Podcast with Denny Sargent: Magical History and the Birth of the Horus Maat Lodge


What an honor to chat with Denny Sargent about his magical history, his childhood and teenage experiences with Magic would make for a good movie or at the very least a great book (hint hint Denny). Never before have I heard the formation of the Horus Maat Lodge explained from someone who was actually there!

I wanted to put this episode up as a post as Denny has produced so much material over the years all coming out of his practice and his search for knowledge. So, it is a good opportunity to draw attention to his older books and put them in the spotlight. As I think after hearing the podcast and seeing how at the center of things Denny was, he is an absolute treasure trove of experience, and we are very lucky he continues to share so generously. So, after the podcast I have listed out Dennys current available courses at Perseus and also listed his books. You will see how varied they are and from listening to the podcast you will know how he managed to develop such a wide skill set.


The Horus Maat Lodge website


Meeting the Holy Guardian Angel

If you are involved in esoteric systems, Hermetic magick or any type of mysticism, you are likely aware that every Western occult order and group at some point in their initiatory progression insists on your discovery and bonding with your Holy Guardian Angel, and not just in Western Magic. I am a long-term initiated Tantric in the Nath Tantrika lineage and Uttara Kaula lineage. In Tantra the process of bonding with your Guardian is very much the same as it is in Western occultism, but the Guardian Angel is called the Guardian Spirit or Atman in Tantra. In mystical islam it is also called the Guardian Angel, and many other esoteric traditions include this mystical Self as Jung called it, as being the key to all gnosis and illumination. I can attest that this is true and I will show you step by step. 

So, why are we on this planet? Is there a purpose or plan to our lives? How can God help you understand this plan and your place in it? Your Guardian Angels is God’s most direct and personal answer to these questions. Your Guardian Angel exists to help you, explain to you, and guide you through the divine plan that you embody. If you follow the path provided for you, with the help of your HGA you will find real happiness, real peace, and real freedom; the goals of life. The key is to find your true will, the plan that divinity has provided for you, and follow it. But where do you start? By forming a solid and real connection with your Guardian Angel. 

The goal of these classes is to prepare you, guide and clearly show you how you can make a deep, personal, life-changing bonding with your Guardian Angel and so follow your magical path, plan, and true will. This being is your personal. direct connection with God. It is, in fact, a spark of God inside you. This being is patiently guiding you and helping you every day, though you may not be conscious of it. Your HGA loves you deeply, no matter what you do or who you are. It was born with you and will never abandon you and will help you transition into another life when you die. You can call upon this being for real help and guidance at any time once you connect with it.

In Course 1 we learn about the history of Angels and especially the Holy Guardian Angel. You are introduced to the amazing world of the HGA and the fact that almost every religion and faith recognizes the Guardian Angel or Guardian Spirit, a spark of God that you were born with whose whole goal is to help you, guide you, inform you and follow you from birth to death, and how if you choose to recognize it, you can reach out to it and embrace it. If you do so with love and will, your HGA will reach towards you and do everything it can to help and mentor you. You are taught specific exercises to enable this process to take place.

What will you learn from Course 1?

  • How the Holy Guardian Angel is crucial to all Ceremonial Magick
  • How your Holy Guardian Angel Helps you in your Work
  • Historical explanations of what Angels are, their history and truth
  • The history of the Holy Guardian Angel in most religious traditions
  • Why the Holy Guardian Angel is crucial for spiritual and magickal advancement
  • How connecting with your Holy Guardian Angel will benefit you
  • How to remove obstacles from your path
  • Crucial exercises that you need to begin the process 
  • Plus many more things, far too much to list here

What will you learn from Course 2?

In Course 2 we deepen every aspect of Course 1 while introducing the following new material:

  • You will begin moving forward by learning effective ways to meditate on and with your Guardian Angel
  • A key truth about the Guardian Angel: Your HGA is speaking to you every day, but you are too busy most of the time to listen.
  • Cultivating an emotional bond with your Guardian Angel
  • Getting you Physical Body prepared to accept the rarified and intense presence of your HGA
  • Learn and practice Spiritual Cleaning so that your divine HGA can become closer to you
  • Empowering your body to receive the HGA
  • Strengthening the Bond with your HGA
  • The occult key to success with working with invoking HGA, the powers of the Sphinx 
  • Know, Will, Dare, Be Silent and- To Commune with your HGA 
  • You will also do intensive exercises to align yourself with the higher spiritual levels to become closer with your HGA
  • You will explore the powerful use of Esoteric Oracles to widen and foster deeper and more powerful communications with your HGA
  • Think on these things as you move forward, prepare for a major shift upwards and a wonderful revelation and you embrace your Guardian Angel!

What will you learn from Course 3?

This is the final course in the three stages of becoming one with your Guardian Angel – the penultimate experience of union with your HGA awaits you. The Term Hieros Gamos is key here, it means the divine ‘Sacred Marriage,’ in this case, complete union with your higher Self or HGA. The term is used in Alchemy to denote the goal or end of the alchemical working. In legend this is the making of gold from lead, the truth is it is changing the Lead of your mundane life into the Gold of union with the divine. This is why the HGA is often assigned to Tiphereth, the solar center of the Tree of Life. This is a good meditation as you move forward.

To prepare you for this event you have been working towards, let me briefly mention the keys that will unlock this experience.

You must confront and understand your Shadow. the dark side of your soul or psyche that is paired with the glowing divinity of your being, your Guardian Angel. You will see and understand that these two haves are really a whole, your very being, and they must both be accepted and accepted. There can be no light without dark and no dark without light, every mountain has a light side and a shadow, this is why the Yin Yang has a flowing light/dark swirl to it.

The way forward to accepting and releasing any fixations on your Shadow lie in confronting the Kleshas, Sanskrit for ‘knots’ that have to be unraveled and understood.

You will also use the Chakras to align your body and soul with the HGA, researching these things will help you.

In the end you will do the great operation or ritual known in occult circles as the Knowledge & Conversation with the Guardian Angel.

Magical and Spiritual Banishing

All magical banishing comes from the same concept in all religions and magical practices around the world; Negative magical feelings, emotions, entities, ghosts, or energies that do not belong or hinder or hurt or distract from magical work are ritually removed to engender successful magical work. Spiritual hindrances are swept away in a sense. Much as we clean our house or temple before we begin magical work, so too should banishing be an integral part and included in magical work.

I have traveled to over 20 countries and have witnessed or been a part of many such rites with a variety of priests and shamans and every one of these adepts do some form of magical banishing before the rite and many are very different jet follow the same concepts.

Some include prayers, chants of words of power, some use drums, bells, feathers or pollen and still others burn incense or herbs, some use blessed water or oils, others use salt or crystals or sacred items, and many use fire or smoke to magically cleanse. In this course we will examine and sort out the many kinds of magical banishing by the five sacred elements of magic: AIR, FIRE, WATER, EARTH and SPIRIT.


Global Ritualism Myth & Magic Around the World (Llewellyn’s World Religion and Magic)

From Haiti to Egypt, this book analyzes the common themes and archetypal symbols of higher ritual so that readers can define how these archetypes play out in their own lives. It enables the construction of personal, living rituals and includes photographs of actual rituals from around the world.

The Magical Garden: Spells, Charms, and Lore for Magical Gardens and the Curious Gardeners Who Tend Them

The Magical Garden is a curious little book of magic, charms, spells, and bits of traditional and historical lore from and for magical gardens and the curious gardeners who tend to them. What gardener would not want to know the flower they were born under, the traditional magical meanings of bells and chimes, or the healing power of geraniums? Many of these nuggets of wisdom and magic have been handed down from Sophia’s grandparents, who extensively used herbs and such in their psychic work. Avid gardener and ancient historian Denny Sargent collected much of the information included here from a wide variety of traditional sources. Roman, Celt, Norse, and Japanese gardeners all believed in garden magic, and some of their most fascinating traditions, spells, and charms are contained in this wonderful little book. In addition to the garden, magical plants, birds, insects, the yard, and the weather are also addressed. Other interesting lore includes: Garden sprites, fairies, and elves; Ancient and magical ways for empowering the garden by planting certain plants in special places; Traditions for celebrating festivals in the garden, ways of using garden plants for protection, and techniques for invoking positive energy with trees. 

Tao of Birth Days: Using the I-Ching to Become Who You Were Born to Be

Follow the simple directions to determine which of the 64 natal hexagrams you were born under. Discover your innate traits, talents, and possibilities. All you need to know is the date and year of your birth, or anyone elses, and with The Tao of Birth Days you can:

  • Better understand your weaknesses and strengths
  • Determine the signs for family, friends, co-workers, and lovers
  • Learn which signs you are most compatible with and why
  • Practice techniques to maximize your own potential
  • And to get along better with signs that challenge you

As author and I Ching Master, Denny Sargent writes in the introduction, “No quality in and of itself is bad or good, and also no hexagram is completely bad or good as a natal hexagram. Use it; do not let is use you.”

In The Tao of Birth Days, you’ll find examples, meditations, visualizations, and instructions all designed to help you discover and live up to your true potential.

Your Guardian Angel and You: Tune in to the Signs and Signals to Hear What Your Guardian Angel Is Telling You

Have you ever wondered why you don’t feel entirely alone even when you are? Maybe it’s because you really aren’t. And if you attune yourself to that being of light that resides beside you, behind you, and in front of you, you will meet your constant companion, whose sole purpose is to guide you through life: your very own Guardian Angel. The time spent with your Guardian Angel here on earth can help you to reap great benefits during this lifetime. Denny Sargent writes, “In my academic and personal research, I came upon the concept of the Guardian Angel a number of times over the years. I was amazed to discover instructions on how to “meet” your Guardian Angel that were thousands of years old. This changed my entire life. I no longer had to look to others for spiritual authority or wisdom. Then I discovered that every culture had within it the concept of a Guardian Angel or Guardian Spirit, or Ally. The idea transcends time and culture; it is universal. I felt that this “secret” should not be left hidden and obscure but should be dusted off, simplified, and offered to all.” Your Guardian Angel and You is a thoroughly intriguing read about the fascinating history of the Guardian Angel, why you need one, and how to prepare to meet yours. In fact, if a feeling of dread ever kept you from taking a turn down a certain road, getting in a car, or taking a certain flight, you may already have met your Guardian Angel. Once you establish, nurture, and expand your relationship with your Guardian Angel, you can expect terrific things in return. Ask specific questions and receive specific answers. Define and refine your dreams. Lean on the wisdom and insight of your Guardian Angel to give you a form of heaven on Earth right now where your dreams can be lived.

Clean Sweep: Banishing Everything You Don’t Need to Make Room for What You Want

As a culture we are driven to acquire, amass, get, use, devour, taste, and try. And of course, it is never enough. Until we figure out that enough is enough, we will never lead a fulfilling life. Unless we let go of possessions, attitudes, emotions, old lovers, or old ideas, we’ll never be able to make true changes.
While we’ve gotten very good at taking, consuming, hoarding, devouring, overworking, and inputting more and more and more, we have forgotten how to eliminate, release, and renew—concepts that are imprinted in every cell of our bodies. We need to relearn what our ancestors knew: how to banish.
Banishing is the identification and naming of people, things, forces, feelings, thoughts, or ideas that are negative or harmful in one’s life and, through the strength of will and positive power, i.e. love, taking command over these negatives and tossing them out. Denny Sargent, an eclectic ritualist, interweaves his personal testimonial with the theory of banishing harmful factors from our physical environment as well as from our bodies, hearts and minds—through the elements of air, fire, water, earth, and spirit. He also provides more than 100 banishing exercises and rituals, based on traditional practices performed throughout time and around the world.

Dancing With Spirits: the Festivals & Folklore of Japan

Nowhere are religious traditions more uniquely tied to the historical, cultural and spiritual identity of a people then in Japan. Almost all Japanese follow one intertwined religious mixture of Shinto, Matsuri and Buddhism. This forms the basis of much of their culture. To know this is to know Japan. Dancing with Spirits is an intellectual but accessible ‘travel guide’ through the history and fun reality of the most important Shinto, Matsuri and Buddhist festivals of Japan. It features entertaining first-hand accounts of wild revels like Tanabata and Setsubun, but it also offers something more; the history of the these festivals and explanations of the symbolism and meaning behind them, things that even many of the Japanese revelers themselves often don’t know. Other aspects of Buddhism, Matsuri and Shinto are covered within these pages as well, from a succinct history of the origins of these great traditions in Japan to chapters about specific deities and Amulets. Come and leap into the amazing world of Shinto, Matsuri and Buddhism and the ‘floating world’ of Japanese rituals and folklore as it is being celebrated today! Dozo!

Naga Magick: The Wisdom of the Serpent Lords

Serpents have always been both venerated and feared throughout the world, but perhaps none so much as the Naga in Hindu, Tantric and Buddhist traditions. What are the Naga? They are the Serpent Lords of ancient times, more akin to the Orishas of Santeria than to the remote gods of Olympus. And, like the Orishas, they are far more accessible.

Naga Magick is more than a mythic and historical account of the Naga. It is also a Naga ‘Grimoire’ of practical and spiritual rituals.

Serpent spirits are seen everywhere in Asian iconography and practices, but because of the extremely ancient and ‘grass roots’ origin of their worship, they are only rarely mentioned in traditional religious texts. This parallels the prehistoric worship of similar serpent spirits across the ancient world in many places under many names. In most Eastern and Western animist or pantheist traditions, serpent-demigods are positive beings manifesting as spiritual guardians. Often these spirits are associated with springs, rivers, lakes and oceans as well as the numinous chthonian world below, as are the Naga. Naga wisdom has the power to enlighten us about the ancient, often forgotten serpent spirits, their magick rituals and their place in helping us to heal Nature.

Whether you wish to learn the history and mythos of the Serpent Spirits, or if you wish to work directly with these luminous beings, Naga Magick provides unique access to the power and wisdom of the Naga Lords.

Tantra for All: The Path of Nath Tantrika

The word ‘Tantra’ has two important and specific meanings. One is ‘To Weave’, and the other is ‘A Sacred Book of Magick.’ What do we weave? It is our innermost self (our Atman or Higher Self), and the magickal world of Maya swirling about us. In short, we embrace and change reality as we do our True Will. Surprising to most, Tantra does not mean ‘sex’, though free-flowing, open, spiritual sexuality is part of Tantra. Tantra is ‘occult’ (hidden wisdom), not religious worship. In India, Tantra is often seen as a ‘left hand path’, much as Magick is viewed in the West.

The practice of Tantra reaches back thousands of years, and predates the spread of Aryan patriarchal and hierarchical customs, and strict religious edicts. Tantra is Magick. It is not a religion like Hinduism, though both share a sometimes uneasy coexistence. Hindus pray to and honor the gods at the direction of Brahmin priests, while every Tantric is a god doing his or her own will, and works with the gods and goddesses on an equal footing. Castes, taboos and proscribed sins are rejected by Tantrics. Tantra is about real freedom—doing your True Will as the star within you is called to do. It is about following your own unique path without accepting dogma, religious texts, taboos or social classes. It requires only a strong, independent will, and a fiery desire for spiritual advancement and liberation. It calls for the embrace of intense practices to develop deep, personal relationships with the gods and goddesses you are drawn to, and the mastery of real magick to cause change in your life and the reality about you.

If you prefer to follow the teachings and dictates of a religion, Tantra is not what you seek. But if you are a unique star who wills to craft your own world with love, will and magick, Tantra is for you, and all the gods and goddesses will aid your work.

Gurudev Dadaji Mahendranath summed the entire ethos of Tantra into one phrase: The will to love is the law to live.

Werewolf Pack Magick: A Shapeshifter’s Book of Shadows

Beyond Werewolf Magick, this lycanthropic Book of Shadows unites you with your spiritual kin and invites them to join in rituals, romps, and spells that call on the feral magick within and about you. Denny Sargent teaches you ecstatic shapeshifting experiences, newly revived from ancient traditions and designed to free you from the restrictive chains of civilization. With your pack, you will return to your true home in the heart of Mother Nature.

Werewolf Pack Magick offers a wide variety of activities, including pack initiations, shapeshifting training, werewolf divination, pack sabbat celebrations, and ancient werewolf festivals. With step-by-step guidance, Denny reveals that pack magick is intense, powerful, wildly fun, and effective. Now is the time to honor and reconnect with nature and your werewolf brothers and sisters in the Wildness.

Werewolf Magick: Authentic Practical Lycanthropy

Raise your confidence, connect to your primal self, and deepen your spirituality with this empowering book of lycanthropic magick. Featuring authentic shape-shifting rituals, spells, meditations, and folklore, Werewolf Magick shows you how to awaken your inner wolf and transform into a happier, braver, and freer person.

Denny Sargent leads you on a life-changing journey into the world of primal magick. This practical book reveals how to embrace your fearless Animalself through dozens of hands-on exercises and ancient techniques. Learn to shed the restrictions of modern society and answer the call of your feral being. Master spiritual shape-shifting and meet wolf deities. Discover effective tools, invocations, and symbols to enhance your practice. This ecstatic guide helps bring forth your powerful werewolf self and reach your full, natural potential.

The Three Transformations – Free Course

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