Chaos Magic: An Interview with Jeandre Gerber

With belief and emotional synchrony – you harmonize with the frequency and can engage with the entities. Just be careful who you invoke.


Welcome to this the first of our Chaos Magic series of interviews. Several more are on the way and show how each magician takes charge of their own training and practice to achieve their desired results. A huge thank you to the ‘Chaos Magic Community’ for the welcome and taking the time to take part. I hope we can all learn a lot from these interviews. In this first interview we speak with Jeandre Gerber.


PAA: Briefly Introduce yourself and your Magical Journey

Jeandre Gerber: Throughout my life I have been called many names – most of them pleasant. However, the vast majority refer to me as Jeandre Gerber, but I’m also known by aliases such as “Reginald Reefer”, “The Beheaded Jester”, and “that breath guy”.

While I have only recently (4-5 years) dived deep into all things occult, I feel that my relationship with magic has been an ongoing thing since I was little. However, during those years I called magic by different names.

Over the years, through the different disciplines I embraced, I picked up a deep interest in the power of the unconscious and altered states of consciousness. This led me down the path of meditation, sensory deprivation, plant medicines, rituals, energy work, sound healing, and more –eventually, I designed some basic rituals, reached out to a few deities, and incorporated a wealth of different techniques and systems into my own work.

Currently – I have been focusing my attention on the breath as a medium for magick and personal development seeing that it plays such a fundamental part of our experience. I’m a firm believer in mastering the basics, and nothing is as primal as “the breath”.

PAA: What brought you to chaos magic?

Jeandre Gerber: I’ve always been interested in magical things. Even when I was within my “religious phase” during my teenage years where I blue-pilled the dogma of my environment – I would ask questions that would not sit well with the “leadership”.

In fact, it was God Hirself that told me to get the fuck out of church and smoke pot…and you can’t argue with The All.

I’ve also been very interested in meditation, energy, frequency and all that hippy shit since I was a teen. So by the time I finally “exodus-ed” from the religious life, I’ve already been meditating and practicing mind control techniques for 10-years.

I loved reading about hypnosis, NLP, and everything that would explain the “nature of our reality”. Eventually I stumbled upon Peter Carol’s “Liber Null & Psychonaut” where it laid down some crazy shit but that all kinda made “sense” if you were to squint your eyes a certain way.

But the idea of “chaos magic” delighted me. It was a “choose your belief system “a-la carte” and it broke do their “systems” into pieces you could integrate into your own life.

I then read a bunch more books on Chaos magic, then on the Golden Dawn, various currents of witchcraft, energy works, hypnosis, and much more – except now with the lens of a chaos magician.

Suddenly, I could “hack” any belief system. I could go to any “holy mass” whether wicca or the catholic church, and transmute the energy from their collective expression and siphon it into my own workings – WONDERFUL!

Oh wait…”what brought me to chaos magick”?

The sheer chaos I lived prior to knowing what it was – and now, it’s like I’m holding the keys to my reality and can tweak it in whichever way I see fit!

PAA: Is there a “standard chaos magic” or is it a “choose your adventure” style?

Jeandre Gerber: I think ultimately every Chaos Magician’s approach will be uniquely theirs. They will “borrow” techniques and rituals that resonate with them personally.

Having said that – there are certain “fundamentals” that most chaos magician’s share such as;

Sigils – most chaos magicians I know rely on some sort of sigil system.

Divination – Chaos Magicians know they got to divine shit, so whether they are throwing down Tarot Cards, I-Ching, or Tea Leaves…they are “checking in” every now and then.

Rituals – The invocation of the four elements (LBRP), moving energy, circles, etc – all of these are incorporated in some shape or form.

Curious skeptics – Being a chaos magician is essentially an admission that all belief systems are irrelevant when you look at it from a “large enough perspective”. However, the ability to “believe” in these systems is what allows the magic to manifest. Therefore, a chaos magician has the ability to “suspend disbelief” and embrace the moment – and a lot of the rituals and practices is about shutting down the “psychic censor”.

Having said that – you could technically take a pair of dice, create a system of divination, magick casting, etc – and could be considered a “chaos magician”.

PAA: What’s your approach to Chaos Magick?

Jeandre Gerber: I am currently heavily incorporating breathwork, meditation, visualization, etc into my daily work. For example, using the breath to enter into transpersonal states, or to quiet the mind in a matter of seconds, casting spells, and shifting into different “modes” of engagement on command.

I’m always reading and experimenting, pushing myself to the next level. If something works and provides me with significant real-world results – I incorporate it into my practices.

For example, Mudras & Mantras are something I’ve been incorporating along with breathwork with great success.

However, I would say that the “breath” is the main vehicle of transformation within my arsenal of magical things.

That, and my Astral Temple – which has allowed me access to many other means of magic and engagement with my unconscious. But I’ll tell you all about that at some other time!

PAA: How does Chaos Magic Approach the following subjects:

1) Stillness of the Mind , Concentration and Visualisation

2) Working with Energy and the 4 Elements

3) Working with Akasha

4) Working with beings – here we get into the discussion of whether Evocations are evoking real beings or evoking things from our own subconscious.

Jeandre Gerber: Stillness of mind, concentration and visualization are fundamental to the practice of chaos magic. It’s all about directing awareness and energy. All the rituals and techniques are geared to maximize these elements.

Working with energy and the 4 Elements – within my practice, it’s essential. I didn’t want to be working with Angels or any of that stuff unless I was called to it – and so I rather decided to translate everything back to their elemental configuration.

For example, I do the LBRP with the elemental energy as a substitute for the Arch Angels. I find it much easier to fuse my spells when I work with the raw elements.

While I don’t particularly engage with the concept of “Akasha” on a fundamental level – I assume this is more of a reference to the underlying “thing of reality”. The void, the all, the eternal hum…what have you.

Within this, I approach it more like a Hermeticist in that there is a “cosmic intelligence” that sustains us all within the infinite mind or as they call it “The All”. However, within this infinite mind, there are infinite entities and archetypes that we engage with, and therefore, all beliefs are essentially valid – irrespective of how ridiculous they may be.

Now, within the more modern interpretation of the “Akashic Records”, I do have an Akashic Book case in my “Room of Gnosis” in my Astral Temple. I can access a lot of information that way on command.

Working with entities. I believe that thought forms, egregores, demons, gods, angels – they all exist. I have created several myself with great success. Perhaps one of my best servitor was inspired by Rick and Morty.

In one episode Rick gives the Smith’s a “Meeseeks box” which spawned entities that had a singular purpose. Once the purpose was completed, the entity would self-destruct.

This looked like a perfect formula to create a functional servitor – so I created an Astral version of a Meeseeks box which I can access whenever I want. If I can’t find something – I simply invoke a Meeseeks to help me find it…and 9/10 times I find it.

I’ve even specified “within the next 60 seconds…” and it still working.

Beyond that, I’ve had Thoth pop in on a Meditation session. Working with entities however requires a stronger mind. I’ve seen many people get consumed by their own bullshit believing they are some “magus supremus” bending all time and space according to their wills – while struggling with the most mundane shit on the planet.

There’s a difference between actually working with entities and LARPING with imaginary friends. However, I think most people should leave entity work until later. However, each will walk their path accordingly.

PAA: From what I have read prior to this interview a central tenet to Chaos magic appears to be using belief as a tool. What can you tell us about this? Does this mean it is enough to believe we are in contact with an entity to make it so? Or is it more about creating a bridge from where we are to where we wish to go?

Jeandre Gerber: Belief is the container of which awareness flows. Every belief system has their limitations and their advantages. As a Chaos Magician, if you can reverse engineer a technique from a belief system that can help you advance and is in alignment with your self – you should.

Now, when it comes to entities, some you create – but some exist beyond your own mind. The belief in these entities is more like a “dial” you use to tune into the frequency of this “intelligence”. These energy configurations are autonomous and influence human behavior.

All religion is essentially a consortium of thought forms farming human awareness as “nutrition”. However, not all “entities” are malicious, nor are all benign. For example, if you want to engage with Jesus, you simply have to “believe” – and it will be so.

At least that’s what they tell you.

But they aren’t lying. The archetype intelligence of “Jesus” will visit you if you only believe. This is because as Ram Das said, “everywhere you look you’ll find what you’re looking for”.

Every thing you can “think of” or “imagine” exists within the infinite expression of “The All”. Meaning that all of these entities exist within one particular frequency or vibration within the infinite expression of “The All”.

With belief and emotional synchrony – you harmonize with the frequency and can engage with the entities. Just be careful who you invoke.

PAA: Can you share about some of your work with Chaos magic – successes and failures?

Jeandre Gerber: Failure isn’t really something I consider when a spell doesn’t “work” as I want. I practice acceptance and try to balance my energy of Ying and Yang.

As long as I’m advancing in my practice, I’m succeeding and the only failure I see is conformity and mediocrity.

When I attempt a spell, I engage with it as a “true believer” and suspend all disbelief. However, when something doesn’t work out the way it was supposed to – I take a step back, reanalyze the situation – and take a different approach.

Sometimes you are meant to surrender and irrespective on how loud one can fart, you’ll never beat the thunder.

I’ve used magic to methodically level up my life. I will continue to do so, expanding into everything I do, from the books I write to the videos I produce – they all “do” something. If I fail, then I check what went wrong – and try again or try something different.

PAA: What should people know about Chaos Magic?

Chaos Magic is essentially learning how to code your own life according to your terms. You no longer play by “their rules”, you create your own – and take full ownership of your life, accomplishments, failures, etc.

And it’s a rabbit hole with no end…there’s just so much knowledge in the dark.

PAA: For those wanting to learn more where should they go? Robert Anton Wilson? Austin Osman Spare?

Jeandre Gerber: Definitely Robert Anton Wilson’s Prometheus Rising. Just read RAW a while. I’d also advise reading Principia Discordia – it’s like an “anti-virus” for religious thinking. A sort of an “anti-religion”.

I recommend being a “discordian” for a few months – really become a believer.

Then, completely break your paradigm and become something else. There’s a lot of energy in paradigm shifts and Principia Discordia is just a fun way to get a bit “strange”.

I wrote a small piece about Mastering the Basics of Magic which talks about some fundamental concepts I explored. I also have a “self initiation ritual” you can access for free called “The Primal Fire Ritual”. This was one of the first rituals I did when I learned about “Pathworking”.

You can also check out my official website where I share most of my Breathwork Techniques like how to do Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field.

These are all resources I freely make available to people and I’m working on a few books myself.

As for other books;

Reality Transurfing

The Book of Atem

The Kybalion

Bhagavad Gita


Liber Null & Psychonaut

Condensed Chaos Magick – Phil Hine

Structure of Magick I & II

Whatever tickles your fancy – there’s so much out there, everything is good if you can read between the lines.

Website plug:

You can get everything on my Link Tree and I am active on Youtube. I also have live breath sessions every Thursday on Zoom. My ultimate goal is to provide as much tools for people who are on the path of self discovery and exploration.

So if you’re on the journey – hit me up!

PAA: Thank you very much for taking part and for providing such a thorough overview of Chaos Magic as you see it and practice it. For everyone reading please go and check out website and support his work.

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links on this website are affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase through one of these links, we may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. This commission helps to support the content on our website and allows us to continue providing valuable information to our readers.

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