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Intuition, Cosmic Letters and Living with Wolves: An Interview with Julia Griffin

From this point, I realized that I knew about the future and aspects of life that other people—even my parents—couldn’t perceive. I felt very different from other people and spent much of my time in nature and with animals. (Fortunately, my family was very loving despite their lack of understanding.)

Today we have Julia joining us on the blog. We are very grateful for Julia spending the time to answer these questions in detail. She brings with her a lifetime of practice, an active inner life from a young age resulting in deeply meaningful relationships with Wolves in her adult life. I highly suggest checking out her beautiful site to learn more about how she works with the universe and how she can help you bring these energies into your own life. She can help you in a multitude of ways with services such as direct coaching and intuitive counselling, not only that she has her own Radio Show where she discusses a range of subjects with experienced guests. So, it is safe to say we are extremely lucky to have such a talented guest on our blog.

Previously this year Julia did a free event for Perseus Arcane Academy – I have posted the video of this event at the end of the interview, so be sure to check it out.

If you would like to learn more about what Julia is doing you can visit her site here.

PAA: When did you become aware of your intuitive abilities?

Julia: It became obvious when I was 4 years old. I dreamed of a little white pony with a red saddle and bridle that would arrive around lunch time on the following day.

The next morning, I told my parents about my dream. I explained that I would wait in the yard until the pony arrived. So, I sat beneath the green trees, breathed in the smell of summer, and watched the motion of the wind as I waited.

When the pony had not been delivered by lunchtime, my parents asked if I would come in and have lunch with them. “No, I’m waiting for my pony,” I responded.

My mother touched my arm, telling me it was just a dream. It wasn’t real. My father said it was okay if the pony didn’t come. They didn’t want me to feel disappointed. Nevertheless, I continued looking for the pony.

An hour later, a truck and a trailer with a white pony pulled into our driveway. A short man, wearing jeans and boots, exited the truck. “I have a delivery for Julia Griffin. Her grandfather sent the pony as a surprise present.”

The pony whinnied. My parents looked shocked. My father laughed and said, “I don’t guess you have a little red saddle and bridle, too?” The man looked at the cab of his truck. “Yes, sir, I do. How did you know?”

From this point, I realized that I knew about the future and aspects of life that other people—even my parents—couldn’t perceive. I felt very different from other people and spent much of my time in nature and with animals. (Fortunately, my family was very loving despite their lack of understanding.)

PAA: How did you develop your abilities?

Julia: I’ve meditated almost every day since I was twenty. Meditation gives great peace and calm. I’m an empath, and it helps with emotional detachment as well as greater understanding of energy. Also, I love the connection when I can feel universal energies and nature. (I usually meditate outdoors.)

Over the years, I’ve studied Taoism, Chinese philosophy, Vedic, Chinese, and American herbology, Reiki, alchemy, Tibetan Dream Yoga, Native American and Greek mythology, and Hermetics—and many more aspects of spirituality.

Through this study, I discovered many similarities such as the great flood (Noah) many references to the descent into duality (the story of Eden). The ancient philosophies and systems of study attempt to lead us into awakening, the place of higher frequency in which duality is resolved. In this place, we discover the presence of inner or true self.

PAA: You lived with wolves. How did their presence affect your life?

Julia: Six months before I met them, I realized awakening was the point of my studies. I had a moment of illumination when I saw the light beneath all physical form. I knew a teacher follows enlightenment, and I began praying for a teacher and greater awakening.

Soon after, I met the wolves through a local breeder of hybrid wolves. My gifts immediately began to surface. I could hear the wolves talk as people do—clearly and loudly in succinct sentences. I could also hear them remotely if they had a message for me.

I was fascinated by the wolves and spent time with them whenever I could. Over time, I came to hear all animals, plants, and eventually people—and their unspoken thoughts. I learned the language of the heart, which all creatures and humans speak, and I found my inner self.

I think this was the magical truth I’d searched for during the years of study. Eventually, I knew the wolves were my teachers, which followed the lightning flash of my enlightenment.

PAA: Can you share more about the wolves?

Julia: The wolves taught about energy, which they viewed as the most important commodity on the planet. They were most interested in energy that aligned with the soul and the earth, which made people “real” or not real in their opinion.

They also taught me to read and see energy, which was empowering as an empath. I learned many of my strong reactions in life related to the energy of others, geographical locations, etc.

If energy aligns with your soul, it’s very powerful and beautiful.

PAA: How did you become interested in the Cosmic Alphabet?

Julia: I was introduced by a friend to the hosts or angels of the earth zone, and I began reading The Practice of Magical Evocation by Franz Bardon.

I could feel the power of angelic presence when I called them by meditating on their names. I had studied angels earlier, and I certainly felt their energy. The angels of the earth zone gave specific attunements and answers. I studied their names, chose a few of them, and repeated this frequently. (I usually repeat a name, including the letters and reflection on the energy, 9 to 10 times in a single meditation.)

I also taught them in class, and my students wanted to know about the letters. Actually, we felt the letters, which piqued my curiosity and led to the study of Bardon’s Key to the True Quaballah.

In short, the book is a translation of Hebrew letters into English. It confirmed many of the sensations that we’d experienced in practicing evocation with letters.

The book contains amazing information, but it’s also dense. I chose not to teach 3 or 4 paragraphs about each letter because study of the main points was adequate in feeling and experiencing the alphabet. I reduced the information to only a few words or sentences.

Each letter is a color and contains a virtue. It’s also felt in a particular part of the body. For example, the letter Ai is light blue, it brings ease and contentment, and it’s felt in the lung area when we receive its energy. It can quiet agitation or anger. It also heals inflammation in the body.

As I studied and taught, I discovered the color of the letters can be “sent” intuitively or consciously to change moods, thoughts, and may alter events. That’s a powerful outcome for a 2-minute focus on a letter.

I want to share this condensed but effective use of the letters, which changes the self, brings a positive flow of life, and healing.

PAA: After the discovery of Franz Bardon’s work did you ever look at Initiation into Hermetics?

Julia: Yes, I read it about 10 years ago. Like all of his work, it opens the door to many of the processes of the soul—and is an incredible text.

Having said this, I was more strongly called to KTQ and PME, which I have read many times.

PAA: Do you prefer passively working with the spirits of PME or have you also visited them in their respective spheres?

Julia: Traveling to the spheres is a receptive way of receiving knowledge, which I have practiced with Mercury and Venus. I also practice by spelling the name of an earth group or spirit.

I prefer to call the spirits “angels” or “beings” for each of the 360 degrees of the earth sphere. It’s a zone of energy that girds the earth. This zone beams into the earth 360 messages containing our divine blueprint. There is an angelic name for each of the 360 degrees of the astrological wheel which forms this circle. Each degree of the zodiac is ruled by a higher and divine energy in the zone girdling the earth, and there are positive insights and powers that are associated with each of these beings.

The angelic beings are invoked through meditation on the letters of their names, which interpret into color, sound, qualities, or energy. These angelic names are ancient energetic teachings presented as astrological information, involving meditative material that includes color, virtues or qualities, sound, and parts of the body, and their names are then evoked through letters of the alphabet according to Kabala. The angelic group can be evoked through focusing or meditating on the qualities of the letters, comprising the angelic name—or the power associated with the name and point. Each letter is the expression of a color, frequency, and virtue.

The names are like a radio band; they transmit specific energies to us. By tuning into an angelic name, we choose a specific frequency for attunement. The names are powerful representations of a perfect blueprint of a desired state. We evoke (call forth) the angels or beings who can open our hearts to receive insights, abundance, clarity and release lower energy.

As with angels, we can call on these spirits for help, understanding, or pure energy to alter our current state of being. This method seems to work well for both beginners and seasoned practitioners. (At this point in our evolution, the divine help and blueprint is needed, and the response is quick and reassuring.)

PAA: The work of KTQ can seem very daunting so do you feel this condensed approach to the letters will allow students who might otherwise be put off by the daunting look of Franz Bardon’s work to feel comfortable enough to begin the work and start to see results?

Julia: Having read Helena Blavatsky, Manly P. Hall’s The Secret Teachings of All Ages, and many alchemical texts in the past, I know it’s important to meditate on a text, to read it many times, and ask the universe to give knowledge where it is lacking.

For example, in alchemical texts, information will be misplaced, or one symbol will be incorrectly substituted for another. It’s impossible to accurately read the text without the help of the universe or the Divine, which requires meditation, prayer, and reflection on light, love, and the text itself. This type of understanding comes in either a gestalt, sudden understanding or a series of slow perceptions.

I feel that’s very important that we make these leaps of consciousness. If they are successful, then one gains knowledge, which should be shared to help others gain consciousness and light—such as your and Tanya’s work with Falcon Books Publishing and Perseus Academy.

Although the teachings are quite profound, I have successfully taught them in a simple, modern way to over 250 students, who can easily send and transmit light and work with the names in PME after their study with me.

The value of the letters and colors is that they are very specific. The practitioner does not simply send love and light. They can send a quality and color (light blue) such as ease and contentment to themselves and others.

The practice aids with mastery of emotions, development of higher thought, and manifestation of a better spiritual/physical life.

It’s fascinating to note that the beings of the spheres and the letters actually transmit their qualities and information to those who commit to more serious study. They reveal their energies through a longer, personal study. (Thank you, Franz Bardon, for the amazing material!)

This approach improves people’s lives, and I’ve seen it firsthand.

PAA: What advice do you have for those just starting out? What exercises/practices/contemplations should be their focus in the early days?

Julia: Light, universal love, meditation, and the heart are wonderful foci for beginning students.

We could focus on the feeling and immensity of universal love. It is profound. Everyone has light, love, and beauty within them. Notice what you love in life, notice its goodness, and resolve to expand it. (Universal love unites us and opens our consciousness and heart to greater possibility.)

Many texts comment on the value of understanding the heart space, which is the center of the chakra system. The heart connects to the inner self through which we hear truth, the universe, and the inner self. It is a way of connecting to the soul and the inner path. As we become more aware of the heart, it acts as a north star, indicating when we’re aligned with our path and inner direction. We can also radiate love to ourselves, others, and the world from the heart.

Light is a beautiful source of energy, inspiration, and guidance. I usually focus on light and breath before moving more deeply into my meditation. Used correctly, it heals and lifts us into higher consciousness.

Commit to meditating for 5-10 minutes each day as a beginning student. It doesn’t matter if it seems to work or not. The practice is uplifting and creates change. Eventually, it will take you where you want to go.

Also, I would say to use your imagination. How would life look and feel if you lived on a higher, more spiritual vibration? What are the changes you’d like to experience? Imagine the answers in detail and practice asking similar questions often.

PAA: Could you share anything about a possible course on Perseus?

Julia: The course would act as an introduction to Bardon’s alphabet and the name of the beings/angels in PME. Every name begins with a vowel or consonant, associated with one of the five elements. The study includes an understanding of each element, a few exercises with the element, the letters belonging to the element such as earth, and how to put them together. Additionally, we’ll study the use of letters and names to manifest health, abundance, clarity, love, and other desirable qualities.

We study the elements because the five elements of earth, water, air, fire, and akasha are within us. Through this study, we understand ourselves on a deeper letter. Understanding the grouping of elements and letters increases the ability to use the letter and names in a versatile manner.

Beyond this, we’ll take a look at how the letters and names may help on the spiritual path.

PAA: Are there any areas/subjects that you feel are important that you would like to mention here?

Julia: Yes, I’d like to share information from the wolves. They believed that the world was once harmonious, our hearts were open, and it was easy to create whatever was needed. Then, we traveled through a long period of forgetting our gifts, how to commune with nature and the universe, and how to use our gifts.

They believe a new time of remembering and awakening our gifts is at hand. From this perspective, I urge everyone to spend a small portion of each day with an intention of awakening their gifts and following their hearts.

I dream of a magical, beautiful time for humanity. Every effort counts.

PAA: Many thanks for your time in answering these questions.

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