Sixty Skills Master Course

Sixty Skills Master Course: Expediting Franz Bardon’s Initiation into Hermetics

Today’s post is all about the Sixty Skills Master Course – A detailed summary that should answer some of the questions we frequently receive from current students of Hermetics and Franz Bardon’s Initiation into Hermetics as well as being useful to practitioners of Qigong, Yoga and the Martial Arts who are curious about how to make progress in these Magickal practices.

If you are an experienced practitioner, or established in your Franz Bardon training then this post may not be of interest to you.

When I first encountered Franz Bardon’s teachings, I was thrilled to find what I had long been seeking – a self-directed path of inner development and spiritual growth. No longer did I need to conform to a particular religion or esoteric school – at this time I was coming out of several intense years of practice in the Nyingma lineage. Despite my sincere efforts, I often felt disempowered rather than uplifted by such establishments. I discovered that I learn best through personal study, with insightful mentors offering guidance along the way or in a detached way with simply the information, checking in with mentors when and where possible.

Now 15 years after I discovered these teachings, I felt the need to write this post as I get a lot of questions in regard to courses and how to approach training. Usually, my first response is that you should have a lengthy amount of time as a practitioner working on your own and see how you do. For some this works out for others it does not, but the initial effort should be there to find your own identity in Magick and to ensure you are not led down a path by a charismatic guide. Always maintain your independence.

Once someone has experience of doing things on their own, they can begin to understand what they are good at and what they find challenging (of course this is subjective, but it is a good start). At this point it makes sense to seek answers to why you are finding some things challenging. This of course could be down to many things, and ultimately comes down to how you approach the training. Whether you limit yourself, whether you believe it should take a decade, whether you believe it is something you can or cannot do, deep down all these self-imposed limitations are what should be taken care of in Steps 1-3 of Initiation into Hermetics. But it is not that simple as many of us have a gift for making what should be straightforward, complex. I actually wrote a post about this not long ago, about why a person may not be progressing, you can read it here. As you can join any course you like and if these points raised in that post are not addressed then you can just get stuck in a repeated cycle of looking for the next shiny thing.

This is where an outside perspective can be useful whether that be in a ‘Coach – Student’ approach with lots of communication and feedback, the approach taken in Andres ‘Magic and Mystical Introspection’ or in the more engineering approach taken by Sixty Skills. Seeing how others approach the material can shine light on what is holding us back.

I provide in this post many different approaches to IIH, as different personalities suit different approaches.

Magick, Evocation and Kabbalah at Perseus Arcane Academy

Sixty Skills Bundles

Purchase Sixty Skills curriculum by Level. This is a happy medium between the Master Course which offers the most value and individual courses. Start with Level 1.

Understanding the Challenge of the Franz Bardon Tradition

Now of course there are a multitude of views about Franz Bardon, about his teachings, questioning who his teachers were, suggesting he was a walk-in (A Spirit that took over the body Franz Bardon), or a reincarnation of some spiritual figure of the past. For me, firstly I simply do not know the answer to any of these questions and I find it a waste of time to spend mental resources on asking questions that I can never answer with any certainty or believing someone else’s views about him. No matter the authority, no matter whether the person is from the US, UK or even if they lived right next door to Franz Bardon, these are still just individual viewpoints put forward and it brings no benefit to our practice to invest in any of them. To be clear here I am not dismissing any viewpoint or anyone, I just think time is better spent on actual practice and all conclusions about the value of Franz Bardon’s books should really come from actually doing the work.

So what is that work? Well we have three main books of practice that Franz Bardon provided for us:

Initiation Into Hermetics (IIH): This book serves as a practical guide for spiritual development and self-realization. It covers the fundamentals of Franz Bardon’s Hermeticism, including mental exercises, meditation, visualization, and energy work. Bardon emphasizes the importance of self-discipline, mental focus, to attain mastery over each aspect of ourselves: Mental, Astral and Physical. They key he uses to do this is via the elements (earth, air, fire, and water), establishing equilibrium, mastery of the elements, electric and magnetic fluids and the akasha. Finally, this first training manual introduces to the student to their Higher Guardian Angel, invokes their personal god and sends the student out to the four elemental realms.

So as we can see though it is the first manual it is still exceptionally complete and requires a high standard. With all my searching around Asia and the West I would occasionally find systems that specialize in certain areas of knowledge that matched or surpassed the material in IIH but only in very specific areas, nothing came close to having a complete system.

The Practice of Magical Evocation (PME): this book delves into the theory and practice of summoning and communicating with spiritual entities from various planes of existence. Bardon provides detailed instructions on preparing the magician, creating a magical circle, using magical tools, and working with various spirits, emphasizing caution, respect, and ethical conduct in magical evocation. Though it is a manual of Evocation, it will primarily become the guidebook for mental travel.

It all sounds simple enough but there are key skills required before this work of PME should be started. Franz Bardon clearly states Step 8 of IIH should be completed before PME or KTQ should be started. Really it comes down to a few vital skills which you need to ensure that PME is a useful and safe process for you. So often people complaining about not getting good results is because their foundation was nonexistent.

The Key to the True Quabbalah (KTQ): This book explores the deeper aspects of Hermeticism and the mysteries of the Qabbalah (Kabbalah). Bardon discusses the principles of the Qabbalistic system, explaining the correspondences between letters, numbers, elements, and divine attributes. He provides insights into the universal laws governing creation, the macrocosm, and the microcosm, revealing how understanding these principles can lead to spiritual enlightenment and harmony with the cosmos. These are the 27 letters, the god levers to creation.

This is truly a miraculous book, the fact we have this is simply amazing. It is a life’s work. As with PME there are certain skills that are required before attempting this work.

As can be seen from the short description of the books above, it is clear that this is the real deal. This is not some modern-day watered-down practice this is everything you need to improve in every area of your life. Just the work of IIH will bring great change and clarity to your life.


The requirements of Franz Bardon’s books are known to be challenging and sometimes cause problems for new students. Step 1 & 2 have caused many to be stuck for years! (Myself included) As Franz Bardon states not to go on unless you have achieved the requirements of the Step. This leaves people in a no man’s land of not being able to achieve the requirements and not proceeding, this slowly becomes a huge mental block creating a state of expecting failure. This does not help anyone.

Another challenge often mentioned by practitioners is of the mistranslation of various words. There is a claim that the true meaning has been lost or misunderstood on some steps. This is arguable as many still seemed to have proceeded successfully. But for sure the writing is very old fashioned and not very suitable for younger readers as many find it too dry and hard to engage with.

Being able to see someone do the exercise or describe it as they do it – this is another challenge as the book simply provides dry instructions and sometimes, we have to make a little mental jump to arrive at where we think Franz Bardon wants us to arrive at.

The Master Course Advantage

The Master Course is created by someone (Bob) with 30 years of experience venturing all over the world seeking out genuine teachers willing to share their lineage material. So, not only does the Master Course provide you with the Franz Bardon perspective but also insight into other traditional systems that help support your work in meditation and energy work.

The approach it takes is by looking at the specific skills contained within IIH and tackling each one independently but also as part of a progressive curriculum.

The curriculum comprises 10 levels that span over a period of 18 months, providing students with a comprehensive set of skills (numbered 1-67) necessary for the development of their Physical, Astral, and Mental bodies. The entire curriculum, along with links to each course, has been listed in this post. Please note that some courses are repeated across multiple levels for the sake of efficiency as multiple skills have been combined into one convenient course – saving you time and confusion. Due to the progressive nature of the curriculum, your skills naturally develop through a series of small successful steps and provide you with an expectation of success and a certainty that if you do A you naturally get B this is the beauty of an engineering approach. No more getting stuck in a rut for multiple years.

Due to the progressive nature of the curriculum, your skills naturally develop through a series of small successful steps and provide you with an expectation of success and a certainty that if you do A, you naturally get B this is the beauty of an engineering approach. No more getting stuck in a rut for multiple years.

18 Months – Little over a long period of time…Yes working over a long period of time is great for consistency but not very effective in producing results that make a real difference. To paraphrase Elon Musk ‘ if you have a 3-year plan it will take you 3 years, so condense that timeline.’ If we think it should take 10 years to get to the latter stages of IIH, then it probably will. Another way of looking at this is a little like the 4-minute mile, for such a long time it was thought to be impossible but after Roger Bannister broke it others rapidly followed.

Personally, I have been working away at IIH and the other works of Franz Bardon since 2008, so 15 years of study, practice, flying out to Thailand to train with Sifu Mark Rasmus and interacting with many known and private practitioners. My view of the training and what is and is not possible has changed a lot over this time, and now with the Master Course seeing that there is a vibrant Discord server with many students who have done what I thought 15 years ago was impossible is a little shocking. Some on the server were already practitioners of IIH and longtime magicians, and it looks like they have made impressive progress. But some of the most remarkable examples come from those who never knew it was supposed to take longer! People who have come in fresh with no knowledge of Franz Bardon simply seeking energetic, spiritual and meditative progress. Their progress has been in line with this 18-month timeline with some exceptional students doing it even quicker – to be very clear the Master Course is not trying to make this a race; it is just about efficiency. Efficiency in developing skills, the maturity has its own timeline. But with the Master Course swiftly getting you to the point where you can establish equilibrium, then a virtuous cycle is created. The better you get with establishing equilibrium the greater influence it has upon your character/maturity and the easier it becomes to make new positive habits. I often wonder where I would be now had I access to this material all those years ago.

When you have someone in front of you, on video explaining every detail of the practice, who truly wants you to ‘get it’, with the Discord available to answer every question you have, being able to share progress with fellow students, then what used to take 5-10 years from a book is now achievable in a far shorter period of time.


Here is a brief summary why the Master Course makes sense for anyone who wants to get involved in the Franz Bardon tradition, Magick in general or who wants to develop specific skills like Mental Travel and working with various energies:

  • Clarity in Learning: The Sixty Skills Master Course fosters clarity in learning by employing concise explanations and practical demonstrations. Through simplified analogies and constant review, learners navigate complex teachings with ease, ensuring a profound understanding of Franz Bardon’s material.
  • Demonstrations and Practical Application: The Master Course sets itself apart by integrating live demonstrations and interactive exercises into its curriculum, enabling learners to apply theoretical knowledge into real-life scenarios.
  • Structured Learning Pace: At the heart of the Master Course lies a meticulously structured learning pace, providing a balance between depth and progression.
  • Progressive Learning Stages: The Master Course’s progressive learning stages, carefully designed to guide learners through gradual skill development and mastery. From foundational principles to advanced concepts, each stage builds upon the previous, culminating in a holistic understanding and practical application of Franz Bardon’s teachings.

Bob’s Insights and Interviews

If you are seriously considering the Master Course as the means to finally feel confident and accomplished with the exercises and to know that you are doing it right and are getting real results, then it is important to know a little more about Bob, the creator of the Master Course and the entire Sixty Skills Curriculum.

Video Interviews

Clint Sabom Interviews Bob from Sixty Skills
Art of Inner Power Interviews Bob from Sixty Skills
Egregores & Esoterica – Part 1 – Bob Smith and Phil Rice
Egregores & Esoterica – Part 2 – Bob Smith and Phil Rice
Initiation Into Hermetics by Franz Bardon
The Key To The True Kabbalah – Franz Bardon – with Bob Smith and Phil Rice

Written Interviews

Perseus Interview 1: Magic, Kabbalah & Evocation: The Outer Planets with Bob from Sixty Skills
Perseus Interview 2: Sixty Skills Interview: The Living Crystal, Stacking the Sephirot and the “Trials of Hercules”
Perseus Interview 3: Beyond the Inner Planets: Sixty Skills Explores the Solar System’s Frontiers in Search of Kabbalah

Important Sixty Skills Blog Posts

Post 1: Issuing Power into the Physical: The Role of Connective Tissue
Post 2: Kabbalistic Letter Practice: What Happens When You Look Behind the Curtains
Post 3: The Four Elements: The Heart of Magic
Post 4: Naughty, Naughty Neptune
Post 5: Plumbing the Depths of Pluto: Part One of Two
Post 6: Getting Down in Pluto Town: The Deuce
Post 7: On the Whole: The Extra Extrasolar Region Plus1


As previous mentioned there are many, many people who have found success with the Master Course as well as the wider Sixty Skills curriculum. But it all starts with the foundation, the Master Course. Here is a small sample of testimonials received for the individual courses that make up the Master Course…we have an entire spreadsheet full of similar testimonials.

What is in the Curriculum?

Well, you can see the entire curriculum here with long previews of each course inside the Master Course – some up to 30 minutes in length. But if you just want to see a convenient list, here it is divided by level:

Level 1 – Mental

How to Concentrate

Level 1 – Astral

Building the Chi Ball
What is the Secret Smile

Level 1 – Physical

What are the Electric and Magnetic Lines of Force?

Level 2 – Mental

Auto Suggestion: What is the Mala Method?

Level 2 – Astral

How to Breath Astral Energy?
Developing Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Claireaugstance

Level 2 – Physical

Training the Electric/Magnetic Lines of Force with Movement

Level 3 – Mental

How to Generate Mental Energy

Level 3 – Astral

Creating Your Life’s Movie

Level 3 – Physical

Training the Electric/Magnetic Lines of Force with Movement

Level Four – Mental

Creating Your Life’s Movie

Level Four – Astral

Training the Four Elements (Fire, Air, Water and Earth)
Room Impregnation: Filling Your Sacred Space

Level Four – Physical

Resistance Training for Magicians: The Yoga of Strength

Level Five – Mental

The Three Transformations: How to Convert Your Energies

Level Five – Astral

Establishment of Equilibrium: The Four Elements and Magic

Level Five – Physical

Training the Electric/Magnetic Lines of Force with Movement

Level Six – Mental

Transference of Consciousness and the Grain of Sand

Level Six – Astral

Room Impregnation: Filling Your Sacred Space

Level Six – Physical

Astral Walking

Level Seven – Mental

Transference of Consciousness and the Grain of Sand

Level Seven – Astral

Establishment of Equilibrium: The Four Elements and Magic

Level Seven – Physical

Power Walking with Weights: The Walk of the Magicians

Level Eight – Mental

The Zero Point: Out of Body Projection for People Who Can’t

Level Eight – Astral

Creation of Elementaries

Level Eight – Physical

Walking with the Elements

Level Nine – Mental

Mental Wandering: Intelligence Gathering and the Real OBE

Level Nine – Astral

The Void Meets Infinity: Akasha and Non-Dual Light Breathing

Level Nine – Physical

Rebounding: Fah Jin, Empty Force and Fascia Development

Level Ten – Mental

The Void Meets Infinity: Akasha and Non-Dual Light Breathing
How to Learn Kabbalah from the Spirit World Via Evocation

Level Ten – Astral

The Chi Circulation Method
SixtySkills Extra: Advanced Clairvoyance Training

Level Ten – Physical

Volting: Expressing Your Will in the Universe
The Void Meets Infinity: Akasha and Non-Dual Light Breathing

Are you ready to Join the Master Course?

Whether you are a complete newbie or a struggling student of Initiation into Hermetics. The Master Course can change EVERYTHING.

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