Life Force Mastery and Franz Bardons Hermetics: Interview with Dinesh

A warm welcome to Dinesh, we share in a teacher Sifu Mark Rasmus so I am aware of a lot of the training, I am also aware just how good Dinesh is because he makes a lot of this Hermetic training seem effortless but I know from personal experience the hard work required behind the scenes to get to this point. He has done magnificent job. If you enjoy this interview then please let us know in the comments and follow the work of Dinesh via the links provided at the end of post.

Life Force Mastery

PAA: Thank you for joining us. Please introduce yourself and how you found this path. 

Dinesh: Hi Guys, I’m Dinesh Kumar. 

I would say that I’ve been seeking spiritual guidance and knowledge for as long as I can remember (since I was a teen) and always had a yearning to understand the nature of our reality, the reason for my being, and the overall objective of this so called “game of life”. 

I searched far and wide, practiced all sorts of systems in order to uncover answers to the many questions I had… but was never really satiated as none of the systems, scientific, esoteric, religious or spiritual, seemed to address this path from a holographic perspective and required high levels of conformity to doctrines, traditions, blind beliefs or outright hierarchies. 

But I needed more. I needed to find answers that would actually teach me practical methods on how to reach my personal and spiritual aspirations, minus all the hurdles, hierarchies and mis-information. 

I came across Franz Bardon’s work in 2008 through my martial arts teacher, but it was only 3 years ago, I had a breakthrough and all dots that seemed to misfit prior to this, started to connect… this was when I was introduced to the teachings of Sifu Mark Rasmus. 

PAA: Having studied with Sifu Mark Rasmus in the past I recognise not only what you are doing but also how well you have integrated it. Very impressive. Can you discuss your training with Sifu Mark.

Dinesh: Thank you for the compliments James. One of the reasons why Sifu Mark’s students have such exponential growth rates, I believe, is attributed to his openness and transparency with which he shares his knowledge, wisdom and expertise. This is in contrast to other systems which are enveloped in secrecy, misdirection and misinformations, which impacts the growth rate of students. This is one of the most profound attributes that I believe, sets Sifu Mark apart from other grandmasters and I think it is clear in the skills that not only he is able to demonstrate but his students likewise.

My training with Sifu Mark began through his online courses, which then took me across the globe where I trained with him full time, intensive for a year. Over the course of the year we went through his whole teaching curriculum which included Elastic Force Qi Kung, Intrinsics Energies of Martial Arts, Hermetics, Practice of Magical Evocation, Keys to the True Kabbalah and the Teacher’s Training. 

PAA: Do you work with the more meditative side of the arts also? If so, how do you assist students in the following:

  • Vacancy of Mind
  • Visualization
  • Experiencing the Elements
  • Transfer of Consciousness

Dinesh: The main focus of my practice is to uncover the nature of reality, so my training involves many different aspects including the meditative practices as well as martial and physical training. 

Martial arts has been a big part of my life for over 15 years, so it is the vehicle that allows for me to pressure test and refine the skills that I develop through my meditative practise. 

This is also something that is profoundly different with Sifu Marks system, as there is a way to test, measure, refine & reproduce skills that are built and cultivated. He’s literally made it fail proof if you understand the principles and follow the process. 

With my students: my main form of teaching skills is through direct transmissions. This enables the student to know WHAT to pay attention to and then they need to own it and build immunity and power in the frequency. 

  1. Vacancy of Mind: the easiest way to achieve vacancy of mind is through  direct transmission of Akasha. This is different from the approach outlined by Bardon where you would go through a linear progression of thought observation, thought concentration and then access thought vacancy, which is a more challenging approach to achieve the objective of emptiness. As the frequency of emptiness is Akasha, when a practitioner or student experience this frequency, it becomes clear what to pay attention to and hence we are reverse engineering the process to gain access to vacancy of the mind in a more direct approach. This is the most efficient way to gain access to Akasha, and therefore, vacancy of mind. 
  2. Visualisation: there are many different methods for developing visualisation skills, but the method that I teach is vital breathing into an image which starts to animate or bring to life the image in your minds eye. In saying this, I have also used and taught Kabbalah letters to enhance and develop this aspect of visualisation and clairvoyance. 
  3. Elements: The easiest way to experience elemental frequencies (apart from receiving a direct transmission/feeling), is to become a resonant tuning fork within the three bodies. Meaning, aligning your physical, astral and mental mechanics through using the principle of resonance to the frequency of each element. Once the practitioner/student has gained access to the feeling and stabilised their mind within the frequency, we then anchor that further through transmitting the frequency to a training partner. 
  4. Mental Transference: I have found that the most powerful method to achieve transfer of consciousness or mental transference is to understand and release our “sense of self”, because only when we are able to let go of our perception of self, is it possible to transfer our consciousness to what we are paying attention to. This entails the concept of the physical self, astral self and mental self. The vehicle through which this can be achieved is through “Sung” or “Release”.

PAA: A key aspect of training is the “building the ball” exercise…you have a great example of this that I have posted above. Can you talk about the wide ranging applications of this and how you use it in your practice and also within your courses. 

Dinesh: The Building the ball exercise is the foundational exercise to open or awaken clairsentience (or clear feeling). Although this is a foundational/entry level exercise, the principles which are applied to learn this skill can then be applied to various other practices and to awaken other skills. For example, when learning the building the ball exercise some of the key principles to keep in mind are: 

  1. Mentalism: occupying the correct mental space
  2. Resonance: tuning your physical, astral and mental to the frequency you are paying attention to (in this case, life force energy)
  3. Gender: switching between magnetic and electric frequencies to increase sensitivity
  4. Polarity: Condensing and expanding to increase the feeling 

These are just a few of the principles that apply not only in this exercise, but also to partner exercises, weight training, meditative practices, increasing will of the mind, increasing concentration etc. So in essence, the Building The Ball practice sets the foundation of understanding HOW to practice and the governing principles of practice. 

PAA: We see from your social media that you are no stranger to hard physical training ( I am a big fan of this) as we can see you using clubbells and Kettlebells. How do you integrate this with the Elastic Body and your Hermetic training?

Physical training applied through metaphysical principles is essentially resistance training for mental, astral and physical skill development. When trained under load, this builds power, will & concentration which enables a high level of efficiency, power, stillness and ease with higher meditative practices.

PAA: We see in the above video about using physical partner training as a way to measure skills. This I have always liked ever since training with Sifu Mark, it made what sounded very much like fantasy become something that could be experienced and the differences felt. It is easy to fool ourselves on the meditation cushion. How far can you take this training, can you run the letters (Kabbalah)  through it? Do you have other partner exercises that help to bring down some of these high level and hard to experience practices into the here and now for people to more easily perceive?

Dinesh: Partner exercises are brilliant and can be used for various aspects of skill development and as an effective way to test and measure progress and skills. At the fundamental level, partner exercises allow for a practitioner to develop transmission skills and therefore, in reference to utilising Kabbalah letters, you can run any frequency through partner exercises. The letters of Kabbalah you choose to apply will vary depending on your specific practice/application (martial, healing etc.), however, at the end of the day, it all boils down to clarity of intent and what you want the energy to do, regardless of the frequency/letter you use, as the Kabbalah letters have a spectrum of applications.

In terms of partner exercises, given that the principles are formless, the most important aspect to keep in mind is maintaining these principles when doing any partner practice, regardless of whether that is martial or healing etc. 

An observation I have made is that practitioners who struggle with growth in this work, are usually stuck in the world of forms and techniques rather than focussing on the principles and process. 

PAA: Do you focus more on the energetics and the bodywork or do you also apply Evocation and Kabbalah in your work? We understand that you may want to keep this private but appreciate anything you are willing to share.

Dinesh: In my experience, I have found that neither one is powerful without the other and given the holographic nature of the system, one part affects all other parts. 

As a personal practice I do all of the above, and have found that a balance of these practices is most optimal. However, in terms of teaching, I only teach hermetics, Evocation and Kabbalah to full time practitioners and students, as it requires a higher level of spiritual maturity and commitment. But my online course covers the fundamentals of energetics and metaphysics with practical applications for anyone to utilise. 

PAA: Now could you talk more about What are your plans for the platform and courses for the future? I think you bring a realness to the work as you are physically capable as well (those clubbells are not easy), all the better for the vital force. 

Dinesh: My most recent project is my online course: Life Force Mastery ( which covers the fundamental of building awareness, sensitivity, power and application of life force energy. Apart from this, we are also in the conception phase of our next couple of courses which will be more martially geared. 

Apart from my online teachings, I will also be running workshops both in Australia and overseas based on requests at this stage. 

PAA: Is there anything else you would like to share about your training, current practice or any stories you wish to share? 

Dinesh: If I could go back in time and give myself some guiding advise: 

  1. Release is Key! The sooner you let go of the concept of “Self”, the easier everything becomes. 
  2. Don’t waste time in/on things (or people) that aren’t conducive to your practice.
  3. Be a scientist on the path….always go back to the principles and the process. 

Finally, thank you James & Perseus Arcane Academy for this opportunity to share my story as well as, for providing this platform for people around the world to connect and learn.

PAA: For those who want to follow your work, where can they find you other than


Online course:




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