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In this post we wanted to let readers know what magical courses are available on Perseus and also remind readers as to why we offer courses, our views about having a teacher and magical maturity.

Firstly Perseus is a platform, we offer a space where teachers can share their work. In our time in the community talking to and learning from highly experienced individuals we often felt they offer so much, often freely giving their time in extensive voice calls, emails and direct message communication with very little thought of this experienced magicians time commitments…family, friends, social and professional commitments.

Like any other field the more experienced you are the more valued your time, as the more benefit you can bring to people by helping them to avoid reinventing the wheel and do things in more efficient ways. So Perseus was first thought of as place where experienced practitioners can be rewarded fairly for their time. We all have to eat and pay our way in this world, including Magicians no matter how far along the path they are.

So the courses that follow serve two purposes, one to allow experienced practitioners to share what they have learned in an efficient way and two to allow seekers to benefit from the experience of those who have gone before them.

Some of these approaches you may find very suitable for your path and others you may not, that is okay. Different does not mean wrong, it just means different. This in itself is a matter of elemental balance as to whether things are viewed in such a fixed way or not. There are many ways up the mountain and many approaches to the same result. Focus on what works for you and do not let yourself be distracted by what others say or do (including us here at Perseus). We talk about this here, while also providing a lot of our own warnings and viewpoints regarding the path and the teacher-student relationship.

So the following courses allow you to work with an experienced guide in their area of expertise, via their own personal approach to magical practice. Some are an entire path while others provide specific skills that you can add to your own current practice.

If you have any questions about these courses please do feel free to ask as many questions as you like, you can email us at

Courses – Magic

Magic and Mystical Introspection

This course by André Consciência is based on Through the Soul Mirrors to the Sun Sphere, a book by the same author published at Falcon Books. It takes the practitioner through a series of steps that are in unison with the mentioned book. In turn, the book itself focus on all the steps of Initiation Into Hermetics, by Franz Bardon, as practiced and achieved via the many arts of introspection and ennoblement of the soul.

This course by André Consciência takes the practitioner through a series of steps that are in unison with Initiation Into Hermetics, by Franz Bardon, but practiced and achieved via the many arts of introspection and ennoblement of the soul.

It is for anyone wishing for a path that helps in self-realization by knowledge and dominion in the physical, emotional and psychic bodies as well as in the material, astral and mental planes.

We start from level 1 and from there to years of ongoing work, completing 11 levels and extra lessons that come by interaction with the students.

Introspection is the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes, but in how many ways can it manifest and how can it shape the world inside and around you?

The beginner will be in the right place to begin. André uses that which exists in our regular life to explain his exercises. There won’t be things that the student will have to search in occult compendiums, all will have been right in front of the student. The same applies to the advanced student. They tend to become lost in technical terms and ways of execution that exist only by justifying themselves in isolation and alienation. André brings the advanced student back to the only true initiator, life, in all its vibrancy and immediacy.

“Whenever I’m mentoring, I’m always teaching the same thing. You must become sensitive to the parts of you that connect to each other, to the outside, and to that which is neither or both. It is the sensibility that informs intelligence. At this point, intelligence needs practice and the discipline that will bring about the willpower necessary to practice. Practice makes one swift. Mostly, I like to listen to people. Listening to them more than to their words will tell me what is in need of nurturing. Teaching is nurturing. If I have a model for any of my courses, it does not really teach anything. They are tools that you can handle to learn by yourself. Luckily enough Magical and Mystical Introspection gives the participants the possibility to speak to me and exchange ideas as equals. That is nurturing, that is brotherhood, that is teaching.”

This course is a combination of Initiation Into Hermetics and Through the Soul Mirror to the Sphere of the Sun taught in the most intimate manner possible, from videos to private or group conversations.

Andres Teacher Page.
Andres Interview 1, Interview 2, Interview 3.

Introduction to Magic

Andre Consciencia

Often so much time is spent searching for the way, the work is not done. This course solves that issue by providing you with a firm foundation from which to build. Though this is an introduction that does not mean that it lacks depth.

You might have heard of secret orders and mysterious groups with strange rituals, sordid psychic powers, aspiring mages and intellectuals with secret codes that only the initiate can begin to understand. They walk about with superhuman powers extracted from ancient tantric and hermetic texts, build fragrances that can make you fly, know words that can shatter the world when uttered, and govern all natural things under and above the sun.

Some books spit out. You find them and read them. You learn the formulas and spells and incantations and meditations powerful enough to change the course of the world and bring back a dead pharaoh. You try it, not sure of what you are doing, but nothing ever happens.

The premise of this course is that magic is the science of causing change according to awareness, and it trains silence, quietness and stillness as means to access and cultivate different states of consciousness and a gateway to connect with objects of perception where to operate changes.

All cultural aspects, be they Hermetic, Egyptian, Buddhist, Tantric, or religious kinds of yoga, are ignored so we can focus directly on their purpose with integrity and effortlessness. You will find no lexicon you cannot master, no locks you cannot open, no paths barren by the elites. At the end of the thirteen sessions, magic will hold no mystery to you. It is at this time, that you can start practicing those books, that appeared to lead to nothing, with success.

Andres Teacher Page.
Andres Interview 1, Interview 2, Interview 3.

Meta Magick Scrying

This course offers a concise and comprehensive seven-module program that guides students through the process of constructing a fundamental set of MetaMagick fields. These fields, which are underpinned by mathematically-based magickal structures, interlock to create a stable foundation for the MetaMagick practitioner. In essence, this course provides an accelerated introduction to the construction of a MetaMagick Merkabah – the visionary chariot.

Throughout the course, students will engage in exercises designed to elicit visions from various zones defined by the structures being studied. These visions are then recorded and mapped onto provided templates using intention and receptive intuition. Upon completion of the course, students who have completed all exercises will have created a set of talismans that anchor and integrate the MetaMagick Fields. Additionally, students will have gained valuable experience in visionary projection and an understanding of advanced mathemagical objects and figures.

As part of the course, students will also construct a specialized magickal tool to aid in the active transmutation of obstacles and the metabolization of difficult energies into a MetaMagick perspective. By the end of the course, students who have completed all work will have full control over a fully operative set of MetaMagick fields.

The MetaMagick Scrying course is designed to be completed within 10 to 20 weeks. While the instructional videos are brief, the exercises require time for digestion and assimilation as they contain a wealth of information. The course culminates in a 28-day program of practice that integrates all tools and solidifies them into a mode or vehicle for experiencing time through the lens of a personalized set of MetaMagick artworks. It is important to note that MetaMagick is the application of artistic pressure to time itself.

Peters Teacher Page

Attaining your Guardian Angel

If you are involved in esoteric systems, Hermetic magick or any type of mysticism, you are likely aware that every Western occult order and group at some point in their initiatory progression insists on your discovery and bonding with your Holy Guardian Angel, and not just in Western Magic. I am a long-term initiated Tantric in the Nath Tantrika lineage and Uttara Kaula lineage. In Tantra the process of bonding with your Guardian is very much the same as it is in Western occultism, but the Guardian Angel is called the Guardian Spirit or Atman in Tantra. In mystical islam it is also called the Guardian Angel, and many other esoteric traditions include this mystical Self as Jung called it, as being the key to all gnosis and illumination. I can attest that this is true and I will show you step by step. 

So, why are we on this planet? Is there a purpose or plan to our lives? How can God help you understand this plan and your place in it? Your Guardian Angels is God’s most direct and personal answer to these questions. Your Guardian Angel exists to help you, explain to you, and guide you through the divine plan that you embody. If you follow the path provided for you, with the help of your HGA you will find real happiness, real peace, and real freedom; the goals of life. The key is to find your true will, the plan that divinity has provided for you, and follow it. But where do you start? By forming a solid and real connection with your Guardian Angel. 

The goal of these classes is to prepare you, guide and clearly show you how you can make a deep, personal, life-changing bonding with your Guardian Angel and so follow your magical path, plan, and true will. This being is your personal. direct connection with God. It is, in fact, a spark of God inside you. This being is patiently guiding you and helping you every day, though you may not be conscious of it. Your HGA loves you deeply, no matter what you do or who you are. It was born with you and will never abandon you and will help you transition into another life when you die. You can call upon this being for real help and guidance at any time once you connect with it.

In Course 1 we learn about the history of Angels and especially the Holy Guardian Angel. You are introduced to the amazing world of the HGA and the fact that almost every religion and faith recognizes the Guardian Angel or Guardian Spirit, a spark of God that you were born with whose whole goal is to help you, guide you, inform you and follow you from birth to death, and how if you choose to recognize it, you can reach out to it and embrace it. If you do so with love and will, your HGA will reach towards you and do everything it can to help and mentor you. You are taught specific exercises to enable this process to take place.

  • How the Holy Guardian Angel is crucial to all Ceremonial Magick
  • How your Holy Guardian Angel Helps you in your Work
  • Historical explanations of what Angels are, their history and truth
  • The history of the Holy Guardian Angel in most religious traditions
  • Why the Holy Guardian Angel is crucial for spiritual and magickal advancement
  • How connecting with your Holy Guardian Angel will benefit you
  • How to remove obstacles from your path
  • Crucial exercises that you need to begin the process 
  • Plus many more things, far too much to list here

In Course 2 we deepen every aspect of Course 1 while introducing the following new material:

  • You will begin moving forward by learning effective ways to meditate on and with your Guardian Angel
  • A key truth about the Guardian Angel: Your HGA is speaking to you every day, but you are too busy most of the time to listen.
  • Cultivating an emotional bond with your Guardian Angel
  • Getting you Physical Body prepared to accept the rarified and intense presence of your HGA
  •  Learn and practice Spiritual Cleaning so that your divine HGA can become closer to you
  • Empowering your body to receive the HGA
  • Strengthening the Bond with your HGA
  • The occult key to success with working with invoking HGA, the powers of the Sphinx 
  • Know, Will, Dare, Be Silent and- To Commune with your HGA 
  • You will also do intensive exercises to align yourself with the higher spiritual levels to become closer with your HGA
  • You will explore the powerful use of Esoteric Oracles to widen and foster deeper and more powerful communications with your HGA
  • Think on these things as you move forward, prepare for a major shift upwards and a wonderful revelation and you embrace your Guardian Angel!

This is the final course in the three stages of becoming one with your Guardian Angel – the penultimate experience of union with your HGA awaits you. The Term Hieros Gamos is key here, it means the divine ‘Sacred Marriage,’ in this case, complete union with your higher Self or HGA. The term is used in Alchemy to denote the goal or end of the alchemical working. In legend this is the making of gold from lead, the truth is it is changing the Lead of your mundane life into the Gold of union with the divine. This is why the HGA is often assigned to Tiphereth, the solar center of the Tree of Life. This is a good meditation as you move forward.

To prepare you for this event you have been working towards, let me briefly mention the keys that will unlock this experience.

You must confront and understand your Shadow. the dark side of your soul or psyche that is paired with the glowing divinity of your being, your Guardian Angel. You will see and understand that these two haves are really a whole, your very being, and they must both be accepted and accepted. There can be no light without dark and no dark without light, every mountain has a light side and a shadow, this is why the Yin Yang has a flowing light/dark swirl to it.

The way forward to accepting and releasing any fixations on your Shadow lie in confronting the Kleshas, Sanskrit for ‘knots’ that have to be unraveled and understood.

You will also use the Chakras to align your body and soul with the HGA, researching these things will help you.

In the end you will do the great operation or ritual known in occult circles as the Knowledge & Conversation with the Guardian Angel.

Dennys Teacher Page
Dennys Interview

Sixty Skills

Sixty Skills as its currently stands (exciting changes in the future) is an 18-month curriculum designed to take an individual from zero to magical independence. Some do it quicker and some take longer but it is a highly efficient method of practice that allows one to accomplish much of what Franz Bardon discusses in his Initiation into Hermetics. The curriculum can be consumed either through purchasing single courses or via the Master Course.

The Master Course allows you to purchase ALL of the courses in the 18-month curriculum, the reason to do this is to obtain a big saving and secure access to everything you need to take you from zero experience to a level of proficiency where you can generate your own Akasha and Non Dual Light (See the importance of that here), as well as invoke and evoke with a full understanding of the underlying mechanisms leaving you free to explore the magical universe. You will know how to wield the elements, create rituals, charge objects and magical spaces, perform evocations and so much more…you will know how to do these things and you will know why it works.

The curriculum comprises 10 levels that span over a period of 18 months, providing students with a comprehensive set of skills (numbered 1-67) necessary for the development of their Physical, Astral, and Mental bodies. The entire curriculum, along with links to each course, has been listed in this post. Please note that some courses are repeated across multiple levels for the sake of efficiency as multiple skills have been combined into one convenient course. Prior to enrolling in a course, please ensure that you possess the necessary required skills, which are provided on the courses page. Additionally, we recommend viewing the preview videos to gain insight into the course’s content. If you have any inquiries regarding the suitability of a course or where to begin, please do not hesitate to contact us. However, we suggest following the curriculum sequentially or purchasing all courses through the “Master Course” for optimal learning.

Interview with Sixty Skills

Sixty Skills Teacher Page
Sixty Skills Interview 1
Sixty Skills Interview 2

Evocation Masterclass

Anyone can go to the internet and see the tons of content available on occult topics. However, despite the many courses, books, and content available some are just impractically expensive or are taught wrongly by people who just read a few books and are now claiming to be teachers without doing the leg work.

This course is different. Too often than not, most magical practitioners are deeply dissatisfied with the results they are producing through invocation and evocation. Practitioners are constantly confused with all the correspondences and rituals, which are becoming outdated relics of the past. The result: people start becoming “arm-chair magicians” because of intellectualizing the process too much and not actually doing the magical work. Practitioners become inflexible about the true nature of evocation and invocation instead of looking at it from the angle of time-tested principles.

This course will teach you techniques that will make you a brilliant magician and get you out of the “arm-chair”. Taught by the long-time magician and teacher Jake Green, this course will provide you with practical and time-tested steps into achieving practical magical evocation. Jake has sat and trained under various teachers and has practiced magical evocation for years. In his practice, he has worked and learned under the tutelage of many spirits through invocation and evocation.

This course not only teaches techniques, but it also provides you with transmissions of various spirits and planets so that you can work with them more effectively and get the most of what they have to offer.

This course is an absolute fantastic resource for anybody studying magic and mysticism. This course is a treasure trove of information that fills in gaps found in Western and Eastern Magic that would benefit from comments from a practitioner who has worked with and clarified many of its concepts over the years.

This course will gain you the ability to safely evoke and invoke virtually any spirit, genius, universal intelligence, or muse, starting with the spirits of our planetary hierarchy. Getting this course will help you learn the principles needed to create the ultimate magic circle, and you will be able to increase the efficiency and energetic power development for your innovation and evocations by 10x.

This course will provide you materials to construct a method by which you can achieve most of the benefits that are possible magically that can be obtained without the debt incurred from working with spirits through magical pacts and accounting.

This course will not only introduce you to various occult topics if you have not learned about them already, but also deepen your understanding on topics that you may have previously learned.

The course will walk you through not only practical evocation but also the following:

  • Magical tools and how best to work with them
  • Working with and creating elementals
  • Invoking energies of planets for neutralizing the effects of spheres
  • Invoking the beings of the elements
  • The Quadrapolar Magnet Exercises
  • Using Light to work with Evocation
  • Circuit Training Energy for Power Generation
  • Automatic Writing
  • 30-day Accelerated Action Plan
  • And many more!

This course not only offers you deep insights into various occult and esoteric topics, but it will also provide transmissions and attunements for working with different planets and spirits so that you can communicate and work with them yourself!​

Some transmissions and attunements offered in this course are the following:​

  • Akashic Transmission
  • Light of the Evocational Magician
  • Light of the Planets Attunement 
  • Working with the Mercurial Sphere 
  • Working with the Venusian Sphere
  • Working with the Sun Sphere

The Complete Evocation and Invocation Masterclass is everything you need to go from an uncertain beginner to an experienced practitioner. Jake the teacher is available every step of the way to answer questions.

Jakes Teacher Page
Jakes Interview

Mystical Quabbalah

You will get initiated into the application of the 27 letters of the cosmic language which is used by God, the Creator and all deities to create directly from Akasha. The cosmic language is used in the form of single letters, and two-, three-, four-letter formulas. You will learn how to use the letters and the formulas in the Akasha, on the mental, astral and material plane.

Certainly, you can walk the path of self-initiation by following the Key to the True Quabbalah by Franz Bardon. Unfortunately, this approach comes along with some problems. The English translation contains many mistakes, – details which are crucial. The correct pronunciation of the letters is necessary. The instructions and descriptions of Bardon are very complex and can easily cause confusion. And Bardon has described the techniques like we know it from school. When you leave school, you work in an easier, more practical orientated way. So, if you participate in our course, you will not only benefit from my long-term practical experiences but also from clear, easy to follow instructions, recommendations and reliable information. This offers the opportunity for efficient progress and good results.

Please understand that this course has the following requirements for your safety and for making progress feasible:

The mastery of the five elements, the two fluids, light and the transfer of mind are absolutely necessary. Mind, soul and body must be well-balanced, in good health. Your degree of personal refinement must be high. A high maturity is the basis for managing the great divine powers. If you have a basic ability to unite with divine virtues and divine consciousness, it will be beneficial.

You need a basic knowledge of the human anatomy, – the location and shape of organs in the body. It will be useful to have a practical understanding of the spheres according to Bardon (PME) as we find all the letters in the spheres respectively the spheres are made of the letters.

Rays Teacher Page
Rays Interview

Silat – Mind Body Fundamentals

The internal arts are a great aid to those practicing meditative and magical arts. The very same pathways we train to sense through in the latter are trained specifically in the internal arts. The stronger these pathways are the stronger our sensation training becomes.

This is a course that takes you through the ‘Fundamentals’. Training methods will be shared from my experience on Asia through the lens of Silat. Though my training includes Xingyi and Bagua, those arts can become a mountain in themselves to climb. This fundamentals course is meant to assist those in the meditative and magical arts, to assist them in maintaining balance and getting better results to help them achieve their goals rather than replacing those goals, this is the reason I have chosen Silat to be the lens we work through, it is straightforward art built upon shamanic roots with excellent body training.

The course is expected to be released in May/June 2023.

The Key to Adepthood

If you are a fan of Virgil’s books then you will certainly enjoy this course. It is a text based course based upon reading, digesting and applying to your life. As with all our courses you gain access to a private group where Virgil can discuss and answer any specific question you and your fellow students may have.

Virgils Teacher Page

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