Illuminating Kabbalah: Jake Green’s Approach to Franz Bardon’s Arcane Tradition


I’m thrilled to share with you this insightful interview with Jake Green about his approach to Kabbalah and the release of his comprehensive The Complete Universal Kabbalah Masterclass. The interview provides a wonderful glimpse into how Jake approaches the material and how the course can facilitate deep spiritual growth through attunements, community support, and practical application of Kabbalistic principles.

Whether you’re new to energy work or have already been practicing Franz Bardon’s teachings, this course offers a chance to dive deeper through community, mentorship, and direct transmission. The step-by-step curriculum guides you through attunements, theory, and practical integration tailored to your development. With an open heart, the instructor welcomes you to ask questions, share discoveries, and support others along the way.

There’s so much to explore in this rich spiritual tradition. I hope reading this interview sparks inspiration and excitement for your own Kabbalistic journey.


PAA: How is your course’s approach to Kabbalah different from Franz Bardon’s book, Sixty Skills kabbalah, Mark Rasmus‘ course or even the traditional approaches to Kabbalah?

My course on Kabbalah is deeply rooted in the Franz Bardon tradition of the “Key to the True Kabbalah,” which forms the foundation of the course as it is presented. Additionally, I have studded Kabbalah with both Mark Rasmus and Sixty skills, so they both have a great influence on my course. 

Before I first started making this course, there was zero people online offering Kabbalah transmissions. Not long after recording the first videos of the course, Sixty Skills started offering transmissions, so I felt good about pausing my course idea. Originally, I aimed to create this course as a means of posterity, incase the means to gain access to this tradition were suddenly inaccessible through the in-person transmission experiences I had the benefit of being a part of. Later on, I had requests from some members of the Evocation/Invocation masterclass to release the Kabbalah course as they were looking for the next course experience to help transform their practice. 

While Bob Smith and I are good friends and knew that we each had been working on a Kabbalah course for some time, we gave each other no notice of when we were going to release our courses. Out of all spiritual or magical topics that could have made or have ever been made, Bob and I just so happened to independently have completed not just a normal course but Complete Masterclasses in Kabbalah with 24 hours of each other. It appears the universe wanted far more people to be initiated into Kabbalah as possible. Over several years, we have spent time over the span of several years to our separate visions of what a Kabbalah Masterclass would be like.

What I feel sets my course apart is its focus on using a magnificent tapestry of Kabbalistic colors and transmissions alongside a versatile framework. This framework is intended to foster creativity and personalization in your spiritual journey, allowing you to weave the teachings into the fabric of your life in a way that resonates with you uniquely. What I have observed is that Kabbalah practitioners will have certain kabbalistic letters and formulas that most resonate with their path of service and their path of spiritual ascension.

PAA: What unique aspects does your course offer?

My course provides a framework to allow folks to experience all of the kabbalistic letters and to choose two paths: the path of specialization and the path of greater mastery. 

Most people will fall into the camp of using Kabbalah through specialization. They will have their favorite effects that are optimal for their spiritual work or personal fulfillment and focus on those letters. So far, my personal use cases fall more into this category. This is also for people who may not want to dedicate to gaining 1000+ hours of kabbalistic work with every letter and instead may be more interested in spending 10+ hours with every letter, and determining from there what letters & combinations most resonate with their spirit.  For these individuals, I have the 10-hour Kabbalah challenge waiting for them.

Then there is the path of greater mastery: the folks who truly wish to master Kabbalah. These are the individuals who are willing to make great sacrifices in their personal lives, lifestyle, and commitments so that they may in time gain Kabbalistic mastery to the fullest peak as described by Bardon. While I know a few individuals who are like this, they are not the norm and choose to practice kabbalah over many other amenities or conveniences.  For individuals who are interested in exploring this path but are still not quite sure, I have created the 100 hour Kabbalah challenge, so they may experience the threshold of what it is like to work towards mastery over all of the Kabbalistic letter.  (Please note at this time, the 10 & 100-hour Kabbalah challenges are still in beta and are not yet complete.) 

I love both Bob Smith and Mark Rasmus’ approach = to Kabbalah and am personally enrolled in all of their Kabbalah-related courses. I have practiced kabbalah 1-1 with both of them in person and have spent countless hours with each of them discussing kabbalah-related matters. Because of that, I can safely say that while many features overlap because I am part of what the Author Walter Issacson would call a “scenious”, certain people will appreciate my own distinct take on this new approach to this artform and the relationship they will build with me throughout the course. 

PAA: What are the key benefits for students in taking your comprehensive Kabbalah course compared to just reading Franz Bardon’s book on their own?

White some students can make great strides learning the Franz Bardon framework on their own if they have had prior experience working with magical groups or have had prior initiation through another system, then they are at a great advantage to ease their way into the framework. However, this is not the case for most practitioners today, who at best, have books or online pen pals through forums and, as of the time of writing, Facebook groups. While nobody needs a teacher or coach, it is often the most time-efficient and personally effective thing you can ensure to have growth in your life. That is why I have recently offered up coaching services, where people can book a discovery call with me, and I create a custom-tailored plan to help them progress precisely where they are experiencing pain points in their life and see if we are a good fit to working more extensively one-on-one with each other. If not, I will point people in the right direction and set them up for greater success.

When you enroll in a course, you are committing yourself to a certain outcome that you wish to attain in your life. What is great about my Kabbalah courses is that there are so many distinct transmission, attunements, and frequencies to connect with, that you can be ensured that you will be intrigued, engaged, and entertained as you are going throughout the entire course experience.   

The problem with books is that while they have been the most sufficient means of transporting knowledge globally for the past ~600 years, they are, in one sense, the lowest bandwidth way of transmitting esoteric energies. While that may seem contrary, as it is technically the most efficient way of transmitting means, tons of data and information is lost in the translation from author to text. In a literal sense, a spiritual textbook may only be in kilobytes or a few megabytes as stored digital data. Videos, however, can be gigabytes. Between a readable transcript, being able to listen to audio and watch video, you are able to gain the maximum amount of data through means other than your ability to intellectualize text. This means that for energy work like kabbalah, far less of the actual information is lost in translation, and  instead of having to suffer through years of pathworking alone, quite quickly with enough energy sensitivity, you are able to connect with these kabbalistic frequencies. Because energy transmissions are so effective, I feel that if I don’t share these transmissions, I would be gatekeeping them from others who would benefit. So, it is out of the spirit of generosity that I share these transmissions that, until very recently thanks to the works of Mark Rasmus and Bob Smith, would simply be unavailable. It appears that Clint Sabom has recently announced that he will be offering some Akasha and kabbalistic transmissions, which is inspiring to see this spirit of sharing taking place.  

I sincerely appreciate folks who approach the framework traditionally they have all of my respect and they are entirely valid in their approach, just as much as I find validity in approaching this path unconventionally. I love how this community has taken great strides, and more people than others are gaining incredible results.  For folks who believe that approaching this work at an accelerated pace is unacceptable, I invite you to explore where that belief may have come from, and whether that is true for everyone, or perhaps more so for yourself. Bardon is famously known for having initiated one of his students in Evocation practice within 3 days of first meeting them (please correct me if I am wrong) and for those who choose to learn and practice entirely on their own, it may be true that it takes years and years to progress in this work. As Henry Ford famously said, “whether you believe you can or can’t you are right”  

PAA: Can you explain the attunements and energy transmissions included in your course? How do these help facilitate spiritual growth for students?

All of the single letter keys are included in the Kabbalah Course at this time, and more multi-letter keys will be added soon. 

I will present this from two perspectives: one, that of the more modern psychological perspective, and the other a spiritual perspective

From a scientific perspective, think of mirror neurons – the brain cells that fire not only when you perform an action but also when you observe someone else doing the same. Watching my Kabbalah attunements can activate these neurons, creating an empathetic resonance within you. Your brain mirrors the experience, even though you are not physically partaking in it and we are not physically in the same room together.

This mirroring effect can lead to neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new connections in the brain. By viewing and engaging with the attunements in the videos, you’re essentially training your brain to recognize and replicate the energetic patterns being presented in the Kabbalah videos. Over time or even after a single session, this can result in a deeper internalization of the Kabbalistic energies, changing how you perceive and interact with the world on an energetic level. This will allow you to identify and recognize different manifestations of these kabbalistic frequencies in everyday life. 

On a spiritual level, you can look at the attunement videos as conduits for different layers of energy through the akasha principle. Just as an old, sacred relic might carry the essence of a saint, enabling believers to feel a connection despite centuries and distance, the attunement video serves as a vessel for Kabbalistic energy. This energy transcends the limitations of time and space through the Akasha principle, robustly reaching the viewer. If you are able to produce Akasha succinctly enough, you can experience it similarly to a live session in-person. Except it would be you supplying the energy and your spirit is bringing down the frequency of the letters.

In the same way that a prayer or mantra is believed to carry a vibration that aligns the spirit with a higher frequency, the attunements in the video are encoded with vibrational patterns. These patterns can resonate with your own energy field, initiating a process of spiritual synchronization. When you open yourself up to this experience, it’s like tuning a radio to the right frequency – you become attuned and start to resonate with the spiritual energies the Kabbalah teachings aim to impart. This is also how the attunement processes work in my Evocation/Invocation Masterclass.

PAA: What type of community and support system is available for students in your Kabbalah Masterclass? How does this help with the learning process?

Students have access to me, my personal Telegram, as well as through Perseus or Mystery College. I am well known for answering any and every question, even if it is well outside of the scope of the course, I can bridge topics and how they relate to spiritual practice. 

People in the Kabbalah group also can connect with each other. I have a special introduction section of the course where I invite people to introduce themselves, and meet with other community members to practice if they wish. I even invite people to teach and share with each other about Kabbalah if they feel inclined to, as I don’t gatekeep anything and love supporting people however far they want to take this practice. If I don’t feel someone is ready, I will gently let them know and provide them the most sufficient and effective steps to get there in a timely manner, tailored to their specific development and individual needs.  

PAA: How much emphasis does your course place on the practical application of Kabbalah principles in daily life compared to more theoretical approaches?

At this exact time in my life, I tend to use Kabbalah more practically and even for more mundane tasks–– Letter A to write this long-form letter, Letter K to summon the focus to complete this letter in one sitting, Letter Z when exercising, Letter E when dissolving any energetic obstacles that come up, and Letter Ö when I quickly want to connect with light and raise my vibration. If I feel the need to come back to equilibrium or am experiencing astral/mental static, I connect with the letter “F” or connect with the Four mother letters of Kabbalah to create a quadrupolar magnet if I need to. 

While my course provides extensive theory and insight into the practice, I also make sure that there are plenty, and I mean plenty, of ways that you can directly apply this work in your life. I have a template for members to brainstorm ways of applying every kabbalah letter in their lives in over 128 different ways. Of course, we keep it more simple than that to start.

PAA: How is the curriculum structured in your course? What are the step-by-step learning modules that students can expect?

Presently, the course starts off with an introduction and mindset section and some of the reasons why this course is created, why this course matters for spiritual development.  

Then we hop straight into some basic introductory exercises from Franz Bardon’s IIH, just to see how we are measuring up. While it’s recommended to be at step 8 or above, you can still be enriched by connecting with kabbalah at any stage –– depending on your level of spiritual maturity and baseline sensitivity. If you are able to pass step 3 and above or you can create a qi ball, then that is plenty to get started in this course or my Evocation/Invocation (although I wouldn’t recommend you do evocation before step 8, invoking the light of different planetary spheres or spirits in PME with careful guidance and proper transmissions to buffer adverse side effects is acceptable for many students)  

You will also be introduced to some valuable tools that will deeply enhance your Kabbalah experience. 

After that, you will be introduced into the introductory transmissions, Akasha and Non-dual light. You will then be attuned to the Light of the Kabbalist and be connected with the spirit founder of this form of Kabbalah, Levem (spirit #42 in the sunsphere). Additionally, you will be connected to the Letter H as your initial Kabbalistic letter into Kabbalah. Letter H is the master key to help you gain mastery over all of the other letters.  

After that, we will go over all of the single-letter Keys through their theory and their transmission. 

Then we will take a look at some multi-letter keys

And then we go over some bonus resources in the course

And when you feel ready, there is always the Epic 10-Hour and Legendary 100-hour Kabbalah Challenges to take on as entirely distinct bonus courses for enrolling in this Masterclass.

I also have a section dedicated entirely to questions and requests made by members of our course community, so there are virtually endless possibilities for Kabbalah topics for us to explore together. If something feels like its missing or could be improved, then I promise it won’t be for long!

PAA: What Western/Hermetic Kabbalah traditions and teachings does your course focus on? How are these selections made? Does it break out of the Kabbalah that Franz Bardon exposed us to, or does it reinterpret this?

The way that I am approaching this Kabbalah course remains within the scope of the Key to the True Kabbalah and the oral kabbalah system that I was initiated in. Depending on student requests, we may explore outside the scope of Franz Bardon’s kabbalah, but not until we have covered every last thing we can that’s in Franz Bardon’s works.

PAA: Can you explain the instructor’s qualifications and expertise for teaching this course? How were you trained in Kabbalah? (We can also refer to previous interviews etc.)

My site, provides a portfolio of projects, courses books, and other resources that I have created that demonstrate credibility through hard work, sweat, diligence, and an insatiable desire to help people progress with their spiritual practices. I have provided 1000s of Reiki attunements, with countless testimonials. Other people who are currently teaching Kabbalah are more than twice my age, but this is also my advantage–– I’m proud to say that because I can do this at my age, I know I can help you get to my same level with far greater efficiency without the heartache. I also hope that I can be more approachable and perhaps relatable, as I truly believe so many people can do this work if they have a little more faith and have the humility to try committing. to a different approach  

PAA: How do you recommend students integrate your Kabbalah Masterclass with other related courses or materials for a well-rounded education?

Doing the Evocation/Invocation course with the Kabbalah/Qabalah course is very synergistic, and they complement each other extraordinarily well. They both enhance and inform one another in practice. Because of this, I encourage curious practitioners to enroll in both courses. Previous members from my invocation course are eligible to receive a small discount! Feel free to message me Or James at Perseus Academy about this discount.  My Reiki Course is great for those who are starting out or want a deep dive into energy healing. For those who purchase both courses, I can provide a module on Energy healing with different kabbalistic frequencies and go in-depth for your specific use cases.  

The Sixty Skills Kabbalah Course is also great. I am a member of it and can absolutely recommend it as a fantastic resource, as Bob Smith is an excellent, highly practical teacher. He also does live kabbalah transmissions, which would be a very helpful adjuncturary practice. I Heard Clint Sabborn is going to do some kabbalah transmissions, so stay tuned on that. I love Mark Rasmus’ Key to the Kabbalah Course, and I was present for nearly all lecture recordings. Mark Ramus’ course is available on Mystery College, and, hopefully, Perseus Academy sometime soon! I haven’t taken Ray Del Soles Kabbalah course, but I have heard good things and love his writings on the subject. I think Andre Consciencia has some Kabbalah work in his ceremonial magick course as well, I’d love to explore more of Andre’s work and visit with him next time I’m in Europe. Maybe do some experimental theatre work with his company and participate in one of his plays…  William Mistelle is a beautiful poet, and many of his words move my heart, and his commentaries on kabbalah are no exception. Martin Faulks’ videos on Giordano Bruno’s memory wheels are super helpful for Kabbalah. I am not as crafty as he is, but making a physical memory wheel of kabbalstic letters is something I’ve been playing around with. It is extremely effective to experiment with different letter combinations and I have a similar lecture in my course around the multi-letter key. You can absolutely create a memory wheel in your head, though and use that to experiment with different kabbalistic letters. Rawn Clark’s contributions to Kabbalah are invaluable, and his books are amazing and connect with Traditional Hebrew Kabbalah as well. I have more to learn from Clark’s Kabbalistic work. Phil Rice seems to be coming onto the scene and sharing some gold nuggets of knowledge about Kabbalah. And I love reading Victoria Amadea’s posts, she is a great Kabbalist and a beautiful writer. I hope for more wonderful female leaders like Victoria in our community.

I am confident there are many more amazing resources, and this is only the start of things that come from off the top of my head. 

We are exceedingly lucky to have such a generous community to all help each other out in our own special ways. 

PAA: For someone who as the equivalent skills of step 8 in IIH, what are the benefits for them to getting involved? Also, same question to someone just starting their journey, is this the best place to start?

You can absolutely start here so long as you are able to feel reiki energy, build a chi ball, or able to do the step 1 exercises. So long as you keep developing your basic skills, as that is usually the main bottleneck. You will still gain a lot from this course and the seeds will be planted, but it may take more time and life experience for those seeds to germinate and for you take in the full gifts that kabbalah has to offer. If you are at step 8, then you will feel the blessings and gifts of kabbalah at a greater and more meaningful capacity immediately, as you will be better able to honor the sacredness of the work and hold reverence in your heart for the lifelong gifts that Kabbalah has to offer. 

PAA: Anything else you would like to share?

I love you all with an open heart and wish you the absolute best! It’s my privilege to be of service to your journey and to be a part of it in any little way I can. I send you prayers and gratitude toward your successful journey! 

PAA: Huge thanks to Jake Green for his generous sharing.

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