25° Taurus to Baalto, Practice the earth element exercises from Bardon’s book “Initiation into Hermetics.” Surprise somebody with a nice gift. Help people find their lost things. Evoke a gnome king with Baalto’s help and ask him to show you his gnome kingdom. Take notes about your earth magic with Baalto.

Suggested magical links to Baalto through music:

– Mussorgsky – Night On Bald Mountain.

– Mussorgsky – Pictures at an Exhibition – II Gnomus.

– Respighi – The Ballad of the Gnomes.

Suggested magical links to Baalto through paintings:

– Henry Meynell Rheam – Once upon a Time, 1909.

– Carl Spitzweg – Gnome Watching Railway Train , 1848.

– Heinrich Schlitt – Gnome with newspaper and tobacco pipe, 1923.

Besides Baalto, the student may establish cooperation with some other similar heads, like: Nadele, Amia, Kamual and Yromus. They are also great teachers of earth magic. The student will get a better knowledge and understand of the Earth magic, which is about too be diligent, hard-working, grounded, protected, full of energy, how to make money and learn how to save and invest. It is also about learning how to construct efficient pentacles and how to employ them as a magical tool to summon certain energies or evoke spirits. It includes practice of finding lost things and animals and ;earning how to use your pendulum. It is also about cultivation of friendship with your crystals and stones. Laugh and have a good time. Entertain your friends with good jokes. Give away gifts. Take care of ecology and help gnomes in their hard work to preserve our planet.

7th Lesson: Further cooperation with Baalto’s subordinate spirits Gnomes live together with fairies, nymphs, sylphs and salamanders, in the etheric regions of the Earth with the mission, as cabalists would say, to be “expressers of powers of Assiah of Malkuth” which in other words means to protect nature and preserve the kingdom of plants and the forms of life on our planet. They help with financial matters and guard material goods. Ghob is probably the most famous gnome king. His supreme reagent is angel Phorlakh. Some other gnome kings are mentioned by Franz Bardon: Mentifil, Ordaphe, Orova, Idurah, Musar, Necas, Erami, and Andimo. Dwarfs possess magical talents, involving metallurgy, stone cutting, and craftsmanship. They are particularly known for their craft magical rings, magical swords, and enchanted talismans. They live in subterranean homes in caves or

burrows. They are supervised by the following heads of the Earth Zone: Nadele,

Baalto, Amia, Kamual and Yromus.

8th lesson: Baalto’s counter-genius

Some of Baalto’s subordinate spirits can also share some darker stories with you about: shadows, ghosts, nightmares, and the lamentations and torments of the Underworld. Some of those subordinate spirits might even be the one sent by Baalto’s counter-genius. Side-effects with Baalto are also possible. Gnomes are not always nice and friendly to humans. If you come across a mischievous gnomic creature, ask Baalto for help. The most powerful and malicious ones can bring people to madness and even to suicide. They can be manipulated by a black magician and sent away to trouble his enemies or innocent people.

If you are experienced with the elements, fluids and Akasha and wish to participate in one of Nenads courses then please click here.

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