Franz Bardon Initiation Hermetics Interview with practitioner

Navigating the Path: A Franz Bardon Practitioner’s Reflections on Magic, Mysticism, and the Books of Franz Bardon

In this insightful interview, an experienced magician and Franz Bardon practitioner Frabato Hermetic shares their personal journey of discovering and studying Bardon’s Hermetic teachings. They provide thoughtful perspectives on key aspects of Bardon’s system like concentration, the magical equilibrium, interacting with spirits, and more.

If you would like to read more from this practitioner, you can follow their posts under the name Frabato Hermetik on Facebook and FranzBardon Hermetic on Instagram. We would like to extend our gratitude to this knowledgeable magician for taking the time to share their insightful perspectives and personal experiences with us.

This post has been published precisely as our guest Frabato Heremetic completed it with no changes – per their instructions.

Artist Picture: Talon Abraxas


PAA: Personal introduction/Could you elaborate on your journey through Franz Bardon’s books and provide some background as to how you found the teachings of Franz Bardon.

About 15 years ago I asked myself whether magical powers really exist. I bought a book about magic that listed many well-known magicians. Franz Bardon was also in this book. I immediately liked him, so I bought the book Initiation Into Hermetics(IIH) by Franz Bardon. After reading the book, I felt from the bottom of my heart that this was the path I wanted to take. But before I could even start the journey I had to overcome the biggest negative trait and that was drug addiction. Once this was defeated I was able to really work on myself, because my consciousness had previously been shifted. I’m making a new start moved to another city, where I devoted my time entirely to the works of Franz Bardon. Arion is my
lifesaver, so to speak. During the time I lived in this city, I had a lot of help from Master. He often appeared to me in my dreams (astral plane and mental plane) and in critical moments he intervened and changed the situation so that I could continue on my path. In addition, through his help, I received many good books and writings that promote intuition and inspiration.

I also had a relationship with an initiate named Ariane. There was a special, friendly bond between the two of us. However, this relationship was only in the astral and mental plane. Unfortunately, I never met her on the material level. It wasn’t always easy, but it was still an instructive time that I experienced with the initiate.

PAA: In Bardon’s teachings, concentration plays a pivotal role. How do you develop and enhance your concentration abilities in your magical practice?
Have you used only those methods in IIH or have you also explored other means? Are there specific techniques or exercises you find particularly effective?

The concentration exercises play an important role. However, what many students do not pay attention to is:

The concentrations are divided into quality (mysticism) and quantity (magic). This means what is the object of concentration made (quality) and how long can I hold the concentration. (quantity) Franz Bardon already hints at the divine properties in the theoretical part for good reason. He writes: “We want to practically tread the path to this highest deity gradually, starting from the lowest sphere, in order to achieve the true realization of God within us.”

This means that one with God is the goal, see the 10th level in IIH. This means that the connection with the God principle plays an important role in the concentration exercises and also in all other exercises in the IIH. From the beginning, the student should choose a deity that he or she believes is sympathetic to him or her. This then accompanies him through all stages and gives the student intuition and inspiration. Many secrets are only revealed to him through a transfer of consciousness by God or the Akashic principle. Certain problems can only be solved by the deity.

This means that it is particularly important for the beginner to build a connection with God, step by step. The student should choose the deity that is synaptic to him. Surrounding yourself with images of God or symbols of God is very important because it upsets the consciousness.

The magical balance or refinement of body, soul and spirit are important factors for the success of the exercises. It is the strengthening of the God principle or Akashic principle within us. Divine providence, the Akashic principle, sees the student’s maturity and does not let him go any further, puts obstacles in the student’s way or the development becomes one-sided if he does not refine himself.

Training the 5 senses increases our mental power and through this we can draw the deity down from the mental plane to the astral plane. (Evoke) This enlivens the divine qualities in the astral body.

Therefore, one should be inspired by the beauty of art. There are numerous artistic, religious and philosophical works that we can use as a source. However, you always have to separate the wheat from the chaff, because only the universal endures.
One must never forget: Love is the law, but love under will. This also applies to mystical love.

Additional information:

Many years ago I made a concentration disk for myself with Master Arion assisting me medially. I also have other books about concentration that I like to draw inspiration from. A stopwatch, countdown counter, digital counter, or mechanical counter are also good tools for counting errors or making suggestions based on the clicking sound. A color lamp can also be used as support. So you looked at a full color circle for a long time and then imagined it.

For auditory concentration, you can play a synthesizer or various sounds via various media (Internet, CD, Mp3) and then imagine them. The emotional concentrations can be done as described by IIH. You can use feelings to master character traits.

For the smell and taste concentrations you can also use those that correspond to the elements or the planets. You can find all the information about this in Franz Bardon’s books.

PAA: Reflecting on the first book, “Initiation into Hermetics,” what did you find most challenging in its practices and teachings? How did you overcome these challenges?

I have already seen and experienced a lot and am a practitioner. I didn’t overcome all the challenges. As far as the current state of my development is concerned, I must remain silent.

PAA: As a practitioner, how do you maintain a balance between rigorous magical practice and your daily life responsibilities? Are there specific routines or methods you follow?

In my professional life I am secretive when it comes to the subject of magic and mysticism. Many of my friends don’t know in the slightest that I am a Hermeticist. Silence is power. A basic pillar of the Temple of Salamon. There are no specific methods here, depending on the situation you have to behave, and if necessary, adapt, like an actor playing his role on earth.

PAA: Do you think the books are clear enough? Or do you think we are in need of the translations mentioned a few years ago by Czech Hermetics?

I am from Europe, my native language is German. Some of the geniuses that Franz Bardon describes in his book can depending on the language, provide the student with sufficient written material. There are certainly a lot of English-language books that are very good that I haven’t read yet. In the future, a lot will be translated that will contribute to the success of the students.

In my posts I always mention books that are good for intuition and inspiration. However, here too you have to learn to separate the wheat from the chaff, because not everything described in a book always corresponds to the universal laws. A magician creates a universal consciousness and gets the quintessence from the respective writing.

Everything is described very well in Franz Bardon’s books. Many students sometimes ask me questions that are actually answered in Franz Bardon’s books. Therefore my appeal: “Read and meditate on what is written in them. ”

Czech Hermeticism has already published some good books that are very helpful. Dieter
Rüggeberg has also published helpful works.

Franz Bardon’s works are universal. Franz Bardon spoke several languages. From his letters it
is clear that he read works from all over the world and he incorporated this into his books.
Even if all the mysteries were described clearly in books, it would still not help some people,
as the necessary maturity or level of development must be present.

Depth Point

PAA: This is in my view a huge part of IIH and something that is not discussed too much. What can you say about this stage of the training?

Far too little is said about the magical balance or refinement of body, soul and spirit and about the rule of qualities (positive and negative).
But just talking doesn’t help much – you really have to do it.
Franz Bardon IIH:
His sacred duty is to maintain balance everywhere.
There are three types of asceticism:

1. the spiritual or mental;
2. the soul or astral and
3. physical or material asceticism.
The first is responsible for the discipline of thought.
The second, the refinement of the soul through the control of the passions and drives.
The third is the harmonization of the body through a moderate and natural lifestyle.
WITHOUT these three types of asceticism, which must be developed simultaneously and in parallel, a true magical ascension is inconceivable. None of these three species must be neglected, none must gain priority if development is not to become one-sided.

There is far too little talk about the quality (mysticism). In the ascension, the initiated magician is also a mystic, these are Franz Bardon’s words from the IIH in the theoretical part.
That’s why the mystical side is a main part of the training. This shows how important it is to have ideals that influence us with their vibrations. Numerous artists, philosophers, scholars and everyone I have not mentioned here have preceded us as role models. All of this is an essential factor that should be used on the path to becoming a true adept.

Without deity the path to becoming a true adept cannot be achieved. God and Goddess or the Akashic Principle, the All in All, is what directs and guides everything. That’s why it is the most important and the role model that comes first.

The personal deity can be chosen individually depending on the mentality and inner conviction: Mahum Tha Ta = Urgay, Jesus Christ, Krishna, Moses and Master Arion etc… can be chosen as the personal god. Female goddesses can also be chosen Isis, Mary Mother of God. Note that both the female and male parts penetrate each other. This means, for example, that Jesus Christ also has the feminine divine qualities within him, such as All-love, mercy………..

At the same time, it is important to research the universal laws of the respective religion that have been obscured or mutilated for any other reasons.

As Franz Bardon aptly describes it in the theoretical part:
“The aspiring magician will profess a universal religion. He will find that every religion has good sides, but also dark sides. He will keep the best to himself and ignore the weaknesses.
This does not mean that he has to profess every religion, but he should show every religion due respect, because each has its own divine principle……………………………………………
However, he will not be content with the official dogmas of his church and will strive to penetrate deeper into the workshop of God.

According to the universal laws, the magician will form his own universal worldview, which will be his true religion.

Gestures and Magical Practice

PAA: Some practitioners incorporate finger gestures or mudras into their magical practice. do you Utilize such gestures in your work?

Yes, I use gestures in practice. These are mostly communicated to me intuitively and are secret. The beginner can use gestures to worship his deity. One can also find gestures in various temples or statues that can be successfully used for practice.

Morality, Ethics, and Bardon’s System

PAA: Bardon emphasizes the importance of morality and ethics in magical practice. How do these principles guide your interactions with spirits and your overall magical journey?
Moral, Ethik und Bardons System

The book An aid for Introspection is a cornerstone of my development. I have meditatively worked on the character traits described by Josef Drabec, but these are not to be understood as dogma, so as a help.

The character tables from the student group from Prague are also very useful for the character mirror. Here you also have to work a lot with intuition. If necessary, you also have to rewrite certain characteristics, whether positive or negative, so that it is appropriate. It is important that you know yourself and really have the characteristics.

The soul mirror can also be individually designed.

The divine soul mirror is another important part of the work. The human qualities, positive and negative, arise from the divine. So who is above everyone, who is the ruler? God, the Akashic principle guides everything. The goal is to become one with God, as described in the 10th stage of IIH. Divine qualities (and quantities) such as omnipotence, omniwisdom, AllLove and omnipresence are animated by the deity, these are divine, so you have to experience this consciously. With these divine qualities (and quantities) you then rule the charter mirror. (the human qualities and quantites) In addition to these divine qualities and quantities, there are more the attentive reader will find.

Another method to improve morals and ethics is to read philosophical and religious writings.
Here you have to distinguish the personal from the universal. You have to get the bottom line, so to speak. That was illegal and you should be eliminated.

Another method introspection, magical balance, controlling, destroying and transmuting the
passions is to connect with geniuses. You can reach them through magical prayer.
I count a few from the Earth’s girdle zone with whom I have had good experiences.

147: JVAR / 3° Leo
informs the magician on the origin of passions and how they are embodied in the astral body. In this connection the magician also learns to understand the deep secret sense of all passions, which serve as means for a certain purpose and are to strengthen will-power and other magic abilitys. Jvar tells the magician how to control and master passions by certain magical aids and other means and how they can be transmuted into opposite, positive qualities. The practices recommended by this genius may be applied by the magician as an aid for those students who are on the way to magic development, and who have certain passions they are not able to control.
270: GERIOLA / 6° Sagittarius
is a special expert in all the virtues of morality on our earth, this genius reveals to the magician the real secrets of the magical equilibrium. He teaches him the proper use of introspection and makes him aware of abilities and powers that are the result of introspection. Having carried out introspection according to instructions given by Geriola in respect of himself and other people, the magician will acquire great power of intuition and the true recognition of the Akasha-principle. The magician may learn many facts of wisdom from this intelligence and have them brought to his intellect.
288: IKON / 24° Sagittarius
reveals to the magician the mysteries of the magical equilibrium of body, soul and spirit in their relation to the Akasha-principle. He also explains to the magician what true introspection is, how important it is for the achievement of the magic equilibrium and that without introspection a – physical, spiritual and mental – training, a true recognition of the universal truths is impossible.

The effects are:
Transference of consciousness Intuition, Inspiration.
Understanding books dealing with this topic.
Help during meditation. etc….

Comparison of Bardon’s System with Other Traditions

PAA: In your view, how does Bardon’s system of magic differ from other magical traditions or
systems? Are there aspects that particularly resonate with you?

Franz Bardon’s system is, in my opinion, the best because it corresponds to universal laws. I don’t have to adhere to any other system. But I can still try another magical system that means freedom. I am and will go through other magical systems. I’ll keep the best for myself.

The concept of the Holy Guardian Angel (HGA)

PAA: In Franz Bardon’s teachings, the concept of the Holy Guardian Angel (HGA) holds significant importance. How do you interpret and understand the role of the HGA within Bardon’s magical framework? Could you elaborate on its significance in your personal practice?

Unfortunately I can’t say much about this topic. Everything is described in the IIH. The student will meet the guardian angel when he is at the respective level. The guardian angel is definitely a very high genius.

Bardon’s Second Book – “The Practice of Magical Evocation” and Spirits

PAA:”The Practice of Magical Evocation”? What drew you specifically towards this book and its exploration of spirits?

There is a lot of knowledge and wisdom in this book. Various laws are also described and many options are shown that are important for practice. I see this book as a talisman, because the genii described protect and teach the magician on the path to becoming a true adept.

PAA: Communicating with spirits is a focal point in Bardon’s second book and Mental Wandering being the main vehicle for this. Can you recount your initial encounter with communicating with a spirit? What did you learn from that interaction?

I have already learned a lot from the beings of the spheres. They support me intuitively and inspirationally. Sometimes a transfer of consciousness also takes place, which in the Orient is called Abisheka or Ankhur. This means that you understand certain magical or mystical topics better and receive skills and powers from the geniuses. The geniuses also often draw my attention to certain exercises, courses, films, books and works of art, which I use for my development. Certain life events can also be planned by the genii, which are then a valuable experience for magical development. For a beginner, even if he or she does not yet have any powers or skills, this means that the geniuses have numerous opportunities to support the
student on his or her way.

A Evocation through magical prayer

Choose a genius. (The practice of Magical Genii, etc)
Create a religious atmosphere. (incense, religious music etc)
Make the sign of the cross with your right hand as you speak.
In the name of the Jod-He-Vau-He
Make a bow of humility with an intense honest feeling.

Insert your deity according to your religion at the beginning of the prayer. (i.e. the first word)

Deity, hear my please
send me your servant Genius (who you choose)
that he may teach me and instruct me
into the hidden secrets
great genius of the true creator (deity)
hear my supplication
and let me be worthy of your teaching!

You can be creative in prayer and add something or invent your own. Franz Bardon’s works are universal and can be brought into harmony with any religious system.

The answers genii:
The genius takes me on a mental journey.
The genius reveals himself in the dream through symbols
The genius draws my attention to books that contain such topics. Caution! You have to keep
in mind that you have to get out of a book what is important. So no exaggerated views.
The genius takes over my consciousness and helps me with the exercises. Intuition,
The genius does something for me in secret. He brings about a life event. This life event
teaches me. It’s something I have to experience in life to understand.
The genius fulfills my wish immediately or after a longer period of time.

PAA: Have you encountered any unexpected or particularly challenging situations while working with the spirits as outlined by Bardon? How did you navigate through these experiences?

Whenever I had unexpected or special problems, I contacted Master Arion or my deity.


PAA: In your experience, are there any personal qualities or traits that are particularly beneficial for individuals engaging with the material in Bardon’s advanced texts? Are there certain mindsets or attitudes that aid in successfully undertaking the practices detailed in these books?

A strong interest and devotion is a basic requirement. Therefore, you should also read Franz Bardon’s advanced text. That means reading and working on it meditatively. Because advanced texts there are many laws, knowledge and wisdom that can be used, even if you don’t yet have the maturity for certain practices. In any case, certain practices in the advanced books require a certain level of maturity.

PAA: Bardon’s works often emphasize the importance of discipline, patience, and dedication in magical practice.

Franz Bardon’s books should be read regularly. Because new things keep coming up. The same applies to the exercises described. Always stay on the ball. You have to know how to motivate yourself. In the astral plane, all difficulties and successes receive special recognition, even if progress is slow.

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Frater IAC
Frater IAC
4 months ago

This was a very good interview. I too have greatly benefitted from two Czech Hermetics works: An Aid to Introspection (which Frabato Hermetic specifically mentions), and The Golden Book of Wisdom. Both these books are very good supplements to IIH, KTQ and PME. As a practitioner, I agree with all he says about the importance of the soul mirrors and attaining balance in spirit, soul and body, because oneness with the Godhead is literally impossible without this balance. Like Frabato Hermetic, I have gained a great deal from mental wandering, messages in dreams and intuitions from the HGA as well as from a number of other spirits. Bardon’s path is rich, and through it we may create many positive ripples in the great tapestry of creation, but only if we shed our own ego-attachments, cultivate wisdom, understanding and compassion so that our work reflects the will of what Bardon called Divine Providence on this plane. Thank you for posting these interviews because they are very helpful.

4 months ago

Hello, this was a great interview, thank to both of you.
Frabato mentions we must focus on our religion’s deity, as a non religious person I find it hard to do. Any suggestions?

P.S. I am still in the first steps of IIH.

James Zatopa
James Zatopa
4 months ago

Great interview, it was wonderful to read.

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