A Dialogue with Jake: Delving into His Personal Experiences with Hermetics and Reiki


In this interview we talk with Jake primarily about the subject of Reiki, but as this is Perseus we are coming at the subject from the perspective of Hermetics, from the perspective of working with various energies and intelligences. We also often talk about previous discussion points from the original interview with Jake, those discussions center around Invocation and Evocation. So, if you wonder what we are referring to it, it is this previous interview.


PAA: We know you as a Hermeticist, Meditator and Evocation specialist, and the creator of the The Evocation Masterclass. Can you share a little about your approach to Reiki and how it may differ from other sources?

Jake: My approach to Reiki is deeply rooted in Hermetic principles as taught by Franz Bardon. Mainstream Reiki often focuses solely on energy healing. The Reiki I share is a system that integrates the esoteric understanding of all three of Franz Bardon’s books without the words, languages, concepts, or disciplines that would scare most people away. Instead, I share reiki through metaphysical principles like vital, astral, mental, akasha, non-dual light, developing clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, the quantitative and qualitative keys, connecting with plants, animals, spirits, sigils, and so much more. This creates a more holistic and spiritually enriching experience heavily influenced by very advanced spiritual works without the burden of taking a long time to develop. For example, in step 9 of Franz Bardon’s book IIH, (I am paraphrasing, fact check me please LOL), Bardon suggests you develop clairaudience or clairvoyance by bringing either astral or non-dual light through your hands. You could spend many years working your way up this in the order as prescribed in the book, or you could learn how to do this with Reiki within days and develop the metaphysical mechanics to do this much, much quicker. I have adapted many of the Franz Bardon Exercises in this Reiki course to be done by anyone who is sensitive and keeps an open heart and mind. This includes the exercise mentioned above.

PAA: Would you say the primary goal of Reiki in general, is for healing or spiritual growth? Is this the same in the system you teach?

Jake: While Reiki is often seen primarily as a healing modality, I believe it serves dual purposes: healing and spiritual growth. I believe that you are the healing; not the other way around. When you learn to heal yourself by whatever tools you use, then those same skills can and will help other people. Reiki is one of those skills. In my way of sharing Reiki, it teaches you to interact holistically with every aspect of your life through the use of Reiki energy. Advanced energy work is a lot like learning a new language. When you learn a second language, the next language you learn is far, far easier. Once you learn one system of energy work, learning other energy systems or far more advanced skills happens at an accelerated rate if you apply your will and intellect successfully. After the First Three Modules of my Course, You can successfully perform Reiki energy healing on yourself and others. After that, it is all about refining your skills and being able to use this energy in dozens of different ways. After that, you learn how to connect with countless energies through hermetic principles and gain the skills of a hermeticist through your skills as someone attuned to Reiki.

PAA: In the previous interview, you mentioned having a natural affinity for working with air spirits like sylphs. Have you found that Reiki strengthens your connection to certain elemental energies? Does it help amplify your abilities with air spirits specifically?

Jake: Absolutely, Reiki has been a catalyst in strengthening my connection with elemental energies, including air spirits. The focused intention and channeling of universal life force energy in Reiki allows for a more potent interaction with these entities. They will be more or less active depending on the context I am within. Am I close to nature? Am I by the ocean? Is there busy roads outside with lots of traffic, or am I by a beautiful creek by the forest? Environmental factors play into what kind of audience I will get.
One time When I was very new to teaching advanced spiritual topics many years ago, I was recording a spiritual lecture on Qi Gong when I was staying in a big city. To my surprise, many spirits and a few human ghosts kept gradually turning up quickly to watch me in curiosity, as I felt this was likely a highly unusual thing for spirits to perceive in their vicinity in that particular city. While I certainly was distracted by this at the moment, there was no animosity; they were simply absorbed and being nourished by the energy I was channeling. I now have set firmer boundaries for lower-astral spirits (with the exception of nature spirit friends) to no longer watch while I am teaching since lower-astral beings disrupt the teaching harmony and flow more readily. So usually, just familiar spirits, deities and higher-level beings participate when I am teaching. If they bring through some beneficial or humorous ideas in the spur of the moment, then they come through.

When it comes to healing, spirits can be pretty curious and assist you in the practice. You’ll find that the people you heal will naturally have spiritual resources that you can tap into. You will usually find their ancestral lineage as well either visually though quick impressions, and more clearly through your clairsentience.

PAA: You spoke about the importance of physical training for conducting energy. In your experience, does regular Reiki practice boost your overall energy levels and ability to channel energy?

Jake: Yes, regular Reiki practice has significantly boosted my overall energy levels in conjunction with regular cardiovascular exercise. For many people It’s like a spiritual workout that enhances thier ability to channel and conduct various forms of energy, not just for healing but for other esoteric practices as well. However, if your blood is not flowing regularly, then there not much any healing system or therapy can do for you. If you are exercising and taking care of your base physical needs, then Reiki can act as an elastic trampoline to skyrocket your baseline energy sensitivity levels. As someone who has been participating in esoteric training for over a decade, the number one way to conduct physical energy is by regularly exercising through aerobic and anaerobic exercise. As well as having a positive attitude and good self-talk. Oftentimes, people already have a high degree of sensitivity, but it is shutdown temporarily because of trauma, self-talk, their self-image, physical health, and problems with self-care. If you meet your baseline needs and keep doing shadowork to address these issues through journaling, working with a coach or spiritual group, a licensed mental health specialist, then it’s going to make Reiki, Hermetics, Kabbalah, and all the other tools work exceedingly better for you and others. Like I said before, YOU are the healing. When you have healed, even the smallest parts of yourself, your open-heartedness, self-love, energetic listening and presence are enough to begin healing others in a deep capacity.

PAA: How has teaching Reiki through an online course medium impacted your own Reiki practice? Have you discovered new techniques or insights through interacting with students?

Jake: Teaching online has been enlightening. The questions and experiences shared by students have led me to explore new techniques and refine my own practices. I was hesitant at first because I had heard from mentors that the success rate for giving transmissions online was low. I consulted with my spirit and my gut, which told me otherwise that those who make the decision to receive a transmission are ready and will receive it completely. I found that the success rate is more than 98%. With the remaining 2%, I recommend that they get a transmission in person. Many healers or teachers mean it in earnest when they say they experience as much healing and learning as they do from their patients and students. This has also been my experience. The more generous and completely open you are with others, the more the world is generous and abundant with opportunities.

PAA: You discussed soul mirror work being crucial at advanced stages. Is there a role for incorporating Reiki into your daily spiritual routine to raise your vibration?

Jake: Certainly, Reiki can be seamlessly integrated into soul mirror work to raise your vibration. It acts as a catalyst, accelerating the process of self-reflection and spiritual ascension. Reiki is a stream that you can connect to with any time. The principles and precepts you set for yourself will help you realign with your soul mirror work. Again, I recommend working with a licensed health professional as the first line of treatment. I also believe that Reiki is a fantastic supplemental alternative healthcare therapy. Its not a mistake that according to one 2008 study, more than 15% of US hospitals offer Reiki healing treatment at their facilities. If you know of a more recent statistic, I’d love to hear it in the article comments!
You talked about releasing rigidity and finding your own strengths while progressing through Bardon’s system. How does this apply to Reiki practice? Are flexibility and intuition important?
Flexibility and intuition are paramount in Reiki, just as in Bardon’s system. Reiki is not a rigid practice; it’s a fluid art that allows you to adapt and channel energy in ways that resonate with your own spiritual journey. For readers who have read through Backdoor into Heremetics, you have learned that by approaching spiritual practices as a stream, you can connect with and understand all parts of the practice much quicker. The energy stream of Reiki is very agile and highly adaptable, making it an exceptionally safe and easy framework to learn and develop a more advanced esoteric framework. We walk through that process together in the Reiki Healing Pro course.

PAA: In describing peak fire aspect experiences, you mentioned group energy work. Do you ever use Reiki in your group practices? If so, how does it enhance the experience?

Jake: I teach advanced room impregnation techniques and skills in the course. When working with groups, if I am working with more intermediate or advanced learners, I won’t exclusively work with Reiki and like to constantly experiment with different energies and vibrations. I connect with the highest levels of light and the sunsphere as a default. I love to play with energies at the higher end of the vibrational scale and split test how it affects those in the group. It is a great way to validate the effectiveness of your room impregnation skills when people report experiences that while all different and varying, closely align with the energy or skill transmissions you brought to the room. I also teach distance healing and attunements as well. Incorporating Reiki into group energy work amplifies the collective intention of all practitioners and creates a more potent energy field to tap into. It’s like a spiritual symphony where each individual’s energy contributes to a harmonious and powerful collective experience. While valid for online teaching, it is especially potent when everyone is in the same room together.

PAA: For water aspect breakthroughs, you mentioned rediscovering talents. Have any intuitive healing gifts awakened for you through Reiki?

Jake: Reiki has indeed awakened latent intuitive healing gifts in me. It has enhanced my clairvoyant and empathic abilities, allowing me to open my intuition more and treat energetic imbalances. In order to take advantage of these gifts, you still need to choose to be open, joyous, and heart-centered. You need to accept the healing insights that come to you and release old belief patterns and worries as part of the journey as a healer. It’s not always easy, but it’s always rewarding in the long run.

PAA: You emphasized receiving transmissions from teachers as invaluable. How do Reiki attunements compare to your other esoteric transmissions?

Jake: For the beginner or intermediate spiritual practitioner, Reiki attunements are unique in that they are not just informational but also a vibrational scale. They align your energies to specific frequencies, opening up new avenues for spiritual growth, much like other esoteric transmissions but with a focus on healing and balance. And like a musical scale, the transmissions allow you to play specific notes, create melodies, and eventually create an orchestra of different energies, sounds and vibrations. Like the Buddha said, for 80,000 people, there are 80,000 different medicines. The wider your spectrum of healing tools and energies, the more you can tune into others and assist them in their healing process.

PAA: You aim to help students avoid the suffering you experienced starting out. How can Reiki aid newcomers to have an easier, more joyful path?

Jake: I found Bardon’s work to be incredibly frustrating when I started out. It wasn’t until I started reaching out to mentors that had completed Bardon’s work that I started to see that there was more than one way to completing it and gaining the skills necessary to be a highly effective Hermeticist. I released when I came back to Reiki how Hermetics could turn Reiki into a fully-fledged system for going through the major parts of the Initation process. My hope with the course is to give people an advanced Hermetic Initiation experience through Reiki as close to Initiation into Heremtics without all the weight, karma and baggage that’s attached to Western esotericism. As much as I both appreciate and honor spiritual traditions, the more new, the more direct, and the cleaner the energetic transmission, the closer it is to universal truth. The universe is ever-expanding, as is our human and spiritual potential. For Psychic development to occur, if looked through a lens of evolutionary biology, it is necessary for us to develop at the cutting edge of human capacity in every domain of our lives. When the Buddha speaks about “expedient means” this is one of many ways I like to interpret his words. That’s why It took a 220-page book as well as a 30-hour long course with over 400 video lectures to construct and develop this Reiki healing framework towards completion.

PAA: You encourage applying practices to everyday life. What are some ways you incorporate Reiki into daily routines or activities?

Jake: I use Reiki to cleanse my living space, charge my food and water, and even enhance my meditative practices. It’s a versatile tool that can be applied in numerous everyday scenarios.

PAA: In the interview, you spoke about your background with nature spirits and magical experiences from a young age. How do you view Reiki in relation to those early magical connections? Does Reiki allow you to deepen those relationships or access similar energies?

Jake: Reiki serves as a bridge between my early magical experiences and my current spiritual practices. It has allowed me to deepen my relationships with nature spirits by serving as a harmonious channel of universal energy. You will find that good-intended nature spirits will be in support of you developing spritual energies. If you start practicing around your home and you have trees, plants or wildlife in your vicinity, they will absolutely take notice. It is up to you whether you are open or not to communicate with them, as they are often quite shy and fully content to remain out of contact. I recommend you practice Reiki with plants and trees, as this is one of the most immediately rewarding spiritual practices you can ever do. There is nothing else on Earth that will support your spiritual growth more than a tree, especially when you become connected with a complete forest network. You can have every spiritual technique and transmission in the world, but it is no coincidence that many, many people who attain enlightenment and other highly advanced spiritual states under a tree. It acts as a super transformer, grounder, antennae and battery that opens your spiritual capacities fully. Befriend the trees with love, gratitude and and open heart, and your life will be transformed very, very quickly. That’s why I dedicate many hours to go over this practice in highly-specific detail in the course.

PAA: You mentioned releasing old traumas through water aspect work. I’m curious if you’ve found Reiki helpful for emotional healing and releasing blocks? Have Reiki attunements played a role in this water aspect work for you?

Jake: Reiki has been instrumental in emotional healing. The attunements, particularly, serve as energetic resets that help release deeply ingrained traumas and emotional blocks. Reiki, like anything, is not a panacea. There is no magic pill, only a magic YOU. YOU are the healing. 😉

In the Sigils portion of my course, you learn how you can tune into higher vibrational states of energy and release into the highest forms of light of any energy you want to work with, respectively.

PAA: When discussing peak experiences, you talked about equalizing with light realms and raising your vibration. How does Reiki help you tune into higher frequencies? Have you noticed a difference in accessing elevated states after giving/receiving attunements?

Jake: Reiki is certainly a gateway to higher frequencies and a first step into light realms. Post-attunement, I’ve noticed a significant ease in accessing elevated states of consciousnesses on command. When I began doing even more advanced hermetic work, going into deep states of transcendental mediation is exceedingly simple and effortless. In the Sigils portion of my course, you learn how you can tune into higher vibrational states of energy and release into the highest forms of light of any energy you want to work with, respectively. It’s a very simple technique and highly effective for connecting to various forms of light.

PAA: In describing your Reiki courses, you discussed successfully transmitting energies via video. How do you ensure the Reiki attunements are effective through an online medium? What signs or feedback do students give that indicate the attunements worked for them?

I use specific visual and auditory cues in my videos to facilitate the attunement process. Students often report feeling warmth, tingling, tears, or a sense of peace and euphoria, indicating the successful attunement. Often, people will report having sudden healings and major breakthroughs in their life. The most common attribute shared among them is a deep sense of wonder and joy that follows when experiencing the rapture of unlocking one of the greatest mysteries of our lifetimes: a sense of being a spirit having a human experience, feeling a deep release from the material view of how the world works and instead discovering how to merge with the mystical, to walk the line of the material and through the gates of transcendence.

PAA: You spoke about Prometheus and sharing knowledge despite consequences. Do you see risks associated with openly teaching Reiki attunements online? How do you mitigate potential issues while still sharing these teachings widely?

Jake: While there are risks in openly sharing esoteric knowledge, the benefits outweigh them. Bob Smith and I like to talk about Prometheus as a figure, as this Titan directly informed our views about what we wish to share with the world despite unintended consequences. When we both began to start sharing transmissions openly, to our suprise we did not face the karmic backlash we were expecting. Instead, we found that we actually recieved far more positive energy merit. In my experience, the more I share openly, the more these energies are far more receptive to me and thus people I share with as well. Because Bob and I were the first to share these types of advanced esoteric energies online openly, we weren’t sure yet if people were ready for them or not. I know I was advised not to, except for the voice in my head, the feeling above my crown, my heart and gut. And Bob. That’s all the Consalation I needed.
I ensure that my courses are structured in a way that provides a solid foundational understanding before diving into advanced techniques, minimizing misuse. In addition, Reiki has very little capacity to be misused. The energy and patterns instilled in the energy are very self-regulated and help people come back to balance. People typically only hurt people if they are unbalanced. This may not be true for the truly sociopathic and antisocial, but those are further and fewer than have ever existed in human history.
I’d love to hear any other insights you have around integrating Reiki practices into the esoteric/Hermetic work discussed in the interview. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences!
Reiki serves as a harmonious complement to esoteric and Hermetic work. It’s like the yin to the yang of more intense magical practices, providing balance and healing. It addresses the microcosm before getting into the macrocosm of spiritual work. It is teaching your inner child to heal and be apart of the magic, before having the adult part of you directing and affecting it. It is the qualitative key before the quantitative key of development. It’s about learning to precisely find the right places to give your effort before compounding your practice. It’s creating a foundation of diamonds first, so you can build a structure of any strength or material on it’s grounds. What you can tune into through Reiki, you can also affect through your will. Reiki hands you a remote control to the universe. Reiki gives you and awaken you to all of these gifts.

PAA: Jake, your Reiki courses are very comprehensive and transformational. What are some of the biggest changes past students have experienced after taking your class?

Students have reported profound shifts in their emotional well-being, increased intuitive abilities, and even breakthroughs in their spiritual journeys. Some have gone on to become Reiki practitioners and teachers themselves.

PAA: Previously you mentioned that only a small number of students were unable to feel energy during the attunements. What percentage of students would you estimate are able to successfully receive attunements and start practicing Reiki healing after taking your course?

I’d estimate that about 98% of students successfully receive attunements and begin practicing Reiki healing after taking the course. The small percentage who don’t initially feel the energy often find that with continued practice and engagement, they eventually tune into the frequencies.

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PAA: For new students who are skeptical, what would you say to convince them that your Reiki course can genuinely help them access and feel energy healing, even through an online format?

Jake: Skepticism is natural, especially when it comes to spiritual practices. I would encourage them to approach the course with an open mind and heart. The course is designed to provide theoretical knowledge and practical exercises, and many students who were initially skeptical have reported transformative experiences. I openly teach about concepts like the placebo effect because I am confident that Reiki can help you if you want to apply it. If you want this course to transform your life, you must make three deliberate choices. 1. Are you willing to change your mind about Reiki? 2. Are you willing to change your mind about yourself and your capabilities? 3. Are you willing to apply the practices you learn in the course and journal? Those three things are the only things you need to do to have a complete lifestyle transformation in any topic, Reiki aside. You can also narrow this down.
“ Are you willing to commit?“

PAA: What type of feedback have you received from students who could heal themselves or others using the skills learned in your classes? What kinds of results or transformations did they experience?

Jake: The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Students have reported healing from chronic ailments, emotional traumas, and even experiencing spiritual awakenings. The transformations range from subtle shifts in mood and energy levels to life-changing revelations.

After these three levels, that is when we get into the most fun parts and you will transform through a complete hermetic-style initiation to transform your complete perception of reality.

PAA: Your courses offer attunements across multiple Reiki levels. Can you explain what students gain from receiving attunements at each new level? Why is it important to progress through the levels?

Jake: Each level of attunement serves as a stepping stone to deeper spiritual understanding and healing capabilities. Level 1 focuses on self-healing and basic techniques, Level 2 introduces distance healing and advanced symbols, and Level 3, or the Master Level, empowers students to attune others. Progressing through these levels allows for a comprehensive understanding and mastery of Reiki as both a healing art and spiritual discipline. After these three levels, that when we get into the most fun parts and you will transform through a complete hermetic-style initiation to transform your complete perception of reality.

PAA: What separates your Reiki course from others that are available online? Why should someone choose your class over a free YouTube video or blog post they might find?

Jake: The depth and breadth of the course content, combined with the integration of esoteric wisdom and practical exercises, make this course unique. Unlike free resources, this course offers a structured learning path, personal support from myself, and a community of like-minded individuals. Plus, when you pay for something with money, you are placing your second most valuable currency you have in combination with your most valuable currency––time. Unfortunately, many of us spend our time on hundreds of distractions every day, and far fewer of us spend our money on things that directly benefit our spiritual practice. When time and money are combined, that produces the best synergy to make any change far more possible. For myself and the spiritual practitioners that I’ve met that are exceedingly successful, the vast majority have spent no less than tens of thousands of dollars and countless more hours towards their craft. Of course, time and money aren’t spent all at once. If it is something you want and need for your spirit to awaken to the next stage of your evolution, you will find a way always. As soon as you make a choice, the money you need will come.

PAA: For someone brand new to energy healing, what could they expect to realistically achieve after completing your entire Reiki course? How long might it take to become proficient?

Jake: A complete beginner can expect to achieve a basic understanding of energy anatomy, the ability to conduct self-healing, and even perform essential healing on others. Master-level Proficiency can vary from person to person, but with consistent practice, one can become proficient within a few months. I hold nothing back and give you absolutely everything I know so that you can easily surpass my own abilities in energy healing. Nothing would make me happier and more personally fulfilled than if someone were to practice, journal, and use what they learn from their direct experience with the course to surpass my own skillfullness. That’s what I want for everybody in earnest. There is no merit in gatekeeping and far less enjoyment when holding anything back that could aid you. As soon as I give absolutely everything I know and have away to others, the universe rapidly gives me more. And then I have to give even more out to stay balanced and keep up the internal growth!!

PAA: What additional resources or support do you provide students after they complete your course? Is there an active community where they can ask questions?

Jake: I offer ongoing support through Q&A sessions and an online community where students can share experiences, ask questions, and even find practice partners. As previous members of my courses know, I answer every question in great and precise detail and never hold back. Ever. I want to get you to the end goal as quickly as possible. I also am well-known for always giving far more than what I promise in courses. While my Invocation course states that it has 100+ lectures, it has closer to 130+ in total because I don’t like to brag about the additional bonus videos I constantly add, or the coaching platform I added, or The personalized voice notes that I send out to students who contact me regularly. I simply love it when people feel they gained way more value than what they paid for. Personally, I am very shrewd with my purchases, and I tend to see myself from that point of view when I am trying to create the most value possible though my teachings.

Are there any student testimonials or examples you can share that really showcase the value of your Reiki training? What impact has your course made for past students?

One student, after completing the course, reported that they were able to heal a chronic back issue that had plagued them for years. One woman I did a healing on, who had been receiving regular healing treatments with an assortment of high-level psychics and energy healers, could reverse early menopause after one session. I have a Google Sheet with countless testimonials I received over the years, but I’d hate to brag, and I would need to contact them for their permission first before sharing. Many people have mentioned a significant improvement in their anxiety levels. They’ve also had newfound spiritual experiences and abilities awakened. Most all heart’s open and they have a newfound appreciation for life. All the positive feedback I have received speaks volumes about the transformative power of this Reiki course.

I hope this comprehensive response provides the insights you’re looking for. Feel free to reach out for further clarification or questions. Thank you for your interest in my Reiki Healing Pro course.

PAA: Thank you for your time in answering my questions.

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