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Ray Del Sole: Podcast Interview and Courses

I recently did an interview with Ray Del Sole. Ray is a wonderful teacher and guide to many in the community so here in this post I have shared my recent podcast interview with him as well as the courses from Ray that we have currently available on Perseus. You can also check his new platform here.

Podcast Interview

Written Interview on Perseus

In this interview on Perseus blay Ray goes into great detail about Franz Bardons training in general and goes in-depth into the training of the 3rd book from Franz Bardon ‘ The Key to the True Quabbalah‘.

Mystical Quabbalah Course

If you want to realize the macrocosmic divine nature in yourself, then this is the right course for you.

The cosmic letters offer the highest, mystical transformation, the initiation into all main mysteries of God´s nature and the ability to create as God does. You become a true son or daughter of God and a divine authority in creation.

You will get initiated into the application of the 27 letters of the cosmic language which is used by God, the Creator and all deities to create directly from Akasha. The cosmic language is used in the form of single letters, and two-, three-, four-letter formulas. You will learn how to use the letters and the formulas in the Akasha, on the mental, astral and material plane.

As the cosmic language is connected to the laws of creation, you will also be initiated into them and their practical application. At the end of the course, you will learn the synthesis of the names of the deities and how to apply them in a quabbalistic way.

What benefit do you get from participating?

Certainly, you can walk the path of self-initiation by following the Key to the True Quabbalah by Franz Bardon. Unfortunately, this approach comes along with some problems. The English translation contains many mistakes, – details which are crucial. The correct pronunciation of the letters is necessary. The instructions and descriptions of Bardon are very complex and can easily cause confusion. And Bardon has described the techniques like we know it from school. When you leave school, you work in an easier, more practical orientated way.

So, if you participate in our course, you will not only benefit from my long-term practical experiences but also from clear, easy to follow instructions, recommendations and reliable information. This offers the opportunity for efficient progress and good results.

Requirements to enter this Course

Please understand that this course has the following requirements for your safety and for making progress feasible:

The mastery of the five elements, the two fluids, light and the transfer of mind are absolutely necessary. Mind, soul and body must be well-balanced, in good health. Your degree of personal refinement must be high. A high maturity is the basis for managing the great divine powers.

If you have a basic ability to unite with divine virtues and divine consciousness, it will be beneficial. You need a basic knowledge of the human anatomy, – the location and shape of organs in the body.

It will be useful to have a practical understanding of the spheres according to Bardon (PME) as we find all the letters in the spheres respectively the spheres are made of the letters.

Please understand:

It is a serious decision to undergo the quabbalistic training as you will unfold the complete divine, macrocosmic nature within yourself. You will become a perfect image of God. This must be desired and accepted.

Vital Energy Courses (1-4)

From Ray:

These courses are created for the Path of the Mystic Teachings. Thus, the approach is a little different and easier than on the hermetic path.

Working with vital energy is a big topic and builds the fundament for working with all types of energy like the five elements. Vital energy offers great benefits for health, vitality, healing treatments, personal power, success in life, resilience against negative influences and diseases, and basic magical tasks like creating talismans and special atmospheres.

In the four courses you learn all about vital energy and its applications. You will benefit from practical explanations and guided meditations, so that you learn everything easily and know what is important to regard. The four courses include all vital energy techniques of Franz Bardon´s book Initiation into Hermetics. Even as a complete beginner you can start and master the vital energy successfully independent from the training in IIH. You will benefit from my experiences from over 30 years of studies and training. So, indeed, the courses will offer more than you will find in Initiation into Hermetics.

The courses are created for the Path of the Mystic Teachings. Thus, the approach is a little different and easier than on the hermetic path.

I wish you great experiences and fun!

In love, light and service,

Ray del Sole

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