Complimentary Magical Courses from Perseus Arcane Academy

Welcome to the Perseus Arcane Academy. I’m thrilled to introduce four fascinating free magical courses offered by our esteemed instructors on topics ranging from magic to energy transformation. See a post on our paid courses here.

Introduction to Magic

First up is Introduction to Magic by Andre Consciencia. You may have heard whispers of secret societies, arcane rituals, psychic abilities, and ancient mystical texts full of power. Andre will peel back the curtain on the world of real magic. Discover how silence, stillness, and inner work can unlock altered states and connect you to the objects of perception, allowing you to cause change. Forget obscure jargon and elite gatekeeping – this course makes magic accessible. Over 13 sessions, the mystery dissolves and magic becomes a practical science. Follow along with care and integrity, and you’ll gain skills to successfully work long-forgotten spells and rituals.

If you like the approach shown in this course then explore all of Andres courses, Magic and Mystical Introspection and Ceremonial Magick.

About the Course Creator

André lives in Moita, Portugal and has been a dedicated practitioner of magic and mysticism for more than two decades.

He met Fraternitas Hermetica (an order based on the works of Franz Bardon) while still a minor and had an initiator that stood even after the order vanished. He also has worked with his old initiator for 20 years. He has experience of other magical systems such as AMORC, Order of Michael’s Grail (with roots on Dion Fortune), Thelemic Golden Dawn, Astrum Argentum, the Typhonian OTO and the OTOA-LCN.

André teaches neo-shamanism and has his own active group of practitioners. Aside from his shamanic path, which he puts to use as a simple way to reach the uninitiated, he has been through the hermetic magical systems of Franz Bardon, as well as through systems presented by Rosicrucian orders and Thelemic organizations, still being a member of the Chaorder of SilverDusk and a member of the Inner Council of the Horus Maat Lodge, in which he holds the Portuguse Nexus.

The Three Transformations

Next is The Three Transformations by Sixty Skills, unveiling the ancient art of transmuting jing, chi and shen. Hermeticists (Franz Bardon students especially) called this process vital to astral to mental, while Chinese sages spoke of physical to subtle energy. It’s not just for enlightened masters! This course reveals how to actively engage in these energy conversions yourself. Learn why you’d undertake the three transformations, how to move from gross to subtle energy, where to place the energies, and more. While these practices seem like relics of the past, they’re fundamental to the human experience. Join Sixty Skills to revive your connection with these living traditions.

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About the Course Creator

SixtySkills is transforming the traditional transmission of meditative, and yogic, instruction from one of master to disciple to a modern online learning format. SixtySkills has covered the globe and over a thirty-year period derived the key techniques from all the major schools of Buddhism, Hermetics, Hindu-Yogic, and Taoist practice. Sixty Skills brings yogic, and meditative, instruction into the 21st century. No more kneeling at the feet of the master. All of the primary skills needed to engage any of the various meditative phenomena are available here via distance learning. If you have the work ethic, then no secrets are necessary.

Hermetic Fundamentals

Finally, Hermetic Fundamentals by Perseus Arcane Academy trains you to put teachings into action. This is a practical doing course, with each new lesson spread over 2 weeks to build discipline. Many collect information without gaining ability. Knowing is not the same as doing! This course challenges you to follow through, completing exercises regardless of doubt. It is a text course, no exciting videos. Can you persist through the entire period of 10 lessons? Success here trains the mindset to fully master esoteric skills. You’ll move beyond intellectual knowledge into applied magical practice.

Clint Sabom – Steps 1-3

With Initiation Into Hermetics, Franz Bardon has created a masterpiece of magickal ascension, giving all the necessary instructions and theory to rise to adepthood.  The book itself has an energy all to its own. However, getting through the steps of Initiation Into Hermetics can prove to be difficult, arduous work for many.  It’s tempting to slack off on the exercises when life seems to get in the way.  It’s common to stay on one or two steps for years on end or indefinitely.  Most people that start the work never seem to get through the first three steps. 

This class is designed to walk you through each step, and share with you my own experience of going through the first three steps.  Yes, there are shortcuts, hacks, and additional tips for achieving magickal equilibrium. 

About the Course Creator

Clint Sabom is an Executive Spiritual Coach for Bardon practitioners.  He went to Vassar College where at 21 he had a spontaneous kundalini awakening. He has lived in a silent monastery, is widely published, and also works as a psychic.  He offers coaching sessions those interested.  He can be reached at

As always if you have questions about anything related to Magic, Evocation, Kabbalah etc, just get in touch. We may not always have the answer, but we will do our best to put you in touch with someone who does.

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