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David Coleman on Astrology, Magic and the Mysterious

In this post I want to share the latest episode of ‘Perseus Conversations’ that I did with David Coleman, as well as sharing a lot of other information from David. He is really productive and has so much information freely available that he has been sharing now for years. I want anyone new to this world of magic and astrology to discover David and his work. (See his blog)

  • 00:41 🔮 David Coleman, author of “The 26 Keys,” discusses his background in magic and astrology, focusing on astrological magic.
  • 01:36 🌌 David delves into his involvement with emerging groups sharing anomalous experiences, providing support and guidance.
  • 02:45 📚 His blog, supported by Patreons, offers extensive material on astrology and magic, free for readers.
  • 04:23 🔍 His interest in magic and astrology began in childhood, with tarot card exploration alongside his mother.
  • 05:19 🪄 He transitioned to astrology in his early twenties, eventually intertwining his passions into astrological magic.
  • 08:28 📖 “The 26 Keys” merges astrology and magic, offering a practical system usable alongside or independent of Bardon’s “Initiation into Hermetics.”
  • 09:12 🔍 While not focusing on chart creation, the book teaches interpretation, catering to various audiences, including those unfamiliar with astrology or magic.
  • 10:36 💡 The book empowers readers to experience astrological energies, fostering personal growth and understanding beyond traditional astrological readings.
  • 13:25 🔄 Understanding and consciously interacting with astrological energies allows individuals to transform experiences and reactions, shaping outcomes.
  • 16:23 🛠️ Astrology offers a vast toolbox for Bardon practitioners, aiding in elemental work and maintaining astral equilibrium.
  • 17:48 ⚖️ Astrology provides forewarning, enabling individuals to prepare for and manage life events, thus altering reactions and outcomes.
  • 22:00 🌟 Astrology, a dynamic and evolving field, offers various systems and interpretations, validated by skilled practitioners.
  • 24:04 🌌 Astrology sees parallels between the solar system and the inner self, emphasizing fundamental truths.
  • 24:44 📅 Astrological consultations vary based on individual needs, ranging from spiritual understanding to future predictions.
  • 26:05 👽 Astrology serves as a gateway for individuals experiencing anomalous or paranormal phenomena seeking understanding and guidance.
  • 31:43 🔮 An increasing number of people are seeking help for anomalous experiences, leading to the formation of groups like the experiencer group.
  • 35:47 🔄 The current astrological era, characterized by themes like the coronavirus pandemic and technological advancements, is transitioning to a new era marked by futuristic and revolutionary changes.
  • 39:21 🌐 Aquarian themes of technology, AI, UFOs, and science fiction are becoming increasingly prevalent, signaling a shift towards a new paradigm for humanity.
  • 42:39 🌍 Astrologically, major changes are anticipated for countries like the United States and Russia, with potential disruptions in governance and societal structures.
  • 45:06 💰 Economic systems are expected to undergo transformation, with the rise of electronic currencies and a shift towards a digital economy.
  • 47:50 📰 David discusses updates on his blog, including recent articles and interviews, highlighting the wealth of information available.
  • 48:30 📚 David recommends exploring the “26 Keys,” a book related to magic, providing insights and techniques, available for free on his website.
  • 49:26 💡 David announces his return to providing tarot card readings alongside astrological consultations through astrovvisions.org, emphasizing accessibility and scheduling options.
  • 51:02 🎥 David plans to create more video content in addition to written articles, recognizing the modern preference for multimedia formats, while encouraging support for his free archive.

Mystery College Interview with David

The 26 Keys: The Magic of the Astral Light: A new approach to astrology

From the Author: ‘This book presents a new and yet very ancient approach to astrology. Unlike the vast numbers of ‘how to do astrology’ books that have already been written, the course in this book is not merely an intellectual journey, but one which embraces the whole being in a dynamic magical interaction…Instead of being told about the influences over your life shown in a chart and having them described to you, this book enables you to actually experience the meaning of astrological influences for yourself and encourages you to draw your own conclusions. Within the pages of this book you will find all you need to begin exploring the astral Light. This new Kindle edition is viewable on any iOS or android device (i.e. a phone or tablet) with the Kindle app.’

Now you learn from the interview that I posted at the top of this post that David is not only a highly skilled practitioner of Astrology but he is also a practitioner of Franz Bardon’s work after first being introduced to the books by a friend in Germany. So, this book really is a great resource if you are on your journey of working through ‘Initiation into Hermetics’ and feel like you would like to understand how astrology can aid you in this challenging path.

One of Davids latest posts does a great job at showing deeply we can delve into reality with the aid of this knoweldge. Have a look at this post by David, just one of hundreds that are available on his blog.

Get Davids book here.

Davids first interview on Perseus

Prior to this recent discussion on Perseus Conversations, David had alread generously participated in an interview with us back in 2022.

We are very excited to have David Coleman join us in the blog. He is well known in the Franz Bardon community for his generous sharing through his writing and for his exceptional book The 26 Keys: The Magic of the Astral Light. In this interview David answers a variety of questions about Astrology in general, how it relates to Hermetic training as well as giving us insight into his own personal approach.

Read the original interview here.

Patreon: Support Davids work

If you look over on Davids blog you will see dozens of not hundreds of posts that go into tremendous detail about all manner of magical and astrological subjects. David routinely writes posts that go beyond the surface and end up being7 or 8 thousand words long! This is 8 thousand words of useful, indepth and instructional information that you can go off and apply to your work. All available for anyone with the curiosity to look. A handful of Patreon supporter’s generously support this effort.

Join his Patreon here

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