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Interview with Helmar Rudolph: Hermetics, Chakras, Cardology and The Master Key

Helmar Mr Master Key
My name is Helmar Rudolph, born in Germany, but with strong ties to South Africa, where I spent the better part of the past 30 years. I have a diploma in Marketing Management from the Institute of Marketing Management in Johannesburg. In the early days I did a lot of database programming, then made myself a name in Customer Relationship Management. A period of website development followed, before turning to the Master Key System in 2007.

Magical and Mystical Introspection – What is the purpose of this Course?

There have been many questions regarding Andres course Magical and Mystical Introspection and his book Through the Soul Mirror to the Sphere of the Sun (Read about the book here). Is it just introspection? Is it a full path etc. So to clear up any questions Andre has answered some questions we were recently asked in detail for the benefit of anyone seeking a path that is supported by an experienced guide and authentic.