MetaMagick: A Deeper look at the work of Dr Peter Duchemin


In this post I want to highlight some of Peter’s work (Metamagick) as I still feel due to terms like Scrying or Tarot in his course names many are assuming familiarity with the contents. I have to say the content from Peter is more like units from a college course. It is that in-depth and that integrated, nothing is just for the sake of it! You can see I am a big fan of Peter, so I will also add all the resources and interviews he has been in with myself and others on this page.


I first heard of Dr Peter Duchemin and his work from Andre Consciencia, Andre spoke very highly of Peter which was enough for me to investigate further and get in touch with Peter. Fortunately, Peter ended up taking a holiday in spring 2023 to Taiwan. This enabled us all to meet up on a sunny spring day in Taipei. Just this short meeting was enough to see how deep Peters understanding of multiple traditions is and how the lens of Metamagick has enabled him to use them in a very nontraditional but effective way.

Our next meeting was truly epic, this was a gathering in Hong Kong that consisted of Dr Peter Duchemin, Falcon Books Publishing, Perseus Arcane Academy and the wonderful Nenad Djordjevic-Talerman, the author of 360 Spirits of the Earth Zone and coauthor of the Moon Zone. During this meet up Peter and Nenad where in their element sharing respective discoveries of different spheres and approaches to magic, with Peter presenting is very original perspective on the ethers of Enochian magick.

Now lets share the recent chat that I had with Peter in ‘Perseus Conversations’:

00:00 Meta Magick, according to Dr. Peter Duchemin, is an approach to magical systems that allows for their understanding, combination, and re-evaluation within the context of contemporary spirituality and development.
03:45 Meta magick encourages the formation of novel and wholesome combinations of magical systems, emphasizing openness and integration rather than rigid adherence to tradition.
12:18 Meta magickal fields provide a methodology for integrating diverse magical systems coherently, using structures like magic squares and recreational mathematics to create harmonious combinations.
23:26 Dr. Duchemin suggests that Enochian magic, attributed to Edward Kelley, involves a form of pattern compression and cryptography, rather than being a literal divine language.
26:20 Meta magick is seen as a non-cynical technology with divine beauty and intelligence, despite being a product of human invention.
27:41 ️ The methodology of pattern compression in magic has significant implications for how we perceive the world and access hidden forces.
28:47 Viewing magic as a sophisticated pneumatic computer rather than a relic allows for innovation and evolution of magical systems.
31:56 There’s an interpretation suggesting Druidry influences within Enochian magic, providing a unique perspective on its structure.
32:51 Magic is viewed as a technology from previous eras, but there’s a need to evolve beyond the dichotomy of magic versus science.
39:24 The modern period has transformed ancient artifacts like the Memory Palace into externalized technologies, shaping our perception and memory.
42:28 There’s a vision of evolving society through powerful numinous techniques, integrating oral traditions with modern technology, like creating an orally transmittable computer made of language.
44:40 The study of meta magick and calendars presents an opportunity to develop sophisticated numinous techniques that can reweave society and its relationship with information.

9000 Word Interview!

If what you have seen so far has got you interested in Peters approach, then I HIGHLY recommend reading his very in-depth written interview. We cover everything from traditional evocation/invocation, magical calendars, meta magick fields, meta magick approach to scrying as well as an introduction to the crowning glory in Peters curriculum Meta Magick Tarot.

Here is a brief summary of the interview:

Dr. Peter Duchemin, a practitioner of esoteric Tarot with over 25 years of experience, specializes in calendar magick from an eclectic, non-emanationist perspective. His approach, MetaMagick, utilizes magickal calendars to harness spiritual energies. He integrates traditional systems like the I Ching, Qabalah, Tarot, Enochian, and Runes with a Chaos magick ethos, emphasizing syncretism and a “magickal interlanguage.”

  • Dr. Peter Duchemin, also known as “Abraxis Nothing,” has practiced magick since the mid-1990s, influenced by counterculture scenes.
  • His journey into magick intensified after meeting an adept named Steve C., leading him to explore Crowley, the Tree of Life, and the Golden Dawn.
  • Duchemin’s initiation involved a blend of traditional and chaos magicks, shaped by his academic pursuits in Religious Studies, Philosophy, and Humanities.
  • He developed an original approach called MetaMagick, focusing on calendar magick to manipulate spiritual energies in alignment with celestial movements.
  • Duchemin’s skillset includes stage magic, clowning, and circus performing, inspired by Tarot archetypes.
  • He emphasizes an open-system approach, integrating various magickal traditions without rigid adherence to any one school.
  • Duchemin defines magick as “the pressure of Art, brought to bear on Time,” emphasizing attentional control and independence from cultural narratives.
  • He critiques the Gregorian calendar for its disempowering effects and advocates for chronologically independent magickal practices.
  • Duchemin’s academic journey, from undergraduate studies to a Ph.D., was guided by a pursuit of knowledge that complemented his magickal practice.
  • His academic work focused on reframing magick, blending elements of prestidigitation with political philosophy and semiotics to develop his MetaMagickal system.
  • Duchemin utilizes magic squares and other mathematically magical arrays to amplify magickal systems, creating “Metamagickal Fields” that shape events and phenomena.
  • He emphasizes the importance of the Qabalah in his work, drawing from Golden Dawn and Crowleyan traditions while exploring Hebrew Kabbalah concepts like Tikkun Olam.
  • Duchemin’s eclectic approach extends to other magickal systems, including gematria, pathworking, and spells derived from the Qabalah and Tarot.
  • He remains open to exploring other magickal systems, such as Franz Bardon’s, as part of his ongoing journey in magickal practice.

Interview with Clint Sabom

Interview with Jake – Mystery College

Learn with Peter

Let me remind readers that when you hear the words scrying and tarot, these courses with Peter are far beyond those already involved subjects. His courses require in-depth study and the application of this knowledge via mini projects within the course. This why I often say they are more akin to college courses.

MetaMagick Scrying
MetaMagick Scrying with Dr Peter Duchemin

Throughout the course, students will engage in exercises designed to elicit visions from various zones defined by the structures being studied. These visions are then recorded and mapped onto provided templates using intention and receptive intuition. Upon completion of the course, students who have completed all exercises will have created a set of talismans that anchor and integrate the MetaMagick Fields. Additionally, students will have gained valuable experience in visionary projection and an understanding of advanced mathemagical objects and figures.

As part of the course, students will also construct a specialized magickal tool to aid in the active transmutation of obstacles and the metabolization of difficult energies into a MetaMagick perspective. By the end of the course, students who have completed all work will have full control over a fully operative set of MetaMagick fields.

The MetaMagick Scrying course is designed to be completed within 10 to 20 weeks. While the instructional videos are brief, the exercises require time for digestion and assimilation as they contain a wealth of information. The course culminates in a 28-day program of practice that integrates all tools and solidifies them into a mode or vehicle for experiencing time through the lens of a personalized set of MetaMagick artworks. It is important to note that MetaMagick is the application of artistic pressure to time itself.

MetaMagick Tarot
MetaMagick Tarot

The Meta Magick Tarot is a unique, 3-part course which can be pursued on your own time, or synchronized with the 32 week calendar of Venus, the Forest of Life. The entire Tarot is covered in 32 lessons with PDFs, Video Support, and guided meditation for each class. The meta-magick philosophy is future oriented, and understands magickal thinking in a way similar to an engineer’s perspective. How can we build a uniquely powerful philosophy of creative tarot practice that we can live INSIDE? The content and materials will range from the basic to the advanced, and there are insights and innovations that you will find nowhere else. 

In this course we learn how to live – and create – in Tarot Time, using the Forest of Life Venus calendar – a unique magickal calendar that tracks the real-time orbit of Venus. 

  • Every week you will receive a PDF package packed with esoteric ideas, that over the 32 weeks will gradually unveil an original, potent, magickal system – powered by the Meta Magick methodology.
  • Every week through videos, discussion, and guided meditation – we go in depth at one of the key Tarot themes.
  • Each week we use scrying, or receptive imagining, to discover images and inspirations to link us with the growing Tarot energies. We make marks on paper together, and grow them into living works of art.

Participants who choose to may use the course as a creative rhythm – perfect for making your own complete Tarot, or Tarot-based project.  Artists, writers, poets, musicians, magicians are all welcome to create in their chosen medium.

We examine and study a wide variety of Tarots together using the Rider-Waite-Smith deck as a home base from which to discuss the differing images and ideas. Together we will learn the Qabalistic philosophy of (post)modern Tarot, and explore the paths and spheres of the Tree of Life.

The course is an initiation into meta-magick, into the Venus calendar, and into Tarot Time.


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