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Sixty Skills Interview: The Living Crystal, Stacking the Sephirot and the “Trials of Hercules”

Sixty Skills is back! As we mentioned in the last interview a lot of things were coming, now with this interview they are here. The new home of Sixty Skills Courses is now Perseus Arcane Academy, this has allowed Bob the founder of Sixty Skills to create a Mega Deal that gets you every course in his 18-month curriculum for a significant discount compared to buying separately. Bob discusses this along with the latest news from the pre-launch of 'The Living Crystal', a result of his work with the outer planets. We also hear about the next phase of his work, now focusing upon the Zodiac.

PAA: Welcome. Lots to talk about since we last spoke. Firstly, can we get an update on where you are with your work on the Outer Planets? In the last interview you spoke at length about this project so it would be good to see how it has developed and what discoveries you have made.

Sixty Skills: I finished my initial investigation of the outer planets about eight months ago. Since then, I have moved on to the constellations of the Zodiac. Meditating upon the Zodiac is sometimes referred to as the “Trials of Hercules” in ancient Greek texts and has been quite an adventure. This has recently led to the first stage of working with the Sephirot mediations as well.

The biggest take away with the outer planets meditations has been that they are, except for Pluto, about the development of man following the Industrial Revolution. Everything from Saturn on out has a specific danger associated with them and especially Pluto. Make sure your invocation of Emnasut (a Sun sphere being in Bardon’s second book) is up to speed before you go to deal with those.

PAA: One recent video I did see was on stacking the Sephirot. This really puts a practical face on the symbol used on the front of KTQ. Quite a multi-sensory challenge maintaining all those qualities. What more can you currently say about this and what if anything comes next? 

Sixty Skills: The video was taken immediately after the first time I properly stacked, and made contact with, placing non-dual light in my Akashic field, Aquarius in my mental field, Uranus in the heart center, Mercury in my solar plexus (astral fields) and the letter A in my vital field.

As is usually the case, the initial meditation was quite potent. I suspect this is some kind of release of latent unutilized energy that builds up over the course of our lives as we passively interact with these energies. Typically, the follow-on meditations are a bit muted and then gradually build strength.

My main suspicion is that this leads to a more physical manifestation of the energies, although how the various Sephirot play into this is something I will be determining over the next year or so.

PAA: I would like to ask as well if work beyond the six planets is something recommended or whether it is more the reserve of the most adventurous or truly being led? 

Sixty Skills: Neptune, Uranus and Pluto allow for a further refinement of the astral, mental, and vital bodies respectively. Additionally, Uranus represents the development of mankind technologically following the industrial revolution, Neptune deals with things like media/celebrity/modern influencers, and finally Pluto is the home of hidden magics. The primary risks of the planets are Neptune breeds delusional behavior (think rock star antics), Uranus can cause a world class case of vertigo lasting days and Pluto often results in suicidal ideation.

The mystics path does not change per se, but working with the outer planets allows for a further refinement of themes present beyond the development of mankind that ended with the traditional inner planets.

The planets can essentially be grouped into three categories: the near-earth zone to the Sun are universal experiences associated with being human. Everyone deals with sexual reproduction and sensual pleasure, so Venus works in this context as an example. As does the Sun as everyone experiences vibrant expansive force if they are living.

From Mars to Saturn, the access to these has a lot to do with experience in life. So, if you are not an engineer, soldier or have worked with farm animals then Mars will be confusing and come across as harsh as the planet has to give you the experience in order to fully work with it as another example.

The outer planets in turn work with experiences and ideas that come about after the industrial revolution. Technology, as represented by Uranus, is not something most of humanity has had to deal with prior to the development of electricity, etc.

Pluto is the only really confusing one. A big difference between it and Saturn is that the general-purpose negativity associated with experiences on Saturn is largely lacking. It does have some specific dangers though. Invoking Emnasut cleans up the suicidal ideation/thoughts that often accompanies working with Pluto and should be kept in mind. As the home of hidden magics it is also the steppingstone to extra-solar work that is not related to the constellations and can provide a variety of interesting experiences.

The only book I’ve found on the topic is hard to get, but it is Planetary Forces Alchemy and Healing by Dr. Samuel Sagan. While his definition of vital, astral and mental is not quite exactly the same as we use in Franz Bardon’s work it is very easy to make the appropriate parallels on our end.

PAA: Is it better to gain a certain authority in each sphere and move on to avoid too much connection with one sphere? So here depth of experience in a sphere is not as important as it could be too influential? 

Sixty Skills: The main effort here is to build immunity to the planets first after that they can be used as a source of information. Some planets can be used to generate the various forces (vital, astral, and mental). At a certain level they can be combined to generate other effects. In general, getting spirits to do things for you is a bad idea. That’s where karmic debt comes in and I’ve spoken about that a lot.

PAA: So, in short, the journey beyond the six planets, who is it for and have the beings there said anything about who should be visiting?

Sixty Skills: The planets are a developmental path. You don’t need to do any of it. Kabbalah by itself with the basic training from IIH is more than enough. And if you are only looking for enlightenment then IIH is enough.

Generating a base level of immunity is a very good idea in general for a variety of reasons. For this you need at least 20 hours of practice with each planet and 100 is better.

AFA the spirits are concerned…they don’t care. They exist to perform specific functions relative to their position in the universe. They’ve got plenty to do. Their receptivity to a given practitioner is based off resonance, lifestyle and knowledge base/experience. An engineering spirit won’t have much to say to a social studies major.

PAA: With these new discoveries and an ever increasingly talented student body can you share any changes that will be occurring with Sixty Skills courses and the curriculum? Can you give us an idea of what is coming?

Sixty Skills: All my coursework is moving to Perseus Academy. Along with this is a Discord group where people can meet and cross pollinate. This is intentional as my lifespan is limited and I want people to innovate. Also, as some have noted, I’m not always available. The world is becoming unstable again and that opens the door to other opportunities.

The humbly described “mega-course” is the big item. Basically, it is the primary six skills of meditation in one program. It’ll get the buyer about a 30% price break over purchasing everything individually.

As for my Udemy students, don’t worry, you have access to those materials for life on their servers. If for some reason Udemy ever goes out of business, we’ll figure something out.

Coursework wise the Kabbalah course comes to mind although about 2/3rds of that is currently available in one form or another. Next will be a Kabbalah spirits course for all the planets. Then one for the Zodiac and eventually the Sephirot if I can figure that out.

The upcoming Android version of the app will allow for more tailoring as I include more material over time with supporting courses as that happens. I’d like to do a proper course on rebounding as a developmental tool. I have another student who is younger, in better shape, and went to great lengths to road test that methodology practicing five plus hours per day with teams of hired trainers. He is an animal!

Some books too. Training the Planets, Training the Zodiac, Training the Sephirot and of course how to fit it all together. At some point a rewrite of IIH to include body training, a better discussion of Akasha and NDL. And probably the Key to the True Kabbalah as well. Ideally, it would be written in the style of the Buddhist commentaries with both the original text and my commentary clearly noted.

After all that, I’ll need a drink.

Long term I’d like to put together something on pranayama. We’ll see.

PAA: I notice you will also be accepting private students; can you talk more about this?

Sixty Skills: The way I teach the material from Bardon’s Hermetics is a mixture of in-person, distance learning via Zoom and video training. We would need to train in person for 3-4 days at a time 4 times in 18 months. It is something that can be done. Flights, training space and travel expenses cost a lot. Of course, you can come to me, or I can go to you. Either way works. Coming to my training temple does have advantages.

An interview process is part of it and, of course, each session is staged upon mastering the material of the prior one.

PAA: What about private consultations will these be available via Perseus?

Sixty Skills: They can be. Generally, I’d need an email first regarding the specific issue in question. Rates are going to be a little variable based upon demand and packages will of course be there. It starts at about $150/hr.

PAA: Now this I asked about before but I still think it is huge. I have noticed in reading various peoples experiences with spirits, whether that be planned or through unfortunate circumstances is the key skill of generating your own Akasha and Non-Dual light. I really do not think enough distinction is made of this, even for Franz Bardon students I think many take it as normal as they are not accustomed to more long-winded approaches from the Western Tradition. Are you able to clarify further just why this is key to someone’s development, the ability to generate these on your own?

Also, last time you mentioned using the ‘spiritual fire’ of the E-N formula, I am curious if these established tools continued to be as effective the further ‘out there’ you went OR if they only remain effective closer to this sphere.

Sixty Skills: Development of Akasha and Non-dual Light is critical. This is essentially your club enlightenment ghetto pass. It also makes you, esoterically speaking, an adult. Without these you lack autonomy in the spirit world.

Akasha can be accessed a variety of ways, but the most common is going through Kundalini awakening. This can be done fast via something like the orbit technology or slowly via the process of equilibrium.

It is crucial for three primary reasons: (1) Command over spirits. Akasha allows you to dissolve the subtle bodies that spirits use to engage with humans. They don’t like this. It takes them a lot to get here and if you do this it costs them even more to come back. (2) Akasha allows you to channel large amounts of energy directly out of the Void itself. As a result, you are not limited by the amount of ambient energy in the area. (3) Akasha is the steppingstone to Non-Dual Light.

Non-dual light is that thing that can only be defined in the negative. As something that exists beyond space, time, emotion, and sensation it can only be experienced. Precisely because space, time, emotion, and sensation are how human beings define things. It is also the Nirvana of Buddhists, the Tao of Taoists, and the God of the monotheistic faiths. A variety of people seem to get butt hurt over this definition. Once you have, they have the experience this problem goes away.

Whatever happens when you get absorbed into non-dual light seems to be really important. At a base level it seems to place people on their path in life. Beyond that, the prophets, and saints, have been arguing over this since before the creation of the written word. If the Buddha, Lao Tzu and the Christ can’t answer the question, then I certainly have nothing to add.

E-N formula still works pretty well except against truly Saturnian beings and those are thankfully rare. For them, solar fire burns them out. Mainline solar sphere energy. Emnasut can teach you an energetic form that transforms them as well. Be careful with it though, if you do it often and mess it up, schizophrenia is the result.

PAA: You also succinctly put it as: ‘So the short version is Akasha makes them fear you and non-dual light turns them into your friends. Also, a lot of systems won’t teach this to anyone except the lineage holder or qualified leadership. It is about maintaining hierarchy.’ I wonder if other systems do share this? I mostly see Astral everything, for example out where I am in Asia even if they had it, it is now part of a larger ritual that no one really understands. They just use it like a machine whose builder has long ago died. Hoping it never breaks. 

Sixty Skills: A very astute observation. Most work in either a religious, or magical, context is ritual. It is simply easier. Very few people, modern or historical, every really go down the internal power path.

That said, amongst individual practitioners, small numbers of people do know what is going on. The yogis in Tibetan tradition come to mind. Which is why when you talk to Tibetans privately, they are very clear…. between yogis and monks…the yogis are better. Of course, the Tibetans, Raja yogis and Hermeticists all have a very interesting, shared history. Which is why so many people study all three once they get serious with their practice.

Outside that, the Taoists know what is up individually if you can ever get one to talk to you. As do esoteric Christians who are rarer still. I cannot really speak to the Islamic world, but I suspect some Sufis out there have something to say as well.

I think many traditions rely upon the small group of people who are naturally clairvoyant/clairaudient to do most of the heavy lifting regarding internal power development. And few of those people exist. This allows for an easy communication with spirits who can then tell you how to figure the rest of this out. Without that you are on your own.

That was certainly my experience with more traditional teachers. And when that clairvoyance failed to develop quickly in my case, I was pretty much on my own.

And regarding the use of ritual as a machine. That is a big problem. I’m aware that not all the Shingon rituals work anymore. Increasingly Reiki people are telling me that the well has gone dry on their practices too.

PAA: I have a question about the distinction between practices such as magical ability, evoking spiritual beings, and astral travel, which many practitioners engage in, and practices that are more directly related to benefiting our experiences after death. Specifically, I’m curious about which practices and activities have lasting implications for our afterlife and how they differ from the former set of practices. I suppose we could just say magic and theurgy. 

Sixty Skills: Lacking a body, and breath, access to things like vital, and astral, energy as a base for power becomes a real problem. After death, people are limited to the generation of mental energy as their power source. This is apparently a much slower process than most seem to understand.

The single point of focus exercises are how you build mental energy when you no longer have a body. So, this is your power source after death. Certain practices like gold body fusion probably do an end run or provide a kind of loophole by preserving the astral body, but frankly that stuff is so rare it might as well not exist.

Implications regarding activity in the afterlife is pretty simple. Don’t make deals unless you want to pay for it. And how you lived your life is the kind of heaven you go to. Like attracts like. It is why people get the interaction from 90% of the spirits that they do. It is the entity reflecting off the practitioner. Exceptions exist, but this is mostly how it works.

As Mark Rasmus frequently says, “meth bikers go to meth biker heaven and old church ladies go to old church lady heaven.”

PAA: Earlier we talked about your most recent experiences with Kabbalah, now I wanted to ask your thoughts on what is one of the most well-known books in this genre, ‘The Mystical Quabbalah’ by Dion Fortune. Now in it she does allude to their being given, a mystical understanding that she will not be sharing. What do you think she was trying to communicate through this book? Do your experiences of going where few have, the outer planets give you a new perspective on this book?

Sixty Skills: With these older works in Western esotericism, we all owe the authors a debt of thanks. They wrote and published in some difficult times. Outside Bardon’s work and John Michael Greer’s reconstruction of the Golden Dawn practices in Circles of Power all of them are not useful for learning how to practice.

In hindsight, her description of the four layers of reality, the placement of Kether above the head and more all can be clearly seen in a SixtySkills or IIH light. The problem is the book gives you no way to get there. Additionally, she was definitely a woman of her time. The weird anti-Christian business, making statements about Westerners either being unsuited, or uninterested, in the higher levels of reality and such are simply inaccurate. After I’ve read a couple of hundred books like this it gets tiresome.

So, Fortune had insight. And it was valuable insight based off practice. But it is essentially another dead tradition as the tradition didn’t produce any internal power practitioners afterwards. This is an all-too-common occurrence across cultures and timelines. The ritual nature of what was taught was a whole other problem. Ritual work breeds dependence in general and over time results in stagnation of systems for the most part. The sequel is never as good as the original,

Quite frankly, I put together the SixtySkills curriculum to prevent this from happening. If someone does the internal power work the result is theirs. They don’t owe prior generations anything. I’m already aware of at least two websites who have stolen and are illegally publishing my material.

Sixty Skills: Learn Key Skills from Magical, Yogic and Meditative Traditions – 18 Month Curriculum

AFA Kabbalah itself is concerned; I’ve never been happy with the name. Based off field research in old Anatolia it is pretty clear this stuff far predates any known religions as far as its application as a method is concerned. But Bardon, and Fortune, were people of their time. They used the terms in common circulation and that is how we get words like Kabbalah and Akasha thrown into the Hermetic lexicon. While the Void is a better term for Akasha in English, I can’t think of anything better than Kabbalah, so I guess I’m stuck with it.

PAA: Now one huge update that I do already know about is the pre-launch of ‘The Living Crystal’, in our previous interview you introduced us to it as a piece of technology from the Uranus sphere. Now after my post about it a few had some further questions:

PAA: From Bltruki, does it generate/amplify only Vital energy, or Astral and Mental as well?

Sixty Skills: It mostly generates mental and some astral energy. This in turn propagates through the body and generates more vital energy by widening the mental and astral bodies. It is quite something.

nPAA: From Occultosophia, ‘So the coil should in theory load the scrying sphere, when you gaze at the obelisk. But, but, since at least many years tech magicians mastered this technique and have a whole array of synthesizers and frequency modulators with varied output of fields fed into, say obsidian sphere. This is very beautifully sold radionics with low output. Some say that radionics from 1950s developed thanks to advances in cognitive science and taskforce cybernetics into supercomputers working through the grid and eight sphere (previously HAARP networks) propagating egregores and social engineering like a wild ho. Tell me if I’m wrong.’

Sixty Skills: I don’t understand this question.

PAA: From SOFB, ‘With Kickstarter coming soon what can the Living Crystal do for people who are just working the early steps? Do we need to be sensitive to notice the benefits? How will more advanced practitioners use it?’

Sixty Skills: The Living Crystal is a great tool for beginners. While amplifying the basic energies of the body it also does a few other things that were unexpected.

Traditionally teaching things like the single pointed focus exercises took weeks as everyone thought it took time to learn how to focus your mind. And experientially, this is true. But it turns out a big part of this was a lack of some kind of fundamental energy in the body. The Living Crystal Device either makes more of this, or something suitably close, that most people can perform the basic focusing exercises within minutes.

It also drops people into trance very quickly and rapidly speeds learning things like the building the ball exercise by sensitizing the hands and building clairsentience.

An advanced practitioner can use the device to build more of a given force that they want to work with. So, if you are working with the letter C from Bardon’s Kabbalah, you can project this letter into the sphere on top and the device will begin mimicking the energy form. For people into sigil magic, you can place a sigil on top of the device, and it will make it much easier to empower the sigil and/or evoke the entity in question.

Alchemists, and herbalists, can use this to charge their medicines by just leaving it on in their laboratories or storage areas. I’ve been in contact with high level remote viewing practitioners, and they have noted an almost immediate improvement in their results.

Finally, energy workers of various type can use this to radically reduce their workload. By giving people more energy to work with it makes things like acupuncture, Reiki, hands on healing, et al work much better.

PAA: From Anonymous: ‘As this is from a specific sphere does that mean use of it will align the practitioner more with that sphere or the being who shared the tech?’

No more so than driving a car does. It is tech. How you program it determines what it projects. The device itself is energetically neutral barring programming. Just turning it on generates mental and some astral energy. The astral part is a little confusing as the device is not a living being that has breath. Curious, but also fascinating.

PAA: Personally, I want to know more about the Kickstarter when these are going to become more available for people. As I think the wider base there is using these the faster, we will start to get real data of the benefit people are getting. 

Sixty Skills: The Kickstarter goes live on 28th Feb. Shipping dates will probably be late April to May depending upon overall orders. The volume of orders will determine the exact manufacturing process used and this in turn drives delivery dates. We are already in contact with groups like ShipBob, so the delivery logistics is wired.

Everyone can register here, and you will be informed when we go live:

PAA: Thank you Bob for yet another enlightening interview. Let me just say for readers of this post, I have been fortunate enough to hear a little about what Bob has coming. There is a lot more on the way which seamlessly builds on the foundation you can build with the 18-month curriculum, build that foundation so that you can be ready for what he has on the way as you will need those skills as your ticket to enter this further training, to attempt without that foundation is simply ineffective and a waste of time. Very exciting as this kind of access to these skills has just never happened before. It always required a lot of travel to all corners of the world and a lot of money not even mentioning the time required to source and validate the information.

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