Hermetics and Akira Toriyama by Andre Consciencia

Upon the death of Akira Toriyama, creator of the “Dragon Ball” manga, I read some articles talking about the hidden or symbolic meanings behind this creation.

Immediately I thought of honoring Akira by writing an article on how, consciously or unconsciously, I have adapted many of the powers showcased in the manga that I watched while growing up. You might laugh, but my own initiator gave me some of the adaptations and, on the other hand, it is clear Dragon Ball draws a lot from Daoist principles and techniques. This is to say it does have a mystical and magical background, and it is not an illiterate one.

My takes on it, however, are of the kind of hermeticism called hermetics, so without further delay, I’ll pass on to what matters.


The Kamehameha serves here as the example for most ki techniques in Dragon Ball. The principle is building the ki ball and using it. But since I was training hermetics according to Franz Bardon the technique used was more akin to it:

1 – Place your left hand and your right hand in line with your Dantian and set apart by one palm, fingers open and articulations relaxed so that your hands are being held not so much by muscle power but by the tendons.

2 – If you have mastered the electric and magnetic fluids in Initiation Into Hermetics (Franz Bardon), transfer your consciousness to the left hand and make it magnetic, to your right hand and make it electric. You will notice a stream coming from your right to your left hand. Now add an electric pole to your left hand and a magnetic pole to your right hand (so that four ends form). A circuit will flow that builds up electromagnetism effortlessly and endlessly, as long as your awareness remains in your hands as described. Now the ball grows, allow more space to build between your left and right hands.

3 – Transfer your consciousness to the ball and have the magnetic poles in it draw from electric poles outside it, and the electric poles in the ball, have them draw from the magnetic poles around. It will grow to encompass the magnetic and electric charges interacting with it and search new poles outside, expanding and expanding, densifying and densifying.

4 – Think of a subject you want to empower or neutralize, and, holding the intention, transfer the ball into it with your consciousness.

The Super Saiyan

Some Saiyans in the universe of Dragon Ball can become Super Saiyans by absorbing so much Ki that they transmute into living sources of self-feeding Ki, becoming sun-like beings.

In Initiation Into Hermetics, Step VIII, Franz Bardon wrote:

“This exercise can be performed sitting down or standing up, just as it is more convenient for the individual. Take up your usual asana, close your eyes, and think of your body as being hollow; furthermore, imagine that you are in the centre of a fiery ball that includes the whole universe. You have got to imagine the fire element red hot and bright, similar to the sun. You will feel the warmth on the periphery of your own body automatically in this imagination, because you already learned about this sensation in the chapter referring to projection. Doing this exercise you should perceive the expansion of the fire element within your body. You have to imagine that the universal fire element presses the light into your hollow body when expanding. The more intense and fiery you imagine the universal fire ball, the more light is pressed into your body through the pores of the skin from all directions, your whole body being loaded with light. You must perceive the pressure of the light inside your body, feeling it like a balloon swollen with light. The pressure of the light is supposed to go from the outside to the inside. At this moment you will experience the sensation of an unusual fullness, as if you were ready to burst. Go on breathing calmly while performing this exercise, because in this dynamic accumulation of light you will be tempted to hold your breath, which you must avoid doing.

As soon as you have produced so strong an accumulation of light, viz., a light dynamide, that your body is bursting, you will feel at the same moment that your whole body, mainly your fingertips, has been loaded with a strong electric current. Impress this perception very firmly on your mind, because this is actually the electric fluid I am talking about.”


“When after several practices you have achieved a certain skill in producing the electric fluid without difficulty, you may begin to perform a desire impregnation on the electric fluid. All you have to do is imagine that the light accumulated inside you, or better to say, the electric fluid contained in the light, reinforces and increases your active powers in the spirit, soul and body. In this manner you can arouse all the active faculties, qualities, etc., that are imputed to the fire element and the air element in yourself. You have the possibility, for example, to increase your will power, your faith, and your control of the element to a supernatural degree. It is indeed quite impossible to describe with mere words the range of power and strength achieved in this way, and you will be convinced of it best by your own experiences.”

In other words, the accumulation of the fire element reaches a saturation so great that it generates the electric fluid it transmutes into.

My adaptation of the Super Saiyan transformation technique performs the same but, instead of using the fire element, it makes use of the planetary oscillation of the Sun.

This is a golden light that, as it is being absorbed, turns white at the center, and far from the center it gradually becomes yellow and then golden. The light vibrates in an F tone and will have us gain dominion over all three bodies harmoniously.

We imagine the universe and our body filled with the light of the sun, golden-white. To know it perfectly we should travel to the Sun sphere, study its light and sound vibration, breathe inside it and fuse with the vibratory oscillation of this sphere, as well as practice with the original intelligences from this zone.

As the light fills us, we are imbued with divine grace, divine virtue and divine inspiration. As the saturation reaches its peak, we transit from our limited self to the very original source of our life on all three planes and of our individuality. The true inner self awakens and identification with forms ceases. The currents that compose us now act directly through the universe and our mind is completely enlightened.

The Seven Dragon Balls

The idea here is to utilize the seven crystal balls as metaphors for the seven planetary spheres, and to use them all together for the impregnation of wishes.

We will be impregnating the planetary oscillations one after the other so that we start with a dark violet sphere around us. We draw a light blue oscillation to its center to the point where it starts to shine as well around the dark violet light. To the center of the light blue inside the dark violet we draw the red ruby oscillation of Mars to a point where it now shines outside the light blue in the outer ridge, and so on. If you hold in your possession “A Guide to Sphere Quabbalah” you will do well to add the sound vibrations/tones.

We start with Saturn, whose dark violet light oscillation is very much simply the Akasha. The judging quality of Saturn takes place only when limited objects affect the timeless and spaceless quality of the akasha.

As we impregnate ourselves with the oscillation of the akasha we imagine our wish as a universal principle, devoid of specifics, relativizations, and limitations. It must appear spaceless and timeless, all-encompassing.

We add the light blue of Jupiter as absolute mastery over the four elements, the consequence of the akasha. Our wish must now be perceived in its absolute harmony.

We add the red ruby of Mars with the quality of acting without opposition, because now, through the akasha and magical equilibrium, we are so allowed. Our wish must be seen as an unbreakable and unstoppable force. Notice it is not yet a personal wish. It is still a principle, a universal expressed as force.

When we add the golden-white-yellow oscillation of the Sun, of which we have spoken in the previous exercise, we anchor the wish in the spirit and give it independent life.

The emerald green of Venus will give the wish expression and make it grow, and when we add the opalescent orange of Mercury we stay inside the wish in its absolute intellectual certainty. There must be no intellectual ambiguity about the wish.

Finally, when adding the silvery white violet of the Moonsphere we emotionally feel the wish as already realized. It becomes a personal event in the making.

The wish is fulfilled. In Dragon Ball, the gathering of the seven crystal balls allows for the evocation of a celestial dragon who fulfills wishes. I consider it the constellation Draco, of which I have written in my upcoming A Guide to Stellar Magic:

“Draco is the true ecliptic center (not the Sun) around which the Zodiacal Deities / constellations, our Earth and the planets revolve. The beings of Draco, generally speaking, work with the stream of living force producing in all groups which come under its direct influence a profound faculty for identification not with form or soul but with the principle of Universal Mind, pouring forth the so-called Sea of Wisdom, thus Draco has been called by the Kabalists the Tree of Life.

Draco represents unanimity in diversity and the key to the doorway of the eternal timeless realm. The person born under its Gamma star will likely interpret all personal phenomena in a universal light.”

In the Path of Ipsos Vol I, I write: “Draco will teach of time and eternity and all that stands between both,” and in The Inner Gateways of Lam, I have written: “It is by the sphere of Draco that the very stars can drink the blood of time and transform it into space.”

Cell’s Perfect Form

Cell’s Perfect form grants him regenerative abilities and allows him to produce Cell miniature versions of himself that are nearly as powerful as he is.

Now when we work with wish impregnations, we imagine the wish outside time and space so it reflects time and space in its image. From this reflection, we can build a solid house. But if we wish to start with the solid house, we must make use of the world we live in.

If you are a mature magician you know a seal can be a gateway to the effective powers, virtues and intelligence of a being. In other words, the seal is the being. When we project it, we are opening the world to the intoxication of this being. Where the seal is not, will be influenced by where the seal is. But also, where the seal is, will make everything else where the seal is not.

Like a wish, the influence of a being, when fulfilling a task, must be left without opposition in our cognition. Thus, I have come to multiply the seals to a point where every single perceived and unperceived particle or component of existence is marked and opened through the seal. The being then, moves the whole universe, and when the being finishes, we are left with a new universe.

© André Consciência
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Andre Consciencia at Perseus Arcane Academy

Andre Consciencia

Perseus Instructor, Author, Musician

André lives in Moita, Portugal and has been a dedicated practitioner of magic and mysticism for more than two decades.

He met Fraternitas Hermetica (an order based on the works of Franz Bardon) while still a minor and had an initiator that stood even after the order vanished. He also has worked with his old initiator for 20 years. He has experience of other magical systems such as AMORC, Order of Michael’s Grail (with roots on Dion Fortune), Thelemic Golden Dawn, Astrum Argentum, the Typhonian OTO and the OTOA-LCN.

André teaches neo-shamanism and has his own active group of practitioners. Aside from his shamanic path, which he puts to use as a simple way to reach the uninitiated, he has been through the hermetic magical systems of Franz Bardon, as well as through systems presented by Rosicrucian orders and Thelemic organizations, still being a member of the Chaorder of SilverDusk and a member of the Inner Council of the Horus Maat Lodge, in which he holds the Portuguse Nexus.

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1 month ago

Love the article! Dragon Ball Z is a inspiration to many of us on the path to self-cultivation and actualization.

I’d love a part two. Pop culture + esoterica are fun topics to explore and synthesize, especially from seasoned practitioners like André


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