Traditional Versus Modern: Exploring Different Paths to Kabbalah Mastery

In this post, we will compare four approaches to Kabbalah training available through the Perseus Arcane Academy. We will focus on the programs influenced by Western esotericist Franz Bardon, rather than the traditional Kabbalah practices of the Jewish faith. So, the following paths are all approaches we can take to proceed through Franz Bardon’s 3rd manual ‘The Key to the True Kabbalah’.

Path 1 – Franz Bardon’s Traditional Approach

This path follows Franz Bardon’s books step-by-step, beginning with spending years working through his foundational text “Initiation into Hermetics.” Bardon recommends first mastering all of the magical and energetic practices in this book before starting any Kabbalah work. This includes techniques like concentration, visualization, working with elements and elemental beings, breathwork, mental and astral travel, over 10 graded steps (At the end of Step 8 you can officially start the 2nd and 3rd book). The entire process can take many years and in some cases a decade or longer for dedicated students. Only then does Bardon introduce his approach to Kabbalah in his third book ‘The Key to the True Kabbalah.’ This path is very thorough but also quite rigorous and time-intensive. It is well-suited for purists who want an authentic, unhurried journey through Bardon’s system in the traditional order. The payoff is an exceptionally solid grounding in magical skills and esoteric wisdom before diving into Kabbalah. However, the lengthy time frame required may frustrate some contemporary students.

Path 2 – Sixty Skills Accelerated Training

Sixty Skills offers a more accelerated approach to Bardon’s Kabbalah teachings. There are two entry points: completing the 18-month Sixty Skills Master Course first, or going directly into the main Sixty Skills course. The Master Course condenses and streamlines many lessons from Bardon’s “Initiation into Hermetics” into a more efficient 1.5 year curriculum focusing on concentration, visualization, psychic development, working with elements/beings, and introductory energy work. This pares down much of the lengthy preliminary training while still establishing core competencies culminating in true magical independence, the ability to produce your own akasha and non-dual light. After the Master Course, students can proceed to the Sixty Skills Kabbalah program. Alternatively, students can enroll directly into the Kabbalah course as it integrates some of the basics and fundamentals into the curriculum. While this is not as comprehensive as the Master Course, it allows students to begin Kabbalah work sooner while filling in any gaps in knowledge. An additional benefit of Sixty Skills is the inclusion of Planetary Kabbalah practices later in the curriculum providing a path of learning for advanced students. Overall, this path significantly accelerates the Kabbalah learning process compared to Bardon’s extended timeline. It is well-suited for motivated self-starters who value efficiency and want to dive into Kabbalah sooner.

Path 3 – Jake Green’s Kabbalah Masterclass

Jake Green offers a contemporary Kabbalah course incorporating transmissions from the teacher to activate deeper understanding and abilities within students. This aligns with the approach used in his popular Evocation Masterclass. The course focuses on providing key practical knowledge and direct experience with Kabbalah rather than an extensive magical curriculum beforehand. As a younger teacher (with vast experience), Jake may appeal uniquely to millennial and Gen Z students who connect with his modern teaching style. The course is also designed to be very flexible, organic and constantly evolving based on student feedback and needs. This distinguishes it from more rigid program structures. The use of transmissions allows students to benefit from the teacher’s experience and awaken their own innate skills and intuition. If you resonate with Jake’s energy and desire a practical, transmission-focused Kabbalah program, this course provides that leading-edge approach.

Path 4: Ray Del Sole’s Mystical Kabbalah

Ray Del Sole offers a course clarifying and expanding upon Franz Bardon’s Kabbalah teachings. For those who wish to follow Bardon’s framework, Ray provides helpful corrections in language as he is a native German speaker and elaborations where needed to ensure students properly understand the system. His approach comes with extensive supplementary reference materials delving deeper into the core concepts and techniques. Ray assists students in avoiding potential pitfalls and misconceptions when self-teaching Bardon’s material. His insightful course optimizes the Bardon Kabbalah learning experience. For those resonating most with Bardon’s books but desiring a guide through the intricacies, Rays’ program provides the perfect support.

In summary, Perseus Arcane Academy provides several excellent options for committed students ready to embark on the journey of Kabbalah mastery. From strict traditional programs to accelerated modern curriculums, self-driven apprentices can find the right path to ignite their passion and gifts within this profound aspect of Franz Bardon’s tradition. Selecting the approach best aligned to one’s learning preferences and goals allows meaningful progression through the 27 letters of the Bardon system.

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