The Sphere of Mercury: Interview with Nenad Djordjevic Talerman


Nenad Djordjevic Talerman is a historian. He considers himself to be a hermetist and a student of Franz Bardon. He recently published a book The Spirits of Tarot, which he wrote in Serbian which is his native language. He is also a published author of several books about the history of Shanghai, the city where he lives with his family. Inspired to experience many aspects of professional life, Talerman has so far been a teacher, archivist, diplomat, humanitarian, singer, and consultant living and working in Serbia, Sweden, North Korea, the Philippines, Turkey and China. In addition to all of this he is one of the most hard working magicians you will see after his evoking of the 360 Spirits of the Earth Zone resulting in a book of the same name published by Falcon Books Publishing.

In this interview we talk to Nenad about his upcoming new release to be published with Falcon Books Publishing about the Sphere of Mercury (News coming soon regarding the release so keep an eye on Falcon Books Publishing). My questions are based on having had early access to the manuscript, I picked out areas that I found interesting, I hope readers get as much out of these answers as I did.

You may also enjoy this interview with Sixty Skills where he covers some of these subjects as he has been working through both the inner and the outer planets, sharing his results as he progresses.


PAA: Welcome to our first official interview with you on Perseus.

Nenad: You are welcome! I am happy and honored because you are the hermetic lighthouse of
our contemporary world.

PAA: Please provide a brief intro.

Nenad: I was born in Serbia, I have been living in China for more than 20 years, and I also lived in North Korea, Turkey, Sweden and the Philippines. I have got master’s degree in history, and I have changed a lot of jobs. I have been, among other things, an archivist, diplomat, manager, and humanitarian. My first job was a history teacher and now I am a history teacher again, and I hope that I made a full circle, so that it stays that way, because that is the job I enjoy most. I am also a singer in a rock band. In all of my different careers, I have written many kinds of diplomatic reports, telegrams, notes, history articles, business analyses, poems and short stories. I decided to make use of all of my different writing experiences and to focus of all of what I have learned about writing on creating those books about magic. I had my first magical experience when I was a child. When I look at that time, I think I had a vivid imagination. I endured with magic until today, but it was not that difficult because I love it.

PAA: You are well known for work with Evocation and your amazing series 360 Heads of the
Earth Zone. As this was a project you completed several years ago, what have you been working
on since.

Nenad: I have been working mostly with Mercury and Venus. I systematically started exploring the Mercury Zone on 27 July 2015 and the Venus Zone on 9 September 2016. So, it has taken me some 7 and 8 years respectively to finish the books about those two planets. When I say systematically, I mean the systematic evocations of all 72 genii from the Mercury Zone and 90 genii from the Venus Zone. In the meantime, I evoked spirits from other planets too, but sporadically, so I would not consider that work systematic.

PAA: Do you plan on working through each planetary sphere and sharing the results?

Nenad: That is my goal. The problem is that my systemic work with the Sun Zone has just began, and if you see how long it was taking me with Mercury and Venus, I guess the book about the Sun will not come any time soon. There is a magical belief that if you come to the Sun, the helping hand of God will appear, maybe sometimes in the form of your cosmic guru to pull you through the second path fast. After the Sun, comes Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chokmah (the star sphere) and Kether (with names of God). We will see how fast these all go, I will certainly need that helping hand.

PAA: Have you noticed any difference in the work as you travel further out through the planets?

Nenad: I did. And I hope that that difference can be also felt in my books. When you take my book about Mercury, I think it is clear that it is Mercurial from the beginning to the end, but when you read the book about Venus, it is Venusian, it is more like art and poetry. While working and writing about Mercury I felt like a Mercury child, and while working with Venus, almost like Venusian child. I say almost, because, I am in no way a Venusian child. If I am a child of any planet, that should be Mercury.

PAA: What is the difference in interaction between the planetary spirits and those of the 360
Spirits girdling the Earth Zone discussed in your previous work.

Nenad: It really depends on how close you are with any of those spirits. For example, as a foreigner living in China, I always rely on the head of the Earth Zone Lagiros for any kind of visa or legal issues. There are a few other spirits, especially from Mercury who can help in that matter too, but I do not want to get them involved, because I have a strong relationship with Lagiros. So, I am taking this opportunity to pay gratitude to Lagiros. On the other side, if I want to change the weather, like invoking the rain, I would rather contact the Shem angel Lehahiah, even though several heads of the Earth Zone can be also helpful on that matter. Furthermore, the more you are into planetary magic, the clearer you will see the connections and hierarchies between all of those spirits from the Earth, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, etc.

PAA: Can you give some examples?

Nenad: Well, the third Sun genius Dubezh is very fond of horses. One of his subordinates is Zakarye who guards one of many paths leading from Venus to the Sun. Zakarye is a horse herder. He knows almost everything about horses from our part of the universe. Zakarye is also very close with the 85 th Venus genius Pitofil. If a lost soul gets stuck somewhere between the Sun and Venus, Zakarye’s horses would collect their souls. Then we come to the 19 th Shem angel Leuviah who just loves horses and cures them from illnesses, and finally to Igigi from the Earth Zone who loves horses too. All of those spirits are also related to their names of God, so actually, if we want to help a horse heal or maybe win a race, we should mention those Divine names too.

Finally, we come to this that any horse can be helped in any different way by Dubezh, Zakarye, Pitofil, Leuviah and Igigi, in the name of Sol, Adonai, LUU, Deus Festons ad Audiendum, Yah, Gaziety, Bogi, Jesus, R, Achyonodazar and Blossom. Even this is not the end, because at this moment I just do not know the precise horses’ connections to Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. And we are talking here only about helping horses, but what about any other living being, person, or thing, and what about love, success, happiness? Every little thing is connected right down from here to Divine Providence. It is not possible to know everything about all of those cosmic connections through all of those planes and planets, but hopefully intuition can help to make a right choice. If the connection between any thing and related name of God is done well, magic will work in any field, unless we deliberately spoil our own work. I think that my books can give some answers about how to make some of those cosmic connections. At the end, everything is going to be 100 percent clear about all aspects of our life and their connections with higher spheres and vibrations and everything else, but at that same moment, I am afraid it will be also the time to move on somewhere else.

PAA: You mentioned horses, can you give some more examples, how all is connected?

Nenad: For example, you may make your any Wednesday blessed with this simple conjuration:
“Wonderful Mercury, the great messenger of God, the Sun and all of the planets, I feel myself as a Mercurial child, so help me achieve successes in all of my activities in the name of the most awesome Divine names by which you were created, blessed and influenced to be such a great planet. As Adonai, Agiel, Asthapaios, Alethos Logosa, Athanatos, Azot, El, El Ab, El Gibor, Elaios, Elohim Tzabaoth, and Emanuel blessed you as the planet, may they also bless this Wednesday for me as I love you, Mercury.”

Another example, as the master of time from Venus, Oposah can make every Friday a happy, lucky and blessed day for you. Oposah thinks that you should spend your Fridays with deserved happiness, love, art, and entertainment. In order to bless yourself with the best qualities of Friday, the day of Venus, Oposah suggests you to perform the Morning Conjuration of Friday in the early morning Venus hours. Just after waking up, after a short meditation, open up your eyes and address directly God with those words:

“I was born to be happy, and life is lived to enjoy it. When I am happy, I know, God, that you are happy too, so I am asking you to bless this Friday for me with all of these most exalted and loveliest names with which you created Friday and sealed it with love, beauty, art, joy and happiness: Adonai, Adonai Elohim, Adonai Sadai, El, El-Chai-Shekinah, Elohim, Elohim Veszio, Hey, Ja, Je, On, Pola, Shaddai, and Yaglepzeq .”

After the bath ritual, take something green to wear, in order to attract the most positive energy of Friday and Venus in the line of this conjuration.

In my Mercury book, I suggested conjurations against demonic attack, for protection, for Kether meditation, for help, for long and happy life, for easy child birth, against curses, all in all 96 conjurations in total.

PAA: How does work with the Mercury Zone differ from other spheres?

Nenad: It took me at least one year break between the two last drafts of my Mercury book. The reason for that is that in the previous version I neglected to include in it the names of God, those so called quantity keys witch connect them to the Mercury spirits or Shem angels. So, in the meantime, not always aware of the fact that this element was missing from my previous version, I started collecting the data for my new book about the last step to Divine Providence, which is about the names of God, that I plan to write some time in the future. So, finally, I have collected some 2000 pages about thousands of different names of God. Eventually, I ended up with two parallel works, one about Mercury which I thought I more or less finished and the new one about the names of God. So only when I put some elements together from those two works, I was able to finally finish my book about Mercury, in the way that I can say that I am satisfied about it.

The work with Mercury is mostly different than with other planets in it that it elevates us directly to Divine Providence, while other planets usually bring us to the ninth step, let’s say to some faraway planet or star which is in Chokmah. But, please, do not take it as a rule, because all other planets can also bring us up to the top.

PAA: What spirits stood out (if any) due to their qualities/willingness to assist magicians?

Nenad: Many stood out, and for some of them I did not expect them to. It would take a long space to mention them all, so I am taking this opportunity to deeply thank them all, but I will say a few names, Jugula, the Earth Zone master of talismanic magic, Lotifar, the protector of suicidal people who inspired me to write a book about suicide, Riquita who helped me with my voice as a singer, Zagriona, who is helping with teaching, Barnel, totally unexpectedly about running my company, and Pigios who helped me with painting. Some others of whom I expected more, remained so far more or less silent, but I really cannot tell who they are. Certainly, I could not have obtained any tangible results with the heads who are responsible for physics, chemistry, inventions, and technology, because I am not versed with those subjects. All in all, I evoked all of those spirits not because I needed help from each one of them, but because I was writing a book about all of them. I have been telling them, if you can teach me about your subjects, great, I am always open to it, but at this moment the main purpose for my evocation is that I would like to write something about you, so that other people can also get familiar about your existence, how you can help them, what you teach about, how your home look like and how great you are.

PAA: At the beginning of your book on Mercury you mention 1500 keys given to mankind.
Could you break this down a little and talk about the importance of these keys for the

Nenad: The Shem angels kept on telling me for years that they deliver 1500 different magical keys to the mankind, and that each of those keys opens up a special magical subject. According to the cabalistic lore, the 1500 keys had been in the middle of the Book of Raziel, which Raziel had delivered to Adam and Eve, but were later lost forever. I managed to discover 1256 keys. Of course, they cannot be the same as those given to Adam and Eve, since they are modeled for modern humans. I could have forced myself to come to that number of 1500, but that would have been artificial and certainly wrong. Of those 1500 magical keys, 72 are the most important, each linked to the respective Shem angel. I called them in my book key targets. They open up 72 fields of magic, each initiated and supervised by the relevant Shem angel.

PAA: You divided them into Divine, cosmic, planetary, mental, astral, and physical keys. Can
you first tell us something about Divine keys?

Nenad: The Divine keys of each 72 angel consist of that angel’s cabala key and quantity key.

PAA: Maybe, first you would like to say something about cabala keys?

Nenad: Let’s take Hahahel as an example. The cabala key for Hahahael is the three letters name of God HHH. Hahahel originates from HHH. This powerful name of God is mentioned in Ma’ash Merkabah and in Merkavah Rabba, which tells that HHH is one of the names from 70 or alternatively 72 letters written in God’s forehead. Geniza Fragments instructs that with this word you can evoke Metatron. It was revealed to Moses from the bush. This name of God appears in the Sword of Moses. It was also delivered to Franz Bardon by a very high spiritual being. Bardon tells that HHH gives such power to any letter that it will become cabalistically effective even in the Akasha principle.

PAA: Can you then tell us something about quantity keys?

Nenad: This is how Franz Bardon called the 72 names of God which A. Kircher had related to each Shem angel. In the case of Hahahel, it is Gudi. So Gudi is the 41 st God’s name according to Kircher and the 41 st quantity key according to Bardon, linked to Hahahel. Thus Gudi is one of those 72 names of God directly accessible from Mercury. For Gudi we may say that there are billions of Sun-like stars in the Universe and that they all are ruled by this name of God. Gudi dominates over all of those tiny sparks of creation which would later develop into the Sun-like stars. It also supervises their development from their earliest phase when they are of microscopic size until they become star giants. Gudi also guards the number 6, especially in its earlier stages, when it ranges from 6,00001 to 6,1. The way how Gudi protects the Sun, the same way it can also protect us, if we get close to Hahahel.

PAA: Can you tell us something about cosmic and planetary keys?

Nenad: All Shem angels teach about Mercury, but also about at least one more planet. The reason for this is that even though they all are Mercurial, their teaching platforms might be somewhere else, in the case of Hahahel, his teaching platform is on the Sun, so he can teach both about Mercury and the Sun. Hahahel’s original temples and settlements are located at the brightest and hottest region of the Sun. This angel can make you shine like the Sun, enabling you to become a brilliant and charismatic leader. Hahahel will encourage you to develop many characteristics of the Sun and increase your ability to heal and love. Related to Mercury, Hahahel can give you the capacity to develop Mercurial mind and show you the way how to apply it in everyday activities. Besides, Hahahel is also one of the main keepers of the Akashic records. The magician will approach Akasha easier if he helps. Hahahel guards special Akashic files that hold recordings of our life missions. This glorious angel also teaches about mutual relations between Akasha principal and Divine light, which means that he can guide you to the most subtle spheres of any planet. All in all, those are the main cosmic and planetary keys related to Hahahel. All Shem angels teach about about Mercury, but in 72 different ways.

PAA: Can you tell us something about mental and astral keys?

Nenad: Those keys are magical tasks and lessons that Shem angels have prepared for their human students. Mental and astral keys can be of many kinds. The first of those keys that I numbered in my book for each Shem angel are more mystical, while the last ones of them are more mundane. For example, in the case of Hahahel, his mental and astral keys are: predicting the future, exorcism, invulnerability, fulfilling wishes, energy, solving problems, self-confidence and making plans. So, they get more mundane as they go down the list.

PAA: Then we finally come to the physical keys.

Nenad: Yes, in the case of Hahahel, his last two keys are cargo and customs, and they are physical. It has been observed that Hahahel is the patron of those people who trade by cargo ships and that he can efficiently solve problems with customs. Even those physical keys that the Shem angels are giving to us are magical. The beauty of magic is, among many other things, to make our mundane tasks more magical. So, in the way, solving a problem with cargo has the potential to be equally magically exciting as reading Akashic records. If you are a magician, you can choose to solve your customs problems with or without magic, but what would you prefer? I would opt for magic.

PAA: How has your practice evolved over the years since the ‘360 Spirits of the Earth Zone’?
Has the process of mental wandering and evocation become more streamlined? Requiring less
preparation? Or is it still a very big commitment to prepare for?

Nenad: During a successful evocation, a genius who appears in our world’s reality, would often invite you to visit his or her region. So, an evocation often means to the magician that he can be both a host and guest. Now it is easier for me to be the host, but to be the guest for me it is the same easy or difficult as it was before. The reason is personal. Now I feel older and less adventurous. If I can obtain the information I need with easier methods, I will rather choose a simpler meditation than to search through the whole cosmos astrally or mentally to get to it. Before, as a young guy, I always opted for a more difficult option. Of course, even now, whenever I feel a spiritual and divine call or when I need protection against malicious forces, I would be ready to go wherever I am invited or in need to be, but it happens less frequently than before.

PAA: Is it possible to expand on this entry? Elemiah about Mercury: “Of course, I agree with your sciences when they say that life on Mercury is not possible, but they should also know that biological life is not the only possible mode of existence.”

Nenad: As biological life had seized to exist not only on Mercury but also in other nearby planets, all life-forms that had ever existed in our planetary system found their way to appear on the Earth as its evolutionary era is suitable for biological life. Our Earth is called the Kingdom of animals, plants and minerals because it hosts all animals, plants and minerals that have ever existed on any planet that belongs to our Sun. Mercury’s blossoming astral civilization is highly diverse and developed and yet so subtle, that nothing of it can be seen by usual human senses and instruments. But maybe, before we start talking about the astral regions, first we might take a look at the etheric planes of Mercury and a few other planets?

PAA: Sure, please.

Nenad: Excluding the Earth, etheric layers of other planets in our Solar system are not (or seized to be) life-giving, but they have some other functions. The Moon, also covered by the etheric layers, is “Etheric Motor” which brings the matter into life onto the Earth. The main function of the etheric plane of Mercury is to receive information from the Sun and to transmit it further to the Earth and other planets of the Solar system, and many spirits are engaged in the Mercury Zone with that transmission. It is not by chance that Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. This position makes it easier for Mercury to implement its Solar tasks to spread information from the Sun to other planets. If the Moon is “Motor of Life” of the Earth and Mercury the “Informative Satellite of the Sun”, then Venus is the “Motor of Procreation”. It is not by chance
that Venus is known as the planet of love. Etheric nature of Venus is mostly about procreation. When people fall in love, they feel chemistry between each other. That chemistry is Venusian and it originates from the etheric region of that planet.

PAA: Can you tell us something about astral and mental regions of Mercury and some other

Nenad: Each planet has the four main planes, which are governed by each letter of IHVH. For example, the Divine sphere of Mercury is ruled by I. The first H refers to Mercury’s mental plane and the letter V to Mercury’s astral plane. The etheric realm of Mercury belongs to H. As each planet is special in something, Mercury’s astral and mental spheres are also divided into 72 main regions. There are also 90 main mental and astral regions on Venus, 45 on the Sun, 12 on Jupiter and 28 on the Moon. Each planet has also numerous other parallel worlds connected to it, so many that it is impossible to count. Even some of the most advanced spirits have not explored their own planetary zones to the end.

PAA: Could you elaborate a bit about those unexplored regions with parallel worlds that are
impossible to count?

Nenad: For example, Osoa is the main leader, supervisor and organizer of expeditions around the Venus Zone, but he might also be the guardian of our world’s adventurers and explorers. He is a captain of the giant ship “Queen Z”. That ship is sailing across the desert being pulled by hundreds of red and purple horses. Those horses are giants with twelve legs, with wings tucked away and with three tails. Everything you need for your comfort is there. People onboard “Queen Z” are singing, dancing, playing board games, and drinking. Others are reading or learning some tricks and acrobatics. While doing all of the stuff Venusians usually like doing, together they are also touring over unexplored parts of Venus.

There are many other ships like “Queen Z”. They travel all around the Venus Zone and elsewhere, but the main harbour is in Ischoa’s region. This part of Venus is partly a huge desert and partly a rainforest, but so vast that there are still many spots to be charted. But that is not all. Venus has thousands more regions, many more than those 4 main (IHVH) and 90 governed by the respective Venusian genii. Let’s take a short look at Pimel’s dome. It is a very cute with thousands of enigmatic little shiny things decorating its
purple roof. It does not look that huge from outside, but when you open the velvet purple front door and enter in, it is really enormous. All in all, that dome has 70 levels, and each level has exactly 1000 doors. Each door leads to another realm, making it 70,000 realms in total. And each realm has its own guardians and guides. According to Pimel, whoever comes here chooses which door they want to go through, but they do not know what is behind. Some can get lost, but in a more serious trouble, they will get rescued. Each level of this grand dome teaches about specific field of magic. Once you graduate at one level, you will be allowed to study at other parts. Pimel has helped many magicians from Venus in their overall magical improvement in any fields of magic. It is actually mind-blowing how many different regions are not only on Venus, but in any other planet or star.

PAA: At the beginning of your book you acknowledge the assistance of others in this work. Will
this team work continue as you go forward through the planetary spheres or at some point must
the work become very personal?

Nenad: As a historian I have learned that you need to have reliable sources for any subject you write about. So, whenever I write about planets I do my best to research what has been written that far on that subject. Sometimes, it is quite a lot, as in the case of the Shem angels, and sometimes it is almost nothing, as in the case of the 90 Venusian genii. Then of course, I add into my stories my own personal insights and experiences. It is not that I do not trust myself, but I find it great to have someone to compare my discoveries with. Besides, much of what my friends have discovered so far I have not, also vice versa, and they also give me great ideas and inspiration. Thanks to Isis, I managed to write the books about the Moon and Venus.

It is not always easy for me to be clairvoyant, but Isis is different, she sees hidden things with real easiness any time she is up to. Reliable as she is, her stories are about what there is in the astral and mental levels. Sometimes something might sound fantastic, but it is never fantasy. Isis has also a sharp eye for details. What most others would neglect to notice, that is exactly what she describes in great details. With the Mercury book, I had a lot of teammates, but just 2 of them endured the all way through. Isis was, however, not a member of that team. Mutual trust is very important in this kind of teamwork. All of my teammates have trusted me about what I have been doing, for example, organizing the stuff, suggesting methods, and having the final word in the form of a book. But that book would not be possible without their participation. The exception is the Earth Zone book, which I wrote alone.

But as for the planetary magic, it is too much for me to handle alone. I know my limits. Isis is now busy with other things, but we did try to work through the Sun Zone together a few years ago. That time, we somehow just gave up. Now, I am writing the Sun Zone book with the help of another female friend of mine Irma. She is from Bosnia. If Isis is one of the greatest in astral and mental magic, Irma is one of the best persons to evoke spirits into our reality. She has her own methods. She has developed them through two decades of non-stop practice. I do not even think that she knows how great she is, but she is modest. So, hopefully the two of us will finish the Sun Zone together. Thereafter, I think that I will have to work with Mars alone, because I do not think that anyone would be enthusiastic enough to explore that planet together with me in the scope of one full year. I think that I will be able to make a team to Jupiter, but then again, as for Saturn, I think I will have to do it again alone. The last two steps of Divine Providence, Chokmah and Divine sphere with names of God, well, we will see how that goes. I have no idea at this moment.

PAA: This is a huge work you have produced, how often were you evoking in order to complete
this book?

Let’s talk about the first Shem angel Vehuiah just to give you illustration. I evoked him for the
first time some 10 years ago. Then for the second time in 2015, during my teamwork evocations of the Shem angels. The third time I evoked him while I was writing the first draft of my Mercury book, I think it was in 2017. Then for the fourth time when I was writing my second draft in 2018, and so on. At the end I do not count. When you are at the last stage of writing, which can last for about one month, then you are very active over reviewing, correcting, adding, deleting and rewriting. So at that stage, I think that I intervened in correcting my chapter about Vehuiah at least 30 times. I am sure that I was in touch with that great spirit in one way or another during those moments, even without the full scale evocation. Even at this very moment as I am mentioning him, I am sure that Vehuiah is somehow aware of it and that he is somewhere nearby. It happens sometimes that I am seeing spirits or hear them saying something to me while I am writing, but mot often they are giving me some signs, often through ideas or intuition. On the other hand, with a sudden blockade in my mind with a feel of freeze in my brain, I would know that I am writing wrong things. So, I delete it, and then everything goes back to normal with the flow in my mind. Indeed, they do sometimes say directly, no! Sometimes, yes! Or even, how do you know that?

PAA: Has your understanding of Mercury significantly changed after the production of this book
or did it reinforce previously held ideas?

Nenad: When you start your explorations about Mercury or any other planet, you have many doubts. My doubts about Mercury were many fold, like is it really true that Mercury is a messenger as the ancients thought it to be, that the Shem angels are from Mercury, that those quantity keys are the same as the names of God, that the Shem angels can be our guardian angels, that they help human culture grow, that they have such an advanced civilization, that they help us with everything, that they supervise 72 fields of magic, and that they have got those 1500 keys? So, you doubt, doubt and doubt, until you doubt no more.

PAA: What comes next in terms of personal study, as well as your book projects?

Nenad: Well, besides all of those remaining planetary spheres I was previously talking about, I would also like to write something less esoteric. Maybe, I will write a book with the title “20 years in China.” I might write a collection of my songs which I have been writing since I was 16, I also very much like Enochian magic. Some 15 years ago, I was at the crossroad, either to develop through Enochian magic or Bardon’s system of evocations. Obviously, I chose Bardon. But I would love to come back to Enochian again.

PAA: Is there any other subjects you would like to mention? Please do so here.

Nenad: Each one of those spirits gives great as well as very detailed knowledge on what they are teaching about. Some more famous spirits, like archangels Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, and so on, are fantastic initiators, they help in urgent matters, and each meeting with them is Divine and unforgettable, but they really have no time to work with each one of us personally and perpetually in let’s say any of those 1500 matters from Mercury which we might be interested in.
However, the Shem angels, the heads from the Earth Zone and the genii from other planets are ready to involve themselves totally in such detailed works, if not always personally, but then certainly any time through their subordinate spirits. The main problem with those planetary genii is that they are not that easy to evoke for the first time. For that reason, I gave hopefully detailed and useful instructions on how to evoke each one of those spirits that I mentioned in my books. If the practitioners follows those instructions, even if they omit a few things here and there, I am confident they will succeed with their evocation, if not the first time they try, then for the second time for sure.

More Information about Nenad

Read more about 360 Spirits of the Earth Zone Volume 1 of 4 – This is a huge book that will go down in history for the huge benefit it offers practitioners.

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Nenad introduces all of his courses in this video, they all have the same step 8 requirements. The step 8 requirements ensures students have the required skills to enable Nenad to assist you properly.

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1 year ago

Great work as always Nenad!

Philip Harris-Smith
Philip Harris-Smith
1 year ago

I’m very interested in the quality – quantity keys that are separate for Mercury sphere whereas with other spheres not. Nenad’s work on this is will be valuable.

11 months ago

I’m sorry, but your statement appears to be untrue or an illusion. Similar accusations are against Franz Bardon. After performing the evocation for years, I believe that you are being dishonest. You do not know how to communicate with planetary and elemental beings. It seems that Bardon has been suffering from delusions too and was not truthful.

1 month ago

Really looking forward to the book on the Mercury Zone. Is there a publishing date already?

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