Andre Consciencia and his Training Curriculum


Having a clear curriculum and knowing what the stated goals of the training are and how it all interrelates is extremely important. This is the current development of the curriculum that Andre has recently released, what I love about what Andre has done here is that even his curriculum is a thing of beauty, inspired in how it is put together. There will I believe be developments and additions to this, but this should give anyone who is interested a clear idea of what to expect. Thank you Andre.

1 – Triangle of Adepthood

The first is a triad, pictured as a triangle, and represents the stage in which the spirit inhabits the human being and becomes fully operational in its functionality.

The line (bottom of the triangle) joins two points: Through the Soul Mirror to the Sphere of the Sun and The Way of Abrahadabra. These two works are optimal when worked together. Through the Soul Mirror being more introspective and The Way of Abrahadabra being purely practical, both work towards the same end: the maturation of the Adept and the construction of the body of light. 

Less we mistake progress for technique, the books should be accompanied by the Magic & Mystical Introspection course. It will keep evolution on the path organic and personal. This course is ongoing and may keep as the flexible spinal bone throughout the whole mandala.

The tip of the triangle at the top is the Path of Ipsos (Vol I and Vol II). After exploring Through the Soul Mirror to the Sphere of the Sun together with The Way of Abrahadabra, this is the book to give it all a practical playground that is innovative, complete, extensive and creative enough for the Work to keep breathing and living on its own, becoming not only second nature, but first nature. 

2 – The Square of Mastery

The square goes inside the triangle. In other words, the Adept, who has previously mastered the microcosm and opened himself to the macrocosm, truly masters earthly and heavenly powers, starting with the earthly ones by engaging with A Guide to the Elementals and The Lusitanian Grimoire, again simultaneously. These, put together, draw one end of the square, and as A Guide to the Elementals will specialize the Adept in the elements and the elementals, the Lusitanian Grimoire will in turn specialize the Adept in the ancestors and pagan deities of the land. This line of work should be accompanied by the course Journey to the Spirit World – Exploring Neoshamanism. As Magic & Mystical Introspection did before, this course will melt technique into instinct, know-how and natural flowingness.  

The pair that comes to complete the square, after A Guide to the Elementals and The Lusitanian Grimoire, is A Guide to Sphere Quabbalah conjoined with The Inner Gateways of LAM (Esoteric Pillars). In this marriage it is mostly A Guide to Sphere Quabbalah that is metaphysical and The Inner Gateways of LAM mystical. Worked simultaneously, they cover the celestial and the ultraterrestrial powers, logics and intelligences. This will pair well with the course Ceremonial Magic and the Bardon Tradition, whose practices integrate quite consciously the heavenly spheres, creative blocks, hierarchies, divine names and divinities. 

3 – The Circle

The circle goes inside the square, the conjunction forming the Philosopher’s Seal, and is constituted by the wheel presented at The Dragon Tarot (The Inner Circle and the Triangle). Although this is a book suitable for the beginner, it as well solidifies and sediments all that has been learned, leaving the Adept with an exterior tool of his mastery composed of 62 living pieces, after having been initiated into 62 magical tablets. This book should be paired with the course Introduction to Magic, a course for beginners that will test if the essential and basic structure of the Adept as such is still intact. 

Other books, other courses are on the way, and they too, will further add to the mandala. I believe one of the most peculiar traits about all the works is that they never repeat one another but rather strengthen each other mutually.


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