Grandmaster David Wolfheart on his deep study of Norse Mythology and the Runes


This is the final interview in this series of interviews from the leadership of the Knights of Runes. Grandmaster David Wolfheart shares his journey to and through the Runes, explaining what it is like to be a Grandmaster in the system and to be guided by someone like Karl Welz. Enjoy.

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Interview with Grandmaster David Wolfheart

PAA: What first sparked your deep interest in Norse mythology and Runes? How did that develop into such an intensive study over the years?

There were several factors that influenced my interest in Runes and Norse mythology, but I think that the greatest was J.R.R. Tolkien. In 1991, I read Tolkien for the first time and I was fascinated; that led me to discover the traditional sources of Norse mythology — the Eddas and Beowulf.  I loved the stories of the gods and goddesses of the north. I bought mythology books and became aware of the runes. They caught my attention but I didn’t know much about them. In 1992, my mother gave me a book of Runes—she collected books and tarot packs and it caught her attention. As she recognized my fascination with Nordic culture, she thought I would be interested and she also wanted to read about those symbols that were unknown to us both. The truth is that I read the book but understood very little—but it amazed me. When I turned 16, I got a tattoo of the Othala rune, although I didn’t understand it deeply, I loved it. Years passed and my collection of books on Runes and mythology was growing. I read everything I could get my hands on. It was not until perhaps 1997 that I found the book, “The Secret of the Runes” by Guido Von List and the truth is that it was incredibly influential. In a way, I had been studying the Runes progressively because I bought every Rune book I could find and practiced on my own. My mother and I had games and Rune cards and we did divinatory readings. As the years went by, my study and research intensified and, above all, my experience with the Runes.

PAA: You’ve written extensively in Spanish exploring facets like Asatru, Runic divination, Armanen tradition etc. What motivated you to help expose these areas to the Spanish speaking world?

The answer is simple, there were no books about Asatrú in Spanish and I decided to write one to make it known. My second book was about Stadhagaldr— there was also no book on that topic in Spanish. This was true also of the Armanen Runes with the exception of the the book mentioned above by Guido von List. They were my passion for a while and so I decided to write it. Let’s say that something inside me wanted to fill those gaps for Spanish-speaking readers.

PAA: Can you describe a powerful spiritual experience or mystical insight you gained from working deeply with Runes using practices like Rune Yoga?

The truth is that there have been many such experiences. I think that if you dedicate some time daily to Rune Yoga, you realize its power in a short period of time. You can feel internal changes, the balance of energies, integrating them, and projecting them. I have been able to feel the expansion of my consciousness and connect with my inner-self and then also with my higher self. In these states I have had very powerful energetic experiences and have been able to visualize many things—even some that have later come to happen. I’ve also been able to connect vibrationally with my ancestors and Higher Order Entities.

PAA: How do you see the relationship between ancient Runic wisdom and personal self-development needs today? What universal relevance or lessons do they hold?

The Runes require a great in-depth study, but initiation into their secrets only arises from experience, which, when we are prepared, reveals to us a state of higher consciousness. Through the energetic integration of the Runes, we interact with the different aspects of consciousness and creation. For a greater understanding of the divine force, we see it from different expressions that are represented in each of the Runes. By being able to see each aspect specifically, we can obtain greater knowledge and that gives us mental, physical, spiritual, vibrational, and energetic benefits. That is why they are both a powerful and and timely tool. You just have to be diligent and achieve the benefits little by little.

PAA: You were empowered by great Rune adepts like Karl Welz. What does being a Rune Grandmaster in that spiritual lineage mean to you?

It is obvious that a great teacher like Karl Welz, a friend and student of another great master, Karl Spiesberger, has made great contributions to the understanding and development of the Runes at levels of evolution and consciousness. Welz was a gift on my path.  He made me see things with new perspectives and transmitted many positive ideas to me—I will be eternally grateful. He showed me how great teachers act—with generosity and kindness. He taught me persistence and to experience as much as possible to develop your own conclusions about everything. Being a great Rune Master in that lineage is a responsibility and an honor, because we try to help people, raise awareness and fulfill a mission so that things will get better. A person can study and gain an understanding of what each Rune means, but a great teacher takes the learning to a deeper level, always working experientially with the Runes to provide new insights and experiences.  He also has the responsibility of revealing things only to those who are prepared by their training and their level of awareness. A great teacher knows that it is necessary at times to keep quiet. They know the right moment and the right person in which to reveal insights.  They also teach their students how to develop their own criteria and not to simply become repeaters of each other. You have to read everything, think about it, practice it, and give it a chance. I think also that there is  a responsibility to create a community and a student body of conscious, kind and prepared people— psychologically, spiritually, and physically.

PAA: What is your vision for passing on Runic teachings through institutions like the Runology Academy and Sacred Way order you founded in Spain?

My vision of the Runes is very open in all senses. I believe that in all Runic systems there are powerful tools and very different practices as well. People must learn from many points of view to know which one works best for them. Obviously I focus on the Runes and their energetic power as my focal point.

PAA: Can you explain your holistic system Armanen Rune Önd? What need did you see for integrating various Runic work methods like that?

The Rune Önd, the runic vital energy, is a set of meditation practices, which becomes a work of holistic runology. It encompasses a great alternative of methods with which to work with the Runes on an energetic, physical, mental, subconscious, vibrational, and superconscious level. It is a great tool for personal transformation, which can respond to all of this. Let’s say that it tries to evolve everything that the great masters left us, giving us new tools to fulfill each and every aspect.

PAA: How might a novice student approach working with Runes at an energetic level using this multifaceted system you synthesized? What core principles or practices are involved?

I believe that it is a discipline that encompasses many practices open to anyone who wants to constantly work on harmonizing body, mind and soul.


Galdr: Runic intonation and vibration

Staðagaldr: internal balance. Reception and projection of runic energies

Runa-Staða Energy flow: Staðagaldr in motion. We generate energy and harmonize our body.

Hvelir Rune Energy: balance and healing through the energy centers.

Hvelir: connecting bridges. work the superconsciousness

Sinnengaldr: Runic meditation Galdr relaxed meditations with mudras to visualize, raise the vibration, improve our state.

Önd Breath Work: conscious breathing and vital energy, helps improve our health, calms us and is of great help and essential to be successful in all other practices. Also guided visual runic meditation helps us finish the practices and work on relaxation, archetypes and visualization to act on the unconscious.

PAA: What future directions do you see for the development of Runic studies and practice? How might it continue evolving in a modern context?

Development is necessary. My teacher Karl Welz himself encouraged me to create the new Rune Önd practices and gave me advice. He told me that Runology had to advance in new practices and development—the natural evolution of anything in life.

The great masters of the early 20th century left a powerful legacy, but if we look closely, they were brave and contributed new ways of understanding runes and new practices never seen before. The conclusion is clear—they practiced and made an effort to contribute new things, and they were brave.  I think we should be just as brave as them and contribute what we believe is truly unique, otherwise we become no more than repeaters of the same slogans and exercises. No matter what, time passes and I don’t think that is the way. If you do good work, you don’t care what people think or say. When you contribute something new, something other than what is already established, even the naysayers can try it and see that it works. If we have more knowledge, we can help ourselves and create new formulas that will work for future generations. You have to do it with humility, understanding that you are not going to contribute new things in a few months— it is a job of years and of many tests, consultations, and help from others.

PAA: What guidance would you offer people today who feel drawn to begin walking a Runic spiritual path in earnest? What should they know starting out?

I think that the person who decides to begin such a path has to be honest with themselves and ask if they really want to start a long path of study and practice. For something to work you have to be dedicated and have perseverance. Let yourself be guided by your intuition, and question everything positively, this is done by practicing different ideas and methods from different teachers—only then will you be able to see if it works. For example, you cannot say: you don’t like this system because you don’t consider it historical (Armanen). I have heard such complaints many times. My answer has been clear: why for magical or energetic practices do you only have to be able to use the alphabetic systems? Have you studied it? Have you read the poems and tried to internalize them? Have you practiced with this system? The answer is always, “no.” My question remains, “How do you take something for granted without studying it and without practicing it?” I think you have to have an open mind. I practice several systems, they all have good things to develop the study, but I think that we should try to generate our criteria through our own knowledge, which results from study and practice. Then we may also develop and enhance what works best for us. I recognize that I too have my preferences. I have come to appreciate that all systems have valid developments and I am very respectful that this is the case and that there are many different practices. The Runes will show themselves and then you will know the answer. It is also best to study them without religious or ideological barriers. My advice is to see the Runes beyond being an alphabet or an oracle and embrace a broader vision and understanding. 

Thanks for the interview and good luck with your project.

PAA: Thanks to you and the entire leadership for sharing so much with us.

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Knights of Runes
General introduction to Knights of Runes
Interview with Jurgens Pieterse
Interview with Donald van den Andel

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