Unveiling the Masterclasses: Jake Zenn’s Illuminating Journey into Hermetics, Evocation, and Kabbalah

Jake is someone who I discovered first when his and Sifu Mark Rasmus amazing book was released ‘Backdoor into Hermetics‘, honestly if you wish to follow Franz Bardon’s teachings you owe it to yourself to have this in the library. Jake I feel was instrumental in getting this book out in the format that it is, he ensured it is a useful tool to students rather than just an info overload.

I then after some conversations worked with Jake to put ‘The Complete Evocation and Invocation Masterclass’ on Perseus v1. During this process I got exposed to the way Jake approaches the subject matter, how he attunes students to the knowledge, sphere or spirit that is to come and how he applies the knowledge. This was a game changer for many as it opened up what many thought was years or decades away and provided a means to work directly with these entities while still developing other skills.

Since then, we have gone on to host more of Jakes courses which are characterized by huge value first and foremost as he has recreated what is often taught in person via his courses which obviously would involve added expense of travel, accommodation etc and he constantly adds new material to these courses with plans going forward for each course.

So, these are a great way to get access to material which though works with and is associated with Franz Bardons books, it is really a quite different application on some areas especially when it comes to partner work and body work (These two components being hugely valuable in developing potency). Providing you access to material often taught one on one or on small groups where you can get experience of bringing these energies down and seeing the effect on a partner or on ourselves if not partners are available.

I think these courses will slowly be known to more and more people as many may not yet be familiar with Jake but slowly people will realize this is the guy that not only has spent more time than probably any of us (correct me if I am wrong) with Sifu Mark, via intensive training times, camp after camp going through the curriculum with a vast array of practitioners all with their own decades of experience. So, Jake is in a unique position to have been exposed to so much for so long and now via these Masterclasses he is sharing it with the same directness and clarity as seen in the aforementioned book that he co-wrote with Sifu Mark Rasmus.

The Complete Universal Initiation into Hermetics Masterclass

Jake Zenn offers a Masterclass that explores the hermetic tradition outlined in Franz Bardon’s influential work “Initiation into Hermetics.” Rather than treating Bardon’s book as a strict doctrine, he emphasizes direct personal experience and individual exploration.

In this Masterclass, Bardon’s training manual serves as a flexible framework that participants can build upon. he guides practitioners through practical exercises to deepen their understanding of hermetic principles. His approach encourages adapting the teachings to one’s unique circumstances.

The core premise is that each person’s journey within the hermetic tradition will be different. he aims to facilitate finding one’s authentic path rather than promoting a one-size-fits-all method. Participants can expect to gain insights into ancient hermetic wisdom while developing their own personal practice as Jake offers a multitude of ways to achieve something and a variety of methods and currents that once the energetics are understood can be incorporated into our training.

By undertaking this experiential Masterclass, students have the opportunity to cultivate self-knowledge and inner development according to the hermetic arts. The goal is embodying these principles in a modern context through guided activities and personal introspection.

Overall, this Hermetics Masterclass offers a personalized entry point into the rich teachings of the Franz Bardon hermetic tradition, fusing theory with applied knowledge under the guidance of an experienced practitioner. It is a huge course and brings much of Jakes history working with a multitude of high-level practitioners around the world to the students.

The Complete Evocation and Invocation Masterclass

The Complete Evocation and Invocation Masterclass – a hands-on exploration into the magical arts of evocation and invocation. Led by Jake Zenn, an experienced magician and teacher, this comprehensive course moves beyond mere theory to provide actionable steps for effective magical work.

Unlike many more traditional approaches to the subject matter, his Masterclass doesn’t get bogged down in intellectual discourse. Instead, it equips participants with time-tested techniques for safely evoking and invoking a wide range of spiritual entities, from geniuses and universal intelligences to planetary muses.

But the true power lies in the transmissions Jake provides for putting you int contact with various spirits and planets themselves, enhancing one’s ability to forge deeper connections and work more intimately with these forces.

Participants can expect not only to understand the mechanics of evocation and invocation on an intellectual level but to develop real skills in manifesting magical results. This immersive experience offers a rare opportunity to learn directly from a master practitioner.

Now if you feel you are not quite up to Step 8 of Franz Bardons first book then not to worry, Jake addresses this and creates a pathway for people to develop the required skills at the beginning of this course. This gets you to a point fairly quickly where you can make use of all the resources to further develop yourself. So as long as you can create an energy ball between your palms then you can do this course. The barrier to entry has been removed in a safe and responsible way.

The Complete Universal Kabbalah Masterclass

Jake Zenn’s approach to the ancient tradition of Kabbalah is fresh and immediately applicable. In this masterclass, he dives deep into the arcane teachings, drawing from the wisdom of Franz Bardons thrid book ‘Key to the True Quabbalah’.

His course on Kabbalah is a valuable resource for anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of this esoteric tradition. Whether a novice or an experienced practitioner, he unveils not only how to move on from step 8 of Franz Bardons first book but also shows how to approach Kabbalah as someone who has not reached this step 8 level, he shows how to take simple exercises and layer them until you start working the Kabbalah letters. He makes what is deeply profound achievable for anyone with a sincere desire for this work.

Through practical exercises and in-depth teachings, participants can expect to gain not only intellectual knowledge but also and, in my opinion, most importantly a deeper experiential understanding of the kabbalistic mysteries. This immersive masterclass offers a rare opportunity to learn from someone who has worked directly with very experienced teachers over years in a live-in teacher student relationship. This is rare these days.

Honestly, in the Internal Arts they often say the younger teachers are where students can really learn as these teachers are passionate and ready to share, I think the same can be said here with Jake, yes he is comparatively young but he has had a very unique opportunity to spend so long with the best, to work alongside them and to become a peer rather than a student to this group.


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