Pluto Meditation: What it Does and How to Access it

Todays post comes from Sixty Skills from the lecture Pluto Meditation: What it does and how to access it.


Today’s topic is meditation on Pluto. Meditation on Pluto is a rarely covered topic mainly because as the furthest out of the outer planets most people just don’t have a reason to go there.

Now some things to know about this is that as the last of the planets in our solar system, it also is kind of a buffer zone between what exists inside the solar system and what exists outside the solar system. As such it can safely be said to be the last planet that has any real physical effects if you will upon a practitioner as everything beyond that is simply beyond the scope of human development at this time.

What are some characteristics of meditating upon Pluto? Well first you’re not going to find any spirit registries of entities to contact so if you’re going to do this kind of work you’re going to have to do the path working yourself. An additional challenge that I found working with these entities is that to quote one of them “we don’t do sigils here.” It was really quite interesting the simple fact of the matter is these entities whatever they’re up to don’t really care that much about living human beings and i will get to that in a moment.

So you’re dealing with a place with no known spirit registers, you’re dealing with a place where finding sigils for any of the inhabitants is going to be a bit rare. Now the color associated with this as outlined in Franz Barden’s second book Magical Evocation is a gray color.

This is also interesting because Pluto astrologically speaking is actually a further refinement of Mars some would also say Saturn. So it is also from what I’ve gathered in both experience and research a further refinement of your physical body is what you get from this, however for a very specific reason that requires addressing in a moment.

Amongst the outer planets you have Uranus, you have Neptune and you have Pluto. Uranus causes a further refinement of the mental body, Neptune causes a further refinement of the astral body, Pluto on the other hand causes a further refinement of the physical body….

To learn more about Uranus please check this post and this post. If you would like to learn from Sixty Skills, then you can check his 18-month curriculum here.

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