Considerations and Practices on the Soul Mirror by André Consciência


When Tanya Robinson invited me to write on the ennoblement of character according to the hermetics of Franz Bardon, years ago, we thought the topic wasn’t getting enough attention and could use the effort. Today, after writing the book and building a parallel course, I still think the same, despite the previous efforts of other authors, like Virgil, or the recent release of An Aid to Introspection or Self-Knowledge, volume 4 of Czech Hermetics.

I have put together some of the texts and bonus techniques in my optional group for the Magic and Mystical Introspection Course, adapted them, gave them a certain structure and order for them to fit together, and added some advanced exercises. If you are interested in specializing in the Soul Mirror, you might find my book Through the Soul Mirror to the Sphere of the Sun, in pair with the course, also of interest.

I have left out practices in the book or course, and any practices given directly by Franz Bardon, which you can consult at his title Initiation Into Hermetics. Now onward we go, starting with some basic advice.

Basic Tips on the Soul Mirror

1 – Focus on small improvements, every day. By aiming to become a little better each day rather than for perfection, you reach achievable goals. Consider that small is all there is, and that when nothing is trivial everything is great.

2 – There are metaphysical viruses, and we are assailed by them and have cooperated with them into a coping organism. Bardon calls them larvae, in general, the Corpus Hermeticum calls them Tormentors. On a larger global scale, Nema Andahadna calls them the Forgotten Ones.

One of the side effects of this cooperation is that it leads us away from nature, from the nature that is natural to us. If we return to nature, even if for a moment, most issues in the soul mirror vanish from existence. We are balanced and in our best self and awareness. The virus is off. And it is even better than accumulating the elements and balancing them by astral means.

Anywhere you can be immersed in nature, be it the wilderness, your local park, allotment or garden, will help you with the soul mirror.

Once bathed in nature, switch off your devices, notifications, earpods and alerts. This time is for you to silence your mind and tune into the elements that you might usually miss.

Notice the sounds of nature; plants, winds, animals and feel the heat from the sun, light filtering through trees or cooling breezes.

Slow your breath and be calm and present.

There you have it. When the day is closing, notice the improvements on the soul mirror.

3 – Have a purpose; a reason for being (Akasha) and all will fall into place.

On top of it, if you do not do what is right for you, the soul will show symptoms of sickness: all those things right there in the black mirror. Do the actions you love (fire) whether you are good at them or not; the actions you are good at (air) whether you love them or not; what the world needs (water) whether you are paid for it or not; and what you get paid for (earth) whether the world needs it or not.

You will feed all the elements of the soul and keep it generally satisfied. This will balance you and you won’t need to do it sitting down and obsessing.

Don’t worry, in time, while you keep doing what you love, you start being good at it, the world starts to need it, and you start to get paid for it. Now we are fulfilling the purpose.

4 – I used to listen to Leonard Cohen, one of my favorite songwriters and interpreters, sing “there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”.

This tip is about imperfections. Often the darkness shows us the light. Stop projecting negativity into the faults and it will test if they are faults indeed. It will also likely unveil the real vice that is causing the projection.

The Japanese fill the cracks with gold. If there is indeed a fault there it should be known by its fruits. Savor the fruits, if they are bitter, there is your master.

5 – Approach the traits with an empty mind. To these traits, there are many possibilities.

Try looking at them with a fresh and unbiased perspective.

6 – No matter if a trait is active, like courage, or passive, like laziness, it needs your indulgence to engage with you. Abstinent traits, like keeping silence, need indulgence just the same.

The soul mirror is all about balance in the end. Be the trait positive or negative, it seeks stabilization in moderation. Virtue or vice, engage, but not so much that you are then full. The virtue will keep being a virtue, for it knows moderation, the vice will starve, and moderation will make it useful and ultimately a might.

Also, be mindful of the qualities you engage with, seek active qualities during the part of the day that requires more energy and passive qualities in the time you are resting or beginning to calm down.

The traits in the soul mirror are to be treated just like food.

7 – Identify if the traits are predominantly intellectual, emotional, or physical. The intellect can be easily re-educated through physical habits. For instance, if your mind is confused, practicing Tai Chi daily will clear it. The material body can be re-educated through intellect. For instance, if the body is lazy, the intellectual discipline of setting a schedule will fix it. However, if the traits are from the level of the soul, they will benefit from intellectual and material intervention combined. Let us say you feel an irrational aversion for other creeds. Your intellect should study the creed, your body should enter the temple and engage with the community. Do only one of the tasks, and it will fail.

8 – Think like a philosopher. Study philosophy, art, and poetry. It will help you understand the dynamic of traits. For instance, fear is one root of ignorance, ignorance is at the root of confusion, confusion is at the root of obsessive control, and obsessive control is at the root of evil. You cannot defeat evil, you must fight obsessive control, but to do so, you need to stop refusing the truth (ignorance). However, how can you do that if you are afraid? On the other side of this tree of faults is a tree of virtue. The first thing is to become aware of the fear and present in this awareness, with constant present awareness, there comes love. Love defeats fear and accepts the truth. The one who accepts the truth builds sovereignty and freedom, it substitutes obsessive control and breeds good.

Or, let us say you have despair, hatred and greed. You cannot fight greed directly, it is like trying to fill a cup that is broken. You cannot fight hatred directly, when you engage with it, you are polluted by it. Yet, you can conquer despair by accepting a higher power (not to be confused with doctrine and idealism). Without despair, hatred cannot cling to you. Without hatred and despair, satiation takes place and greed subsides.

9 – Think like an alchemist too. Where there is too much form there is a distortion of harmony. Where there is too much force there is a distortion of harmony. Harmony is force and form in equal portions, and it is passive and active in the same amount. Now let us say you have a passive fault like you are too submissive. Trying to stop being submissive finds no stability where to stand your ground. You could counter with being too dominant, which is the active side of being too submissive. You would simply be left with another fault, and at last, ping pong between one vice and the other. Instead, actively practice and cultivate harmony, it will stabilize the mirror and centralize the powers.

10 – Be patient. And if you lose your patience, be patient.

Now that such is out of the way, and before proceeding, let us expand on why even go through all the work of introspection when we have the power of magic available to create whatever we wish, including balance.

The Problem of Avoiding Introspection

I’ve often been asked if the accumulation of the elements, tuning with the Akasha, ritual and works of an astral nature can balance and ennoble the soul, so that we can skip introspection and the soul mirror altogether.

If one wants to be picky with nomenclature, in the Franz Bardon Tradition the soul is the astral body and the astral body is also the emotional body. The answer would be yes. We can repair the astral body with energy work.

However, what is meant by the ennoblement of the soul through the soul mirror is more comprehensive. It is a work that extends to all 3 bodies, material, astral and mental. This means it repairs all the way to the root causes.

When you solve everything with energy work alone, you become a hostage to magic. If you stop, you will crumble down like that painting of Dorian Gray. An analogy would be to say that because you are on painkillers, you are already treated. Although painkillers help with treatments when used with responsibility, they also camouflage the root issues. Another analogy would lie with the athlete and steroids. Steroids help build muscle tissue and increase body mass just like energy work strengthens the astral body. However, steroids cannot improve an athlete’s agility or skill, just like the soul cannot replace a mind that has solved its own structure and is working firmly and sound. What is more, replacing the training of an athlete with steroids will empower a body without structure or discipline, causing early heart attacks, strokes, tumors, failures, and psychiatric problems.

Put another way, without deep psychological healing, the work isn’t done, and not only it isn’t done, as you will likely become a disaster in the waiting.

Furthermore, the highest goal of Hermeticism is in the words “Know thyself and thou shall know all the mysteries of the gods and of the universe.” It is a work of wonderment.

That being said, combine the soul mirror work with the astral balancing of the elements, rituals, my Ceremonial Magic and the Franz Bardon Tradition course, non-dual light , etc. You cannot run a marathon without vitamins in the body. Also don’t wait to be perfect, what would be the point then?

The Help of Vacancy

But since we are going to have all this supposed effort of introspection (do not start sweating, in truth, it is as natural as breathing to beings with a conscience), we might as well offer some effortless aid when it comes to bringing the mind to the right state for introspection. A simple technique to cleanse the mind of heavy thoughts, the heart of heavy feelings, and ultimately achieve vacancy, is given freely as Lesson 1 of my course “Journey to the Spirit World, Exploring Neo-Shamanism”.

Journey to the Spirit World: Exploring Neo-Shamanism (Lesson 1, Level 1)

Afterward, I suggest the method called the Sufi Purification of the Heart, which I have written in my book in progress “By the Same Mouth & Bone – Wisdom for a Unified Humanity”. It goes like this:

“Review your recent thoughts, words, and actions. Contemplate your interactions with others, your adherence to principles, and your alignment with values. Be honest and non-judgmental, reflecting on the intentions behind your actions. Ask yourself why you behave in specific ways. Check if your intentions seek the pleasure of Divine Providence and the well-being of others or if they are driven by negative emotions.

Take stock of your spiritual strengths, virtues, and positive qualities. Of the areas where you have made progress or shown resilience. Also, identify the spiritual weaknesses, negative traits, and areas where you struggle or fall short. It will require self-honesty. At this point, seek Divine mercy and Divine power.

Based on your self-reflection, set goals for ennoblement, practical steps you can take to stabilize your strengths, address weaknesses, and align your intentions with higher principles.

Engage in self-reflection ideally at the end of each day or week and recalibrate your efforts with self-awareness rather than self-criticism. The aim is to understand yourself and grow qualities that bring you to the realization of your own nature.”

Awareness is at the root of introspection as at the root of magic

Introspection, more than a practice, is a path, a way of life. This path requires acute awareness, not only of our actions and thoughts reviewed at the end of the day, but of everything around us, our bodies, our actions and thoughts in the ever present moment . To help with this, I suggest my free course Introduction to Magic. It can without contradiction be faced as one more level of Magic and Mystical Introspection.


The way of introspection is ultimately the way of contemplation, and the way of contemplation the way to Godhood. In other words, the goal of introspection is none other than the Godhead.

Hegel had that reality is perceived in three levels:

1 – Desire, where self-consciousness is directed at objects of awareness other than itself. This is depicted as the slave-slave. Some mystics meditate all their life without ever leaving this condition since they meditate on specific states of awareness as things.

2 – Master-slave, where the self-consciousness is directed at another that is unequal to itself. This means self-consciousness becomes dependent on the other, enslaving the other in order to survive, and remaining a slave to the other therefore. Many magicians live in this state.

3 – Universal self-conscious, where the self-conscious recognizes itself in another and the object of awareness is self-consciousness. This would be the way of contemplation. It is the magician standing in the center of the circle, or the mystic incorporating the four divine qualities of omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence and eternity.

Aid in ennobling the soul for ritual magicians

The pitfall of advanced magicians is they may feel tempted to stop working on character. After all, they have everything available at the tip of their fingers. Let them push the right fingers and there is magical equilibrium. Except without introspection all they are is blind kings. To the magician practicing introspection, however, the following aids can be mighty tools.

If you have gone so far as The Practice of Magical Evocation by Franz Bardon, you will be familiarized with the deeper meaning of the proceedings that will follow.

1 – Put on your magical robe, isolating yourself from outside influences and purifying the soul from the inside. If you have practiced diligently, the simple gesture of dressing the robe should perform the feat automatically and potently.

2 – Put on the magical belt, affirming magical equilibrium and lawful conduct.

3 – Put on the magic band, hat, or whatever is the ritual vestment you use to cover your head. In this, establish firmly spiritual perfection.

4 – Light the magical lamp, so your inner light is set to burn and nondual light purifies the chamber.

5 – Draw the circle, so you are now at the depth point of the universe where you unite with the Supreme Deity to look back outside.

7 – Activate the cup before you, so that all that stands within is immersed in wisdom, life and divine power. Now, as the deity, supremely and acting in the akasha, think of the highest and most supreme ideation of a virtue you want to establish or nurture and give it the shape of the wine, where it will, once absorbed, influence the mind objectively, change the aura of the soul and enliven the material body. If you are a quabbalist as well, you can make use of the letter C.

8 – Drink, feel it rush through your veins and cells, permeate your mind and soul. Save some in a deposit you can bring with you and sip throughout the day. You can celebrate life by nurturing limited virtues or simply imbue the wine with magical equilibrium or, as the deity, imbue the wine with the deity itself, so that this divine state circles back into the material body and gains roots.

Aid in ennobling the soul for quabbalists

The method of materialization

Here is the combination of the letters P-F-L.

In the akasha, the quabbalist will think of the synchronization that exists between the micro and the macrocosm leading to divine virtue and evolution. Immediately, he or she will tap into it. Let there be meditation on this for a while.

Then he or she will pronounce lowly with the threefold concentration the three letters in the astral, first without giving it any indications of time and space. The F, uniting/tuning will, intellect, life and consciousness, which is a mental translation of the spiritual synchronization of the micro and macrocosm. The quabbalist then applies the P, which manifests evolution as a state of intellectual humility, and the L, which manifests divine virtue as moral virtue.

The letters are pronounced again lowly, in the astral plane, but they are given form. The P comes first this time, taking the shape of a gray dove and bringing purification to the astral body (the emotional manifestation of humility). From there we move to the F, so that the F takes the space of the magician’s astral body, manifesting the previous mental union of will power-intellect-life-consciousness as mastery of character, which conjoins with humility. Finally, the L letter is intoned, consolidating moral virtue into magical equilibrium and concluding the union of mastery of character and humility.

The method of dematerialization

The action is similar but we will be practicing with two letters, conceptually speaking. In practice, we will be using a method more similar with Rawn Clark’s TMO (The Magic of IHVH-ADONAI), of which I was a student when it was being formed, than quabbalistic formulation as taught by Franz Bardon.

The powers that be are the letters E and Ae. Simply and quickly put, you enter akashic trance and from the akashic depth point you seek universal consciousness by the letter E, from there gaining mastery over all negative beings (Ae). In this formless and spaceless state, you look down into your mental body and descend by using EAe (formulated mentally) to the region of intuition, seeing through all thoughts, wishes and actions concerning the grosser plane. You look up and there is a direct link between this region and the akashic region of universal consciousness and mastery over all negativities. You look down and you see your astral body, upon which you descend formulating in a low voice EAe, and now you are in your astral consciousness with no clinging whatsoever to mental, astral and material aspects. Again, you look up, at the direct link between this state and the one of intuition and seeing through all inclinations. Bridge and unite both as your mode of cognition and look for any specific faults that you want to dissolve. Gather these traits in your awareness and soul, but remain completely detached while you take them into you and with you. Now rise up to the place of universal consciousness and mastery over all negative beings, holding tight to the traits. They will be dissolved in universal consciousness, unable to subside and survive.

Remain in this state of purity long enough.

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