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Magic, Kabbalah & Evocation: The Outer Planets with Bob from Sixty Skills

Exciting times, long time friend of our first blog Students of Franz Bardon is now here with us on Perseus Arcane Academy with an update detailing all that he has been working on over the last year.

Exciting times, long time friend of our first blog Students of Franz Bardon is now here with us on Perseus Arcane Academy with an update detailing all that he has been working on over the last year. A huge welcome to Bob, I think you will agree he always provides a unique perspective borne out of self practice which is always exciting to hear. Update: Since this interview was published, we have conducted a second interview with Bob, you can read it here, also all of his course work for his entire curriculum is now on Perseus, we list the curriculum here with many 30 min previews of the courses.

PAA: Thanks for joining us. Though most will know of you, can you provide a brief intro for those that are new.

Bob: Sure. I’ve studied with many teachers over the last 25 years. Mark Rasmus provided my greatest training in Hermetics. Outside that an unnamed Taoist teacher, a Sant Mat master, Gary Clyman of Chicago, Linhai of, I went thru Kundalini awakening care of Glenn Morris’ seminal work Path Notes of an American Ninja Master (but I sadly never met him in real life), most recently I studied Dr. Nida’s Six Yogas of Naropa, James McNeil, and many others. I’ve interviewed John Michael Greer a few times and worked through many of the rituals in his work Circles of Power. And many others.

I am the owner/operator of the website, the associated coursework and the SixtySkills app. Additionally, I am a co-author of the book Initial Experiences with the Kabbalah. I also hold weekly transmissions for Kabbalah via Zoom.

PAA: Now Sixty Skill has been putting out amazing content in the form of courses and videos on YouTube. How are people doing as your curriculum aims to take people through the key ‘60’ skills in around 18 months, I imagine by now you have people moving onto the evocation work?

Bob: Everyone who finishes does. It is an eclectic group at that point. Planetary meditations, Judeo-Christian saints, you name it, they are all up to it. A lot of them get into the Egyptian meditations as well.

AFA the eighteen months are concerned, I’ve had one man do it in about six weeks. Although, he was exceptional and really rare. Even the Buddhists talk about episodes of “spontaneous enlightenment”, so I don’t really get all the grief I catch from the peanut gallery. Technology is technology. It works for anyone caring to use it. I can’t give enlightenment to anyone. They must do the work themselves. You’d think other people would be happy about it.

PAA: I notice you have also been doing a lot of transmissions for work on the Cosmic Letters. Firstly, do you feel the lack of initiatory transmission is something that slows down a lot of students? Can you explain the process and how it (transmissions) accelerates one’s progress?

Bob: While not 100% necessary it is very helpful. And let me stress the helpful part. The energies can be quite harsh if done in the raw on your own. Really painful and can come with side effects. Even Dexheimer mentions this in his work on letter magic. Initiation softens this a great deal. Practically, it also sets up the energy in a practitioner’s background that gives them access later, even if they do not work with it for years. In terms of development, it helps. It helps a lot as a group can generate a far larger velocity of energy than any one individual. This is particularly true if the practitioner leading the group understands the magic of crowds and uses the appropriate methodology. The draw through effect can leave me energetically burned for days afterwards if I’m not careful.

As for the process, I simply lead people through the ball above head method and tune them to the energy. If they can generate mental, astral, and vital energy it works much better. If they can generate their own Akasha and non-dual light, it is virtually instantaneous.

PAA: One excellent video you did focused on the structure of learning the Kabbalah. It took the front cover of the book as a guide.

This was released in a very matter of fact way, but you really do not hear others talking about this. Now I know some of that is that personal practice but still nothing has come out quite as clear as your breakdown. Can you comment on this? Was it a conscious decision to release this because nothing has been said? Also, can you comment on the re-grounding cycle, past Saturn and how you get rid of this and maintain your sanity. Anything else regarding the protection of leaving the solar system (Extra Solar Region) without protection in hand would be helpful and interesting to hear about.

Bob: A sad reality is that Bardon died before the book was published. Also, it is pretty clear from comparing notes with other practitioners that whoever put the book together did not practice this method.

The fact that the four-letter combinations in back are basically glanced over is a key example of this. The lack of warning about the letter R being a backdoor to the sun-sphere, the massive detoxification effects coming from the letter L, and, most importantly, the dangers of the letter U being completely missing just further corroborate this.

And yes, like most of my work, I put it out there so other people wouldn’t spend years trying to figure the basics of these things out. Even something like the mediations on the Zodiac are only loosely mentioned in hushed tones as the “Trials of Heracles” and then only in some of the oldest works.

Virtually no one is going to get off their ass to actually do the work, so I don’t care if anyone whines about it later on. If someone had just spelled out what to do, it would have saved me years of wasted effort. And that is why I teach the way I do. What took me three decades should have taken 3-4 years. Tops. I am also grouchy, getting old and never had much patience.

The re-grounding process is really important. I had no idea just how much “energetic grunge” I’d picked up while going through the outer planets. Their nebulous association with the Titans seems very appropriate. A lot of things dwell out there that cannot manifest in the zone inside Saturn.

The process itself is simple. After you have finished with the outer planets, spend a few months doing just sun and moon meditation. I’ve been doing 30 minutes of solar meditation followed by 15 minutes of lunar mediation a few days a week. Really helpful with some of the mood swings coming from the outer planets. Be very careful with Pluto. It sneaks up on you. If you become suicidal for any reason, no matter how mild at first, immediately invoke Emnasut, first genius of the Sun sphere.

With the extra solar stuff, you need to go with a spirit who can run an appropriate protective energy for you or use a Kabbalaistic letter combination. I used a three-letter combination. You can meet an extra solar entity on the surface of Pluto. I don’t know if they can come any closer. Without this, sooner or later, you get exposed to something out in the dark and it will damage your subtle bodies. I’m not sure how reparable this is. I do think it corresponds with many of the stories of insanity coming out of science fiction that deal with this. Think Cthulhu type stories.

Interestingly, if you project into the Zodiac constellations it seems to do an end run around this. Curious. This only applies to projecting intentionally out into the dark.

PAA: One very important thing you made clear in your teaching is the importance of being able to develop Akasha on your own. It is something that though I knew the importance of it, it never dawned on me the gaping hole this leaves in many systems. Could you go into this a bit more about its importance, how it protects you and its significance to how you are viewed in the universe by the intelligences you meet.

Same applies to Non-Dual Light.

Bob: Akasha is the howling draining screaming penetrating power of the Void. It is both simultaneously empty and full of light. I know that makes no sense. It is your trump card on everything except the truly demonic as it allows you to dissolve the subtle bodies entities construct to manifest. It makes spirits very respectful. Now truly demonic entities require non-dual light, the E-N letter formula, and a few other tricks to deal with. Turns out you can weaponize the E-N formula as a kind of spiritual fire that can be used to sterilize a place energetically. You can’t really kill these things, but it appears to be very difficult to come back here if you zap them with this stuff. And they don’t like that.

Now, Akasha, and access to it, can come from a few different places, but generally results as a result of the crown chakra opening via Kundalini awakening. The fastest, and safest, way to do this is via repeatedly establishing equilibrium via the four elements and letting it arise. The orbits work well too. Finally, there are some very scary and unpleasant cave meditations that do the same thing. Reportedly this was the prophet Mohammad’s jam, but who really knows.

It is your ghetto pass in the spirit world and functionally you can pull unlimited amounts of all the other energies out of it. It is very draining on your vital force, however. And forget generating much if you just cranked one out fellas. Hence all the talk about power and preserving your essence.

Non-dual light is what lies beyond the Void. It can only be defined by what it is not. The prophets have been arguing over just what the hell it is for millennia and quite possibly before we were even people. As people define reality by time, sensation, and dimension anything lying beyond this is rather hard to quantify. Whatever it is seems to be really important.

I had one student who became so proficient at accessing it that it began to bore him. To each their own.

Non-dual light becomes dual however when it is brought down into the Akashic, mental, astral and vital realms. This is why the fully enlightened, and empowered, can be such complete a-holes in the here and now…but still be completely enlightened. God clearly has a sense of humor. Go figure.

Again, intelligences become very circumspect if you can feed them a little of this. They want to help you after that as their ability to generate this appears to be limited. This in turn can create some real problems as they become very responsive to your desires and emotions. So, laying off the drugs and intoxicants becomes crucial. Having a Saturn spirit on speed dial becomes problematic if you are off your nut.

So the short version is Akasha makes them fear you and non-dual light turns them into your friends. Also, a lot of systems won’t teach this to anyone except the lineage holder or qualified leadership. It is about maintaining hierarchy.

PAA: One of the benefits of working with the spheres is that we get new knowledge that can be brought into the world. Now I believe you have something just like that, that you have developed. What can you tell us about this?

Bob: Yeah. That came out of some Uranian meditations. That was crazy. It is, supposedly, a micronization of some ancient Egyptian technology.

Short answer: it is a powered meditation device. Now a lot of things exist that work with brain waves, help with concentration, timing, sacred sounds, red light, etc. They don’t give you more of the stuff that makes the meditative process happen though.

This device does.

It gives you more of something that the body does not make much of. Enhances vital energy production while simultaneously dropping the practitioner into trance. Almost immediately.

As far as we can tell it is not generating any kind of radiation on the EMF spectrum. Though the use of some top end Russian Kirlian gas spectrometry equipment, don’t ask, it is apparently causing the gonads in men to enter a sympathetic state while simultaneously making the pineal gland enter a parasympathetic state. Biomedically that’s not supposed to happen. That would explain the enhanced vital force while improving mental focus.

So, in the first lesson, being able to concentrate requires the ability to make more of something. It’s an energetic problem not a ‘being able to focus thing’. The focusing exercises allow you to build more of something. Just slowly.

Second lesson, the books on the powers of stones are mostly correct in terms of what they do.

Third lesson, sacred geometry is really important. Eight sided crystals generate mental energy. Six sided astral and four sided vital.

Fourth lesson, the device in question increases the amount of ambient energy available by about 8-10 times.

Reiki people, energy workers of any kind, Kabbalists, witches, Hermeticists, tai chi players et al will love this thing. It makes energy healing super effective as well.

The Kickstarter will go live in later September or early October. Check out The Living Crystal for more details and updates. These are stage one devices. Stage two devices might be available to the public at some point, if we can figure out how to build some safeties into them. Stage three devices will only ever be seen in alchemical, industrial or laboratory environments.

PAA: Now we are always looking to add courses to what we offer that can bring real benefit to students in increasing their understanding as well as the speed of their progress. Can you talk about any courses that might be appearing on Perseus?

Bob: The SixtySkills courses will be combined into one master course and offered on Perseus along with some a la carte offerings. Purchased individually the whole series should cost around $1500 USD. If you buy the combined course, it will be $900 USD. Look for this in October. (Update – Released see it here.)

Remember, anything you buy on Udemy you have access to for life. For those who bought a lot of material, we’ll work something out on the Perseus end.

Additionally, courses on the following will be available: (1) my Kabbalah course to include all 27 individual letters, the four letter combinations to include the one for Akasha that is not covered in the book and select letter combinations like E-D, B-H and a few others; (2) the Kabbalah spirits evocation course covering all the planets out to Pluto and back, this will have a variety of entities not covered in the book; (3) an Egyptian evocation course of the main pantheon to include Set; (4) the Grecco-Roman gods; (5) the Shingon deities; (6) eventually the Constellations and finally (7) the Sephirot as displayed on the cover of Bardon’s third book. Other a la carte courses will be available, but that is the main stuff. That should take me the next two years to finish.

After that, I may go away for a while. People who purchase the courses get access to Discord servers exclusive to others who are taking the course. That way everyone can compare notes. The Kabbalah group has a lively independent practice schedule. They’re figuring out some stuff. I’ll chime in occasionally. Assuming Rordan ever resurfaces he might make a guest appearance.

At some point, I may do a course on pranayama and the cave mediations. Assuming I can ever rejuvenate my body enough to handle the energetic load. Robert Radiance, and I, might eventually do a rebounding course focusing on the letters. We’ll see.

If I make enough dosh on the living crystal device, I might pull a Dexheimer and vanish into the ethers. My lifespan is limited by radiation exposure I received during the WMD hunt. I’ve got some things to attend to while I still can. Buy this material while it is available.

PAA: Your first book Initial Experience with the Kabbalah talked about what happened after you first picked the 3rd book of Franz Bardon up Key to the True Kabbalah. Since then you also have been exploring outer planets.

What can you tell us about the last year of exploring the planets and outer planets?

Has it had an impact on the ease of which you can use the elements and fluids?

Has it affected how you practice in regards to the letters?

How different was your experience of the outer planets compared to your earlier work with the main 7.

Bob: The last year has been challenging. It is coming together in a new book entitled Training the Planets. The outer planets are not to be taken lightly.

Uranus will give you a world class case of vertigo. I had to suspend my use of spagyrics for several months and significantly expanded my IQ yet again. That hurt a lot.

Neptune is about many things including triple goddesses, fame, celebrity, and delusion amongst other things.

Pluto is a realm of the dead, where necromancy gets its power, and home of the Kabbalah machines. It also tends to make people suicidal. You must re-ground via the sun sphere for a few months afterwards using a sun and moon meditation to burn off all the energetic grunge you pick up out there.

You should invoke Emnasut, the first genius of the Sun sphere, as well if that happens. He can clean it all up very quickly. Be proactive about this. The desire to kill yourself seems very organic. It does not happen to everyone. This is where journaling is key.

The extra-planetary stuff is wild. Real stuff of mysteries. The home of the Titans and provides insight into why the Greco-Roman gods were afraid of them.

Lots of pathworking to get sigils all around. If you make it to Pluto, you just might, get to meet some extra-solar entities.

I can’t imagine doing any of this by myself and making any sense of it. Definitely work in a group with this material.

Yes, my ambient energy is stronger now. And the living crystal makes it even more so.

The outer planets are not universal and not everyone can do them and take away a lot. You’ll be able to work with the energies for sure as they are all “higher octaves” of the inner planets. Uranus/Mercury, Neptune/Venus/Luna and Pluto has a relationship to Earth/Mars/Saturn in various ways.

They also reflect development after the start of the industrial revolution in a weird way. If you don’t have training as an engineer, you will miss a lot on Uranus. You need to have a following of sorts for Neptune. And Pluto, well, I don’t know where to begin with that one.

Plutonian spirits generally won’t give you sigils so much as locations where to find them. It’s also the only time I was ever told by a spirit, “I gotta bounce. I have things to do.” Also, they are disinclined to hand out sigils as one told me, “why bother, everyone ends up here anyway.” I got to reanimate the spirits of the dead briefly while there. They exist in a kind of torpor. Not sure what the hell that means.

As for Kabbalah, everything is stronger now. The Kabbalah machines of Pluto and the planetary libraries that open their doors afterwards are very useful.

PAA: Recently we spoke to Jake Green and he mentioned some of the adventures in Europe when you both were traveling together. Can you share any other anecdotes that went on while you were traveling and on location for your Sixty Skills app?

Bob: We had a good time. A few other students were in attendance as well. Drank some absinthe. Had some glorious street magic fails. Czech Republic is a wonderfully magical place and the locals absolutely don’t want to talk about it or to you. Ask Jake the joke about the Czech comedy club sometime.

We made a pilgrimage out to Franz Bardon’s grave. Very meaningful. Good times all around. And with Covid still somewhat on the crowds were very easy to navigate. I’d say more, but some of the party members are very private.

Community Questions

1. What Precepts would you recommend most helpful for the path of Ascension and

Service? Most people will have between 20-60 of these. Classical works are good for the big picture one. Just don’t forget the tactical ones, like, “I will get my law degree in the next three years.” You don’t have to keep all of them for your whole life.

2. What advice or guidance would you give a complete newbie to this work?

Read the book, find others to practice with, look at all the exercises from the direction of different practitioners. I do it from the direction of clairsentience. There are multiple ways to perform all the exercises. Doing this purely on your own is the hard way and takes much longer than it should.

All the techniques reinforce one another, and they are all quite basic at the end of the day. If they were hard, no one would do it. You aren’t that smart. I’m not that smart. Bardon wasn’t smart enough to be able to do things that were complicated either. Imposter syndrome is real. Get over yourself and ask for help if stuck.

Don’t wait for the never arriving mastery before learning the next exercise. You just need to have basic competence.

The alchemical fluid condensers are really important for clairvoyance and clairaudience development. Bardon was a practicing alchemist who got rolled up by the Czech secret police for evading taxes on the alcohol he was home brewing via distillation for his spagyrics. This should be a big enough hint. And always journal you lazy gits.

3. What advice would you give someone who is willing to spend 7-10 years to go through the IIH, but would much rather work harder and go through faster, while still approaching the work in a balanced way.

Mala method is the fast track. Become baseline competent at the skills in the first book. This should take 6-8 weeks. Then perform them for 5 minutes each in a loop. Six hours of practice a day and a year later you are done. That’s only three hours in the morning and three hours at night. Cut back on your dating life and lay off Netflix for 12 months.

Remember, IIH is the steppingstone to magic. Not the end all goal. And journal religiously after every practice session before cognitive dissonance takes it all away.

PAA: Thank you Bob for yet another super interesting interview.

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