Finding Your Way: Structured Support for your Journey in the Franz Bardon Tradition


The Franz Bardon tradition is in my opinion one of the gifts given to humanity. I remember after leaving one of the Tibetan Nyingma Traditions, I wanted to find a path that could lead me out of samsara and potentially to a state where I could at the very least understand the Rainbow body if not achieve it. Very soon I discovered a YouTube channel way back in 2008 by Faustia, I am sure some will remember his uploads. They were an inspiration as well as a warning to take this material seriously.

Here we are in 2023, with Franz Bardon’s books more important than ever and becoming more well known as a path that requires no affiliation to a religion, cult or belief system, simply the willingness to work on oneself and follow instructions.

Though Franz Bardon’s teachings may seem straightforward, in practice we often struggle and spend years on techniques that could be clarified in just weeks or months with proper guidance. This is the motivation behind Perseus Arcane Academy – to help dedicated seekers avoid the pitfalls many of us experienced when first developing these skills independently. While the Franz Bardon tradition emphasizes self-reliance, the wisdom of an experienced mentor goes a long way. By distilling decades of hard-won knowledge, Perseus aims to share what we wish we had when starting out. The results speak for themselves – students now achieve in months the progress that previously took years of solo effort. With the right structured support, Franz Bardon’s practices become more accessible. Perseus condenses years of experience into curriculums designed to accelerate growth while retaining the tradition’s emphasis on self-mastery and rigor

Options to Assist

So if you are currently working on Initiation into Hermetics and the teachings of Franz Bardon but struggling to make meaningful progress or lacking confidence, then Perseus Arcane Academy provides three structured approaches designed to help students fully actualize these teachings in practice.

The first option, ideal for those wanting close guidance from an experienced teacher, is André Consciência’s extensive “Magic and Mystical Introspection” course. This long-term course consists of 11 in-depth levels methodically structured to take the student from complete beginner to adept mastery of the exercises and techniques contained within Bardon’s seminal text “Initiation Into Hermetics.” With the teacher available throughout to provide feedback, answer questions, and customize guidance, this course is perfect for those who thrive in a mentored environment and want an expert intimately familiar with Bardon’s system to guide them through it step-by-step.

For those who prefer a more self-directed approach focused on building technical skills, Perseus offers the comprehensive “Sixty Skills” program. Meticulously designed by Bob the founder, this structured course contains everything you need to complete Initiation into Hermetics in the form of the Master Course with the expectation of it being completed in around 18 months. 67 skills over 10 levels that aim to systematically develop and instill each of Bardon’s core techniques in a logical, step-by-step manner (the curriculum also provides methods from other traditions for very balanced approach). With clarity and precision taking priority over guidance, this option is well-suited to independent students who enjoy learning through concise, methodical lesson plans. You can see all of the Sixty Skills offerings here, which includes material for those on the 2nd and 3rd of Franz Bardon’s books but if you are still working Initiation into Hermetics then the Master Course is your best option.

A third option is Sifu Mark Rasmus’ extensive online Instructor Training Program which provides over 750 video lessons taking students through every facet of internal energy cultivation and spiritual practice as applied through Bardon’s teachings, this is the first of six courses offered by Sifu Mark Rasmus that goes from the fundamentals all the way to becoming a teacher in your own right. With decades of mastery in chi kung, martial arts, and esoteric practices, Sifu Mark offers unparalleled knowledge and skill training to unlock energy skills and achieve advanced states of being. For students wanting comprehensive video instruction guiding them through energy centers, building chi, and harnessing forces for spiritual development, Sifu Mark’s step-by-step curriculum grants insider access to profound techniques for self-realization.

So, whether a student thrives with a mentor, prefers structured self-study, or wants expansive video training, Perseus Arcane Academy has an option tailored to help earnest seekers fully actualize Franz Bardon’s profound occult teachings in practice.

Other Options for those working through Initiation into Hermetics

Rawn Clark

Anyone involved with Franz Bardon’s work must I am sure come to know about Rawn Clarks huge contribution to students. For a long time, his ‘A Bardon Companion‘ would be the main recommendation. But in recent years Rawn went over the work again via his YouTube channel, including very generous PDFs as well. You can see the entire playlist here.

Ray Del Sole – SURA Academy

I have known Ray since I started with Franz Bardon’s work, he has always been a helpful guide if ever I had a question. We currently have his Mystical Quabbbalah course on Perseus which is an in-depth look at the 3rd book ‘Key to the Trus Kabbalah’. So we thoroughly support Ray in anything he does, so if you are still working Initiation into Hermetics and wanted an approach that incorporates many different methods and Rays decades of insight then check out SURA here.

Seshen School of Meditation

This is a school run by Martin Faulks, another well-known name in the field of Hermetics and a friend of Perseus. Like Rays Academy, Seshen takes the experiences and lessons of its founder and forms a curriculum around them, adding things Martin feels are important for student growth. Full details from Martin here.

Clint Sabom

Clint works one on one with students to aid them in progressing within Franz Bardon’s tradition. He runs a YouTube channel with regular uploads concerning all things Franz Bardon.

He has the following free course that covers the first three steps of Franz Bardons Initiation into Hermetics. He also has a paid course devoted to steps 4,5 and 6.
For those struggling with their black and white mirrors, he has an Emotional Release course.

Self Responsibility

It is important to remind everyone here that at the end of the day it is all our responsibility, to use the opportunities available to us to grow but not lose ourselves in anyone’s divine mission.

If you are having trouble making progress with Initiation into Hermetics then this might a useful read for you before you invest in any assistance. As ever if you have any questions, please leave a comment or send us an email via the contact form.

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