Unveiling the Esoteric Wisdom of Darryl Mundrick: A Journey into the Depths of Occult Mysteries


I am continually surprised, pleasantly, by the generosity of practitioners I come into contact via Perseus Arcane Academy. Here we have a post that is over 12,000 words of generous sharing, there was no need for Darryl to share so much but he chose to over deliver in the best way possible. Even in our discussions prior to an interview he provided generous explanations for his approach with through and well thought out reasoning. This blog post delves into the esoteric wisdom and occult pursuits of Darryl Mundrick, an individual who has dedicated significant time to studying very diverse magickal traditions and unraveling the mysteries that lie at the heart of these ancient practices. From cosmic consciousness to sacred languages and the path of the mage, Darryls perspectives offer an exciting glimpse into his journey and approach to the Occult. I cannot thank him enough for this contribution, please let us know your thoughts in the comments.


PAA: What first sparked your interest in the occult and magickal practices at such a young age? Was there a specific experience or influence that started you on this path?

My mother was studying Anthropology towards an Archaeology degree when I was a child, while she wasn’t able to complete that degree, her passion for Egyptian, and Meso American civilization and mythology has continued throughout her life. From out of this I was taken to museums, and was read to from world mythologies and the Castaneda books that were part of her course studies. The concepts from the Castaneda books fascinated me and became the early foundation for my interest in occultism. She taught me about astral projection, auras, and tarot as she had learned about it during the 1960’s as a Flower child.

PAA: You mentioned your ceremonial magician teacher introducing you to many concepts and practices. What was the most impactful or meaningful thing you learned from him? How did his teaching approach or style resonate with you?

My first ceremonial magick teacher gave me Craig’s “Eleven lessons in High Magick” and Wilson’s “Illuminatus!” Trilogy and told me to read them together. The result of this was a loosening of my rigid teenage thinking about what reality is, and the nature of Order and of Chaos, but also generated some cognitive dissonance that took a while to work through. My 16-year old’s brain still thought in dichotomies only, and while Wilson’s book did shake up my egocentric certainty about what I believed, I missed most of the point of that book until I reread it a few times, years later. An aspect of the co-creation that an individuated awareness effects upon objective Reality is the ascribing of order to chaos. With Chaos as infinite potential, each decision made selects a linear timeline of experiences limiting that infinitude of probability to a chain of causality. We ascribe significance to things, the subjective meaning increasing the coherence of that thing’s inherent order. As Terry Pratchett said through his character Death in The Hog Father:

There is no justice, there’s just us.

Terry Pratchett (Death – The Hog Father)

We are defining, giving limits to various Universal principles by ascribing them to circumstances and determining where their boundaries are. A concept being manifested, or brought into focus, by limiting it’s multidimensional expression of infinite possibilities transformed to just it’s expression into one probability timeline.

Belief Systems & Traditions

PAA: How did you reconcile or make sense of the diverse pantheons and traditions you encountered in your visionary experience with LSD? Did it change your perspective on religion and spirituality?

There are “consciousness streams” for each of the forces of nature, as Ifa explains it. These streams take on individuated personality expressions as anthropomorphically conceptualized by the people of each region of Earth, forming that culture’s Nature based pantheon. It’s a personalized relationship between those humans and the consciousness’ of the facets of Nature. We ascribe human characteristics for our limited human consciousness to be able to more easily identify with them, and thereby align in harmonic resonance with those forces of Nature. This is important in order to align with ones greater potentiality, which allows one to fulfill the purpose (Ifa calls this destiny) that one has chosen to experience in the physical dimension. Alignment of ones internal psyche aspects with those similar external objective forces of nature generates a resonance, and enables actions beyond the limits of self. Like a solo instrument
performance compared to the harmony that comes from the cooperation of an entire orchestra.

Then there is a gulph, called the Abyss in Golden Dawn style Kabbalah, without a supreme god from a particular pantheon ruling over all pantheons like a president ruling over state governors. Earth pantheon
deities embody the forces of nature for their cultural people. Cosmic level beings are related to in a culturally based anthropomorphism, but aren’t tied to the form from a particular culture. The same being (or they can each be seen as a Universal principle) looks the way that is most easily related to by that group of people. Each being can appear in different forms as anthropomorphisms of different qualities of that being. In that same Kabbalah system, this would be Binah, Chochmah, and Kether: the three upernals; in Hinduism “God with forms”.

Beyond that would be the 3 Veils of Negative Existence that in Hinduism is called ” God without forms,” the unfiltered Cosmic principles beyond human conceptualization: Gravity, Time, etc . When this organizational principle manifests subjectively as human brain of the microcosm, the Abyss is the corpus callosum separating the Right hemisphere from that of the Left, and from conscious mind of Malkuth in
the frontal lobe to the collective unconscious of the Supernal sephiroth in the cerebellum and medulla. The paths between the spheres of influence, or brain regions, are neural pathways. Organizing the internal patterning of our energies with the external same pattern allow us to enfold greater levels of information complexity into our perception. This is the same principle by which we can boost the favorable energies of a magick working by aligning that working with a natural cycle such as days of the week, or the phases of the moon, seasons et cetera.

In Greek mythology Kosmos – the physical Universe, & Kaos all possible potential probabilities. Forgive the alliteration, I just like the word play. Yoruba verses for the odu; the energy patterns, utilize alliteration word play a lot in expressing these energies as words.

PAA: What drew you to study Master Mantak Chia’s Taoist nei gung system? How compatible did you find it with Franz Bardon’s initiatic teachings? What specifically appealed to you in each system?

I had been studying Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) for a couple years, having fallen in love with much of the deeply multilayered concepts after experiencing the energy of a Vishnu puja being performed at a small temple. As the 108 names of Vishnu were chanted, a rolling tide of cool clarity and feeling of being unrestrained in space washed over me, and my soul just resonated. I read everything I could get on the subject, and began reframing my concepts of life based on this knowledge. However, as much as I tried, ADHD wouldn’t let me meditate in the ways these books described. Mantak Chia was recommended to me by a Zen Buddhist friend who suggested that the practices using visualization of energy synched with breathing might be more appropriate. Master Chia explained how Taoist internal alchemy was a development off of the Kundalini yoga teachings that Sannyasins brought into China. He relates that they
adapted Kundalini ascent into circulation of the microcosmic orbit in order to remain able to function in everyday life instead of having to retire to asceticism.

I have found that both systems are easily engaged, the core books being written for Westerners as textbooks for progressive systematic development. Although the classic 5 element theory from Taoism differs slightly from the Graeco-Egyptian schemata, both focus on them as experiential qualities of energy being aspects of the foundational original substance called Ether/Aksha/Earth. This shown in Hermetics as the top point of a pentagram, or the center of a circle that each element is an expression of, and in Taoist 5 element theory it is part of the continual transitional cycle of the transformation of this One Substance through phases of building up, or tearing down. The developmental exercises help to discern the sensation of these energetic qualities, the gathering of them in a building up stage, and the release of them in a tearing down phase.

This is a core part of foundational magickal development. One must be able to experience the reality of these energies with the senses before being able to effectively utilize them to create change. Both systems
utilize visualization and meditation for this, as well as the transformation of the negative qualities of these energy states as they are expressed through the mages psyche and personality. Both systems necessitate this as part of the most basic foundational work for success in anything beyond it. Both systems also work quite well together, the exercises either being different iterations or in alignment in such a way as to further the development of what that technique is intended to accomplish.

PAA: You practiced Enochian magick at a young age – what appealed to you about this system and what did you gain from working with it? Have you continued applying Enochian methods in your practice?

I was fascinated by the idea of contact with non-human consciousnesses, I also loved the inherent order to the system and the progressive format that skrying the Aethers presented. With Enochian historically being an incomplete system on it’s own, all of my research and work with it is theoretical. Enochian seems comprised of 3 independent, yet cooperative systems.

From my research, the 30 Aethers relate to the Earth in 93 divisions, heavily influenced with Gnostic cosmology, and can be seen as a Zodiac belt, such as the one Bardon proposes as surrounding the Earth, the Aethers, however divide the degrees based on 30 regions instead of 12, whose influence when activated seem to initiate experiences in daily life correlating to the Aether scryed. Watchtower system seems useful for actualizing opportunities through spell work, and the Planetary system, which I have not yet worked with, but I conjecture links the Aether and Watchtower systems together, and would be useful in the same way that other Planetary magick systems are utilized. My hypothesis is that all three together would be a powerful astrological magick system in which the True names of these forces are utilized to harness and direct the energies of the planets, opening the aether region of space (30 zodiac houses) that the planet being worked with resides in at the moment of the working, in order to boost the magickal intention of a spell formed through the appropriate corresponding watchtower drawn as sigils from the

I adore that not only does Enochian have the entire system built upon the language, but that the language is 5th dimensional with each word an acronym for the complete concept of that word, and by further extension the energy-consciousness complex of the mage as microcosm. This supposition if viewed from the framework of Dr. Michio Kaku’s seminal 1994 book: Hyperspace, in which he describes the Fourth dimension as viewing all angles of a space simultaneously, and time as all events being
concurrent, and if the 5th dimension is conceptualized as conscious perception and thereby an “inner state,” like a Kline bottle, turning in on itself, then the Enochian system is very much an ordering of external forces with internal forces, allowing for a determination and quantitative selection of the qualitative forces. I continue to use it in this capacity, and as an excellent framework for the specific patterning of forces in a similar way that matrix algebra is useful for analyzing and interpreting data. As
the Enochian Entities disseminate information through the interpretive lens or paradigm framework that a mage is familiar with, so planetary squares, which John Dee was undoubtedly familiar with from Agrippa,
were inspiration for the structure of the watchtowers. I find the Golden Dawn’s Enochian system most useful for my research, and I continue to utilize the Enochian words from the Watchtowers when working with elemental and planetary energies and geometric fields. I also find the pentagram, hexagram and Watchtower rituals very useful.

The energetic field geometries that can be structured from Enochian I continue to use regularly in my practice when building and directing elemental energies.

PAA: What role has entheogenic sacrament and inner visionary experience played in your development as a mage? How has it impacted your magickal worldview? Have these experiences opened up avenues in your craft that other methods could not?

In Ifa there is no use of entheogens, for the purposes that the tradition works with, they have no need or use for them. Part of what fascinates me in mystical practice is seeing what the boundaries of consciousness are, and working on moving beyond the cycle of reincarnation. I find I can get more intense and deeper experiences with entheogens supporting the expansion of my awareness beyond ego limits that have defined me at any given moment. Utilized as a sacred medicine, the boost of energy they provide to awareness has enabled me to access right brain consciousness more easily, rewrite socialized thinking, and develop the experience of the flow of energy. LSD can facilitate writing new neural
pathways especially in conjunction with magickal rituals or exercises as with Timothy Leary’s 6th neural circuit which Robert Anton Wilson described as Metaprogramming.

Psilocybin and Cannabis can facilitate the experiencing of reality as perceived from the Right brain, a state of ecstatic bliss, everything as fields of energy, the interconnectedness of living beings through
relationship and through the electromagnetic fields each generate, a general state of benevolence in the Universe, these foundational experiences that Mystics report about can be facilitated by entheogens, in
the proper set and setting as Leary used to say. There is an amazing Ted talk by a neurologist that talks about this: Dr Jill Bolt Taylor’s My Stroke of Insight. I strongly recommend this 20 something minute video for any mage.

PAA: What common threads or universal truths have you uncovered across all the diverse traditions you have studied? What binds them together in your view? Do you see any inherent limitations or flaws in trying to synthesize such varied streams?

There are higher and lower dimensional states, as well as an infinitude of potential parallel realities that are phase shifted by their probability. All dimensions whether physical or immaterial, as well as all beings,
objects and circumstances are one sentient Being. Each person’s totality isn’t existent in this reality, but in a state of superposition: the Higher Self, which I like to conceive of in the analogy of a star whose rays of light hit the curves and angles of linear space time like a crystal, and refract among an infinitude of facets, each facet being a parallel reality whose proximity or distance (likelihood) is based on probability. The more similarities of correlation they share, the more probable that reality is, and so the closer to being actualized as one’s own personal reality.

We can define the significance of any energy interaction. There are as many paths of spiritual development as required for each person. A great analogy from Sanatana Dharma is “One mountain, many paths to the summit.”

Lower dimensions of existence including the third and fourth are dependent upon a dichotomy of opposites and similarities through degrees of relationship and expressions of expansion or contraction.
Each probability is a timeline forming that parallel reality. Timelines are chains of causality, a sequential set of moments formed from the confluent intersection of choices and circumstances.

The Spiritual realm, which is the blueprint of material reality, is composed of many diverse hierarchies of beings (pantheons & families) not only of one particular paradigm concept. Matter: both organic and inorganic are composed of resonant energy fields recursively cycling within a delineated area, whose rhythm forms the vibrational pattern. In 3rd dimensional perception we see this as molecules. This pattern is sustained by an influx of the Universal life force (in Ifa we call this Ase’), a higher dimensional aspect of Akasha that, as resistance acts upon the pattern, it loses coherence and the Universal life force decreases its flow into the pattern. These resistances when in the energy fields composing a living being are traumas (Jungian Shadow archetype), and for either living or inorganic, also the other misfortunes that interrupted the flow of energy being experienced by the matter. As we are light beings, where we are dimmed is due to these shadow states.

From Enochian work I was given the formula: KHAO (as in the Discordian incantation “the sacred Chao says ‘Mu'”). KIKLE HOATH APILA OLPRT: “The Mysteries true devotee lives forever as a vessel for the light.”
The intersections of the field form overlaps, the totality of which forms the matters’ pattern. To alter the pattern adversely or beneficially requires changing the vibrational rhythm.

At the periphery of the field of wave conglomeration, the wave collapses into particles where it interfaces and interacts with the fields of objective reality forming circumstances relevant to the matter. Living matter differs from inorganic in that the life force doesn’t just flow into the pattern to sustain it, but flows through it creating a direct link between the multidimensional totality of the living being. Inversely,
Inorganic matter is more a reflection of it’s higher dimensional state which is like archetypal blueprint of the object.

Investing life force into an object of matter is making a magickal object, a talisman or amulet. For a living being, the awareness isn’t just sentient, but cognitive. The greater the complexity of cognitive functioning, the greater the beings’ volition. All mind: all consciousness,’ are aspects of One mind, as It engages in Self discovery through awareness described in Sanatana Dharma as: God meditating on ItSelf. This is why the idea of ‘original sin, ‘ and ‘eternal damnation’ are ridiculous. We are all One Being at some higher dimensional level, and this Being wouldn’t want to cause Itself injury.

Forces are rhythmic wave patterns without enough intersections with other waves to cause recursion as a result of interference patterns. Syncretizing, unlike eclecticism is research and insight based.
Commonalities and disparities are examined and where the overlap occurs can be seen to be a more extensive truth. If something is true in multiple contexts and situations, it alludes to it being more than the sum of its parts. There’s a reason each culture does things the way they do, and usually that is because it’s worked repeatedly and is reliable. Respecting that and citing credit is important to prevent appropriation, and to retain accuracy of information in proper context. However, traditional wisdom must be applicable to modern needs, and so has to be evaluated and applied in modern context for relevance. That’s how we develop any technology whether spiritual or material. This allows us to not have to keep reinventing the same technology, but to instead make advancements. Just like any other science, the occult sciences of the R. brain require growth and development with this periodic examination of techniques and knowledge for relevance to the current form of circumstances, and whenever needed, to build upon the traditional
knowledge and wisdom to continue advancing goals. Modern explanations of traditional wisdoms in a way that is contextually relevant to the times.

I’d like to discuss some of these concepts as they apply to different aspects of reality.
Time: one begins unawakened, perceiving a single timeline with linear progression of causality. Time sense can be developed through paying attention to the sensations during periods of dawn, noon, dusk and
midnight. With practice this will develop into more specific temporal awareness.

Eventually an ability to perceive various points along that timeline develops in awareness. I’ve seen this conceptualized as a book which one is able to flip through at will, and a movie on DVD where one is able to skip forward and back to specific scenes. Tarot or oracular divination tools can be used as foci for this, even checking the time on a cell phone or wristwatch to verify if the time it feels like is accurate. Time in the higher dimensional states however, is perceived with an even greater complexity. Full fourth dimensional time perception is able to perceive all moments on a timeline concurrently. I like Alan Moore’s conceptualization of a comic book page with multiple panels, and that of Dr. Michio Kaku who
presented this like looking through a transparent prism, seeing through all the facets at once. Beyond this in a higher dimension is the ability to look at a point in a timeline and perceive the probable divergences from the standard.

Then even higher dimensionally one can perceive full timelines of a probability set.
Then perception of points on multiple timelines to select the most favorable set of moments for the intended goal to manifest in it’s highest potential.
Then improbable timelines can be perceived.

Spatial perception is similar, being able to get a feel for what each direction feels like, such as with calling the directions in circle casting. This is a start to orientation within space forming an “x” and a “y” vector.
The “z” axis would be expansion of that awareness field or bubble outward to include greater volumes of space, including stellar positioning and eventually beyond by magnitudes of power. An expression of this can be experienced first with orientating ones awareness to the horizon expanding the perceptual field to encompass greater spatial volume, later on this can be built upon with the cross formation from the LBRP.

PAA: You mentioned letting go of “neurotypical experiences” to focus on esoteric pursuits -what did you give up and how has that choice impacted your life path? Do you have any regrets? Would you recommend a similar level of commitment to someone following your footsteps?

What I mean by neurotypical experiences is mostly in socialization. I wanted to spend time learning magick. It’s the one thing that brought me the most happiness and a sense of accomplishment. I considered the normal life experiences and found they didn’t resonate with me, and I don’t want to have just another status quo experience like anyone else. I didn’t play sports, would only hang out with friends if i had time after my daily practices. If a friendship or romantic relationship interfered with my magickal studies and development, I ended them. I considered what went into being a good parent and decided to not have children to avoid the loss of time and energy required to properly nurture and raise them. I worked jobs that allowed me time to study, or didn’t impinge on my energy as much, so I didn’t even start college until i was in my early 30’s. Status quo life with the markers of material success that seems to be so appealing to many, only seemed like a trap to me. I cannot regret the possibilities not embraced in the past, not only did I make the best choices I was able to at the time, but they also led me to being who I am at this moment. Besides, there are plenty of alternate Universe selves that chose the things I did not, I do not need to grieve for what other aspects of me have. The sacrifices I made were worthwhile to me, and supported my True Will, now some of those things are more desirable to me, but from this point on, not in mourning the past choices I made. Being multidimensional, we must be balanced in each area of our lives, with our physical, psychological, and spiritual selves, along with our material circumstances. Life in this world isn’t a punishment or prison, it’s closer to being an MMORPG. There’s a main story for each of us that we can choose to participate in, or run side quests, and there are other players as well.

Depending on their development of self-awareness, people are active players, or NPC’s until they awaken. There is no need for someone to follow the choices I made in my circumstances, as they have their own stories. Everything is a balance though, something is given up in order to develop growth in an area of existence. Discipline itself is a form of sacrifice. Having a regular dedicated spiritual practice will support a person more than extremes such as I chose. Material experiences are part of one’s development, just
as spiritual experiences are. Everyone has to find their own balance of these life aspects. As for my footsteps, if I am fortunate enough to develop such a degree that I can become a teacher, I would see it as a failure of my teaching for a student to have to learn the same way I did. I feel that in education, the knowledge should be more accessible, and easier to learn. As with information theory and Moore’s law, I feel it’s the duty of every teacher to find ways to more efficiently convey greater amounts of information in ways more easily understood.

PAA: How has your worldview and personal magickal praxis evolved over your 20+ years of dedicated esoteric study? What core beliefs have persisted? Which approaches have you discarded over time as unfruitful or invalid?

My first major steps away from the Catholic conditioning of my childhood came through a Gnostic worldview based a great deal off my own subjective experiences, that were defined by Enochian concepts of the Golden Dawn and Thelema. Escaping an unjust and corrupt world were my primary motivations in my magickal paradigm. The more I learned of Eastern traditions, and then from Ifa, the more I began to understand the world as Lila, a game in which experiences are collected and meaning comes through the significance we ascribe to things in order to develop ourselves in whatever way we choose. Every living being is a Spirit visiting this place, some remember this, that is what the path of Return is about.
Spiritual development is about remembering and reclaiming our True Nature as Spiritual beings, then integrating that into our human life.

I feel like it’s less about discarding practices or beliefs so much as it is about expanding beyond the limitations of each belief or practice, and then re-evaluating each of them in context of a bigger picture held at the moment. Paradox being a higher order of information, not an unsolvable dichotomy. One coin has two sides. Every experience and belief remains a part of us, but doesn’t have to define, or continue to limit us. Much like a matrioshka, a nesting doll, information from experiences is a nested hierarchy.

Cycles within cycles; systems within systems; wheels within wheels; the mystical vision of the gears or machinery of the universe. Although, in the end, all the techniques and religions are culturally aspected attempts of human consciousness limited by a three-dimensional perspective to grasp our True multidimensional spiritual selves and the nature of infinity. An attempt to divide by zero. Even dogmatic religions have a functional place, being as much spirituality as can be included in the paradigm of those who are exploring a focus on survival and physiological needs as illustrated in Maslow’s hierarchy of
needs pyramid.

PAA: If you could snap your fingers and manifest one goal or accomplishment in your magickal career, what would it be? Why does this stand out as an aspirational focal point?

Nirvikalpa Samadhi: Cosmic consciousness in total awareness. A full and complete enlightenment, as this is the core and ultimate goal of sentient life in existence. From this state I would be able to do the most good. Although inevitable for each aspect, as we are all one multidimensional organism, no part is truly free of suffering until every part is free.

PAA: Looking back, would you change anything about the arc of your journey into magickal practice over the last 20+ years? Why or why not? Were there phases where you pursued fruitless tangents for too long? When did your path come into harmony and clarity?

This incarnation has been challenging, but has overall ultimately facilitated the development of my consciousness to what it is currently. Even the tragedies and difficulties have allowed me to experience depths of emotion, insight and empathy. For what I want to create, these experiences were all necessary to contribute skills, I have seen my compassion grow and become a way by which i define myself.
Besides, every other iteration of “me” has made every other choice that I didn’t. When I reunite with my higher self in the spiritual realm, I will gain the experiences of those choices as well.

As I continued my spiritual-magickal studies after my initiation it felt like the fragmented vision of reality began to align into greater clarity after a few years. I was able to review knowledge from a different, broader, and less personal perspective, finding it easier to conceptualize the metaphysical concepts, and easier to see the connections.

Synthesis & Applications

PAA: You said you are currently working to synthesize all the knowledge you have gained – what does that synthesis look like and what is your ultimate goal? What form will the end result take – a book, new ritual system, teaching method etc?

There’s plenty of ritual systems, I don’t see what the benefit would be of me adding one more. After reading Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson’s Medical Qi Gong textbooks, and Taoist training books, I was very inspired by how through the use of sensing energy flow, visualization, incantation (mantra), sigil, hand seals (mudra), and sigils, real time magickal effects can be manifested.

My aspiration is to use this concept as a framework, synthesizing the knowledge I’ve gained from both Eastern and Western into a similar form. I love magick like nothing else in life, and to see this become a reality is my Dream to create. I believe this would be of benefit to humanity in its continuing evolution towards being incarnated in light bodies and inevitable development of higher type civilization on the Kardashev scale.

Taoist alchemy is an acceleration of the natural evolutionary destiny of humanity. I can confidently make this conclusion with so many of the Earth centered religions and spiritualities concluding in this same
eventuality. Ifa says humanities destiny is to become Orishas, Sanatana Dharma says Deva & Devis, Taoism has humans becoming immortals, and even Western Magickal systems saying a permanent astral vehicle for consciousness to reside within, some referring to it as becoming “angels.”

PAA: What teachers or lineages have had the most significant impact on the development of your personal magickal system? Why? Were there identifiable turning points where you felt their influence strongly reshape your understanding or abilities at a deeper level?

My Godfather in the Isese Ifa tradition of Orisha worship gave me a reliable foundation as reference point by which I can examine and evaluate other traditions’ knowledges. Different scholars of the tradition credit the tradition with an unbroken system of knowledge with a conservative estimate between 5-8 thousand
years. I feel as though this has given me some insight into Earth based traditions that we only have historical fragments of due to the Abrahamic religion’s destruction of so many traditional cultures. As example I hypothesize that an individuals’ patron deity is like the Orisha that “owns our head,” is the one that is closest to our inner self, is the main guide and example for to embody during ones life leading to the highest potential of the experiences in that lifetime. Living one’s best life you might say. So too, along that same line, once our destiny has been read, and that Orisha identified, we are said to be a child of that deity. What if Greek demigods were not the literal bloodline of an Olympian, but the child of that deity
through patronage. Herakles is credited as being the child of Zeus, yet his name denotes Hera as of greatest importance. We have an Orisha that is the primary, we say owns our heads, and sometimes referred to as our spiritual father, and a spiritual mother supports our path in life as well.

Hera could have been his primary and Zeus his secondary patron. This is all conjecture of course, but with Ifa as a frame of reference with which to examine other religions and traditions, I can see hints of parallels. I think each of these ancient Earth traditions probably had an oracular divination system like we have Merindillogun, the 16 cowri system with patterns of specific significance and verses for each based on past experiences of those who experienced that energy manifesting.

The most significant pivotal experience for me in my spiritual development and restructuring of my consciousness for better reception of higher dimensional realities came through Orisha initiation. There was a book my Godfather gave me before I was initiated written by an artist herself initiated decades ago. I found many of the concepts she described very complex and I felt like I was only understanding in the most general way. He had me reread it after, and it was so clear that the contrast with before stood out dramatically to me. Just like we have to develop the cognitive framework beginning with basic arithmetic before we can understand quadratic equations and calculus, so too with the nature of spiritual realities. Not because of any fault in a person, but because they are so drastically different than the status quo consensual paradigm we are all currently in.

PAA: What advice would you give to someone just starting out on an exploration of magickal and esoteric traditions today? What pitfalls should they avoid? What foundational skills or knowledge areas should they prioritize first?

Develop meditative ability, resolve childhood traumas with Jungian Shadow work, CBT, inner child work or others, otherwise they will continue to block and stagnate one’s energy flow, skewing one’s perspective
towards bias’ instead of having the clarity and insight of symbolized by the air dagger and empty mind of the water chalice. Masters Mantak Chia,

Franz Bardon’s IIH, and Ifa all stress the importance of this including the transformation of the emotional elemental energies of ones microcosm into a positive vibration. Then the start of accumulating the elemental energies so that greater amounts are able to be generated than one began with. These are the foundational substances which one will transform.

I would advise avoiding getting locked into religious dogmas. These are often designed to be very general, and apply to as many of the masses as possible, while ignoring specific circumstances of the individual. These too often demand turning control of one’s life and spiritual reality over to the authority of others without question. Responsibility over one’s actions and their consequences are an important part of free will. One is only free when one is free to choose. Religions are guidelines along an established path. No path is universally applicable to everyone, and each path is going to have differences for the individual that are unique to their incarnation and how they relate to divinity. Ultimately one’s Higher Self is the teacher, with any religious or spiritual tradition being a guide to the realization and embodiment of that communion and way to determine the veracity of what is communicated to differentiate gnosis from the confusion that traumatic unintegrated experiences can produce distorting the flow of information.

Criticizing, complaining and condemning waste our precious energy. If something is displeasing, change it (mages). If changing it isn’t desirable, or for whatever reason a viable option, then best to remove yourself from the situation. Cultivate patience, kindness and compassion and you will experience yourself as a pivot that the world turns around.

Open Questions

PAA: What unanswered questions or unresolved mysteries still drive your continued esoteric studies today? What topic, phenomenon or occult principle do you hope to unravel or illuminate in future phases of your journey?

I intend to see a greater shift of the consensual paradigm to one of equity, harmony between man and nature accompanied by the sense that humanity acts functionally as an organism, and is interdependent with other species. Furthermore having humanity being driven toward acquisition of knowledge and self development, rather than wealth and resource hoarding.

With the conceptual model of all that exists being Brahman, what is beyond this being? Is there a point in our spiritual development where we grow beyond Them? What would that be like? What exists outside of our multiverse? Are we able to in some higher dimension live the life of each person experiencing it as our own? If so, would living through each person’s life experiences cause some cumulative transcendence to a new state? Perhaps we can relive our lives moving back along the timeline experienced to a juncture wherein probabilities branched and choose a different fork in the road to live out a different iteration, and perhaps this is one form of reincarnation that we can choose for the purpose of refining efforts till we achieve the correct set of choices that let’s one live the highest potential in every moment of their life?

PAA: Do you envision ever reaching a point where all questions are answered, mysteries resolved, self-actualization achieved? Or will development continue indefinitely? What level of mastery over destiny is possible in your eyes?

What a horrific and banal thing the Universe would be if all questions could be answered at some point. What would be the point of continuing to exist? In regards to destiny, Ifa teaches that everything that incarnates comes here having chosen a destiny and received contextual circumstances to manifest during the lifetime that support fulfilling that destiny. Free will allows us to deviate from that path on most things during the lifetime and in this way differs from the Greek concept of fate being written like a story one acts out. However, my own pondering on this is from a model of all time being an infinite Now, with all experiences of all one’s incarnations being experienced simultaneously, having only limited perception in the three dimensional state experiencing it as an unfolding sequence of events for purposes of perhaps focusing on specific moments, this could be viewed as predetermination. From the overall interconnected webwork of the timelines and sequence of choices and experienced consequences forming the probability fields that our multidimensional selves must perceive, it is still free will having been made in any given choice, or so is my rough hypothesis so far.

Experiences of Interconnectedness

PAA: What experiences over your spiritual journey led you to so strongly feel the truth of interconnectedness in all things? Was there a particular moment where this clicked into place for you?

The vision I had during my knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, revealed interconnectedness and multidimensionality to me. I knew nothing about Hindu cosmology, religion, or spirituality. I had read one or two Americanized books on Buddhism philosophy, but knew nothing of divine forms. I experienced expanding encompassing Earth and outward more & more until the Universe was like a pond before me. There was a male form sitting cross legged, like an analogue photo negative,
outlined in crackling lightning that took up all the space that wasn’t the Universe-pond. There was a resonance all around me saying “you are mine” (I believe this to be like a kind of time-space continuum location lock). I thought, “what is beyond this?” I began expanding again, and eventually saw that there was an infinitum of these full lotus sitting entities, near identical, each with minor differences unique to themselves, each with a universe pond before Them. I realized I was out of my body, and I worried about how I would find my way back to my body. I chose one of these, somewhat at random, ended up inside the body of a 43-year-old legal assistant iteration of myself, in casual business attire, in New York, just after 5pm rushing to get home in time to cook dinner for my husband and 2 children. I remembered that I had just entered this body, and didn’t belong in it. I rose back up to the nexus, and calmed myself, then remember I had once read that if panicked while astral projecting, to focus on the feeling of my body. I snapped right back in. It was almost 8 years before I learned anything about Hinduism and the deities and recognized Bhairava MahaShiva as that deity form.

PAA: Have your direct experiences of profound unity shifted how you relate to other people, society, nature, or existence itself on an emotional level in your day-to-day life? What changes emerged?

I still find my conscious thoughts shifting back and forth from immersion in the cartesian paradigm living as a person in whichever particular circumstances, to consciously perceiving this as a consensual shared virtual” experience much like a deep dive MMORPG with an assumed role being lived out. From numerically higher dimensional layers, we are each multidimensional beings sharing this experience, and at even higher dimensional layers than that, we are all One Being exploring the awareness of It’s own consciousness. I get angry at people far less, but still as necessary when a healthy motivator for those specific circumstances. We share this world, through whatever paradigm we individually perceive it, and so isn’t it better to have a pleasant experience rather than one of suffering, and so by extrapolation, why not for everyone? Major spiritual law, don’t be an asshole. Not because of some invisible angry sky daddy who will spank you, but because cumulatively it makes it shittier for everyone, including you, and it doesn’t have to be that way. We could have a paradise here, now, if people stopped being selfish and cruel assholes.

Cosmological Model

PAA: I’m very interested in how you see consciousness, energy, polarity, cycles etc interacting -could you share more about how you envision those relationships and flows? What speaks to you about this model?

Consciousness directs Energy, energy directs circumstances.
The Order by which our cosmos is organized is that of a nested hierarchy of information complexity, acting as a gridwork over the chaos of infinite probabilities. This gridwork, or “matrix” is seen in the 256 odu patterns; the combinations of the Yi Ching hexagrams; the 256 letters of the Watchtower tablets; and others. Interpretation of the forms of these patterns has layered or nested information complexity with the extent of contractive/expansive qualities to the pattern, the dynamic qualities of Akasha manifesting as 1/4 of elements, various iterations of how this could manifest as circumstances, how it relates to the other patterns etc…

5 spatial dimensions and below comprise physicality (the Kosmos in Greek), the Universe being a dynamic tension between polarities, expansion and contraction, ebb and flow, with the toroidal shape being indicative of the cyclic patterns of circumstances in existence. When a cycle is completed successfully it begins again transitioning as a spiral to the next higher level.

PAA: At what stage did this cosmological framework coalesce for you into its current form? Was it the result of integrating several preexisting systems or did it emerge organically from your own revelations and intuitive knowing?

I kind of conceptualize this like the Tarot deck. There have been major defining moments upon which everything pivoted, these are the 22 Atu or trump cards, and series of minor experiences supporting going from one pivotal moment to another, which suite and card thereof being determined by my choices making up those journeys. I reevaluated beliefs and assumptions after any given experience expanded my perspective coagulating into my current paradigm.

Sometimes, when on my own, and not under the guidance of a teacher, it took years to do this as I had no frame of reference for reality as I understood it at a given moment. In essence, as I integrate all my experiences it becomes more refined and clear.

Sacred Language

PAA: Your mention of sacred languages and tonal resonance power intrigues me. Have you observed or experienced compelling examples of linguistic vibration manifesting results? What makes this principle carry weight for you?

Sanskrit, Enochian, and Yoruban are all based upon this concept. Physics tells us that words vibrate air molecules, and beyond that, that elementary particles are connected as molecules with vibrational bonds. Some Kabbalistic traditions allocate each of the 22 letters to a region of the body. So too we see this in Bardon’s third book, and with Sanskrit in the Tantrik traditions. The more these correlates are built up, the more easily the resonance of language (the Power of the Word) can be experienced.

Language being able to produce resonance is the basis of Sanskrit mantra, Yoruba incantations and invocational prayers for the deities. As evidence of effectiveness, a Soprano hitting one octave above middle C causing resonance to break glass. Mantras are said to be audible forms of yantras, themselves geometric forms of a deities’ energy. Cymatic experiments have shown fine particulate matter forming geometric patterns when using the vibrations of specific frequency modulations.

PAA: Have you received teachings or transmissions related to language, sound or vibration that unlocked deeper understanding or abilities? Can you describe any of those pivotal moments surrounding nautical or linguistic mysticism?

I worshipped MahaVidya Kali weekly with Right hand Tantra pujas for 4 years, eventually it occured to me to use prana pratistha mantra to imprint mantras in one’s energy field like Reiki does with it’s symbols. Inspiration coming through reading Franz Bardon’s the Key of the True Kabbalah. At the time being without either the Vedic brahmanical training with varnamala (alphabet) nor the Tantric wisdoms of the same, it was only with much further research that I understood the insight she gave me to setting each letter in it’s chakra petal using the prana pratistha mantra and Taoist breath incantation technique to imprint them there. Developing these imprinted energies then with Bardon’s letter exercises. Some Tantrik
systems organize divine expression for relationship with an individual as being three depths or tiers: the Causal which is the Deities energy patterns expressed in pronunciation of those vibrations as mantras; then the subtle as the geometries expressing that Deities energies, this is called yantra; and finally in the gross, or physical form, that is anthropomorphic and called murti. Moving from gross to causal is increasing in abstraction, and lessening of identification with the ego boundaries that express individuated personification.

Conceptual Limitation

PAA: How do you see human consciousness and conceptual limitation playing a role in focusing infinite potential into this experienced reality? Have you witnessed or read about this in action?

As multidimensional cosmic beings, we agree to extend parts of ourselves into a limited state of awareness in order to expand and develop though experiences within the malleable state of infinite potentials. We accept the limited state of being experienced here in order to focus on perceiving the
specific results of our choices and those from the choices of others that intersect our sphere of awareness. This is the “co-creation” we participate in, like an open source MMORPG. The choices we make determine how the story develops, for one’s individual experience, and that of those who intersect one’s sphere of influence and it’s consequences.

PAA: Have your own perceptual filters or mental models shifted dramatically at certain key points, exponentially expanding what you considered possible? What breakthroughs stand out on looking back?

When I went through the knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, I used the ritual from Thelema, and this was a significant pivot point. As opposed to the Goetic ritual evocations where entities were called to me (before I knew about astral projection to the spirits’ plane of existence to guide them to the triangle of art or crystal), this was the first major experience in which I extended my awareness out to connect to a macrocosmic entity to directly transform my consciousness. This began the breaking of my defined ego boundaries. Subsequent entheogenic experiences continued to make those boundaries more malleable, allowing my mind to expand more beyond my subjective conceptual frameworks, and most significantly was my traditional 3 day initiation into my Orisha. The Orisha initiation I found to be a much more refined and profound version of the KCHGA ceremony. Thousands of years of unbroken practice has allowed Ifa to operate as a science with spiritual reality. Where I see the benefit of additional spiritual practices is the goals of the Orisha traditions are designed to continue in the cycle of reincarnation continually refining one’s character as a major part of spiritual development and personal consciousness leading one to ultimately become an Orisha oneself. Sri Aura Bindu spoke of something similar in “Hindu” spirituality, with one, after many lifetimes of refinement becoming a Deva/Devi. Taoist cosmology talks about many levels of spiritual elevation beyond immortal deity status from attaining cosmic consciousness. With the conceptual model of being small parts of One Being ParaShakti/Brahman/MahaShiva etc..), then what happens after one attains this level? Universe is dynamic, ever changing, and doesn’t tolerate stagnation. Any state that becomes stagnant begins to breakdown in entropic change, so there must be continued development past this elevation to the state of Orisha/Deva/Immortal/etc …

Ritual Selection

PAA: When conducting rituals, what energetically happens behind the scenes, in your view, when improbable possibilities get selected to occur? I’m very curious about those dynamics.

The probability distribution of the state vector collapses from the focus of attention that the ritual provides, along with the directed energy required through that vector for the manifestation to occur. The improbable is made more probable through increasing significance by strengthening correlation with added correlates.

PAA: Have you worked ritual magic to seemingly implausible ends with positive results? Did unseen support or mystical laws at play enable transcendence of normal limits?


Higher Beings

PAA: Why do you feel higher beings and unity states amplify magical intentions? Have you had any firsthand tastes of that through your own work, or observed how it operates?

This touches on one of the fundamental concepts of the Orisha tradition.
An exchange of energy in the form of devotional invocatory prayers, songs, and various offerings mostly of cooked food, with accompanying petitioning prayers. Celestials such as Orisha, Devas/Devis and others
have a function in the Universe maintaining the harmony of existence. In performance of this duty they fulfill prayers and support success in the manifestation at the level of our life experiences. This works as a cyclic interpay between deities in the macroscopic general state, to us the microcosmic specific state and our individual circumstances needing adjustment to be brought back into harmony with the macrocosmic
through manifesting a higher potential of that circumstance’s conclusion.

They do this to further the evolution of the One Being. No need for threats of fictional eternal suffering, or punishment by an angry and wrathful god. The boost of specific Celestial energies we can receive from these beings can propel us farther along our transformation than we can achieve on our own in one lifetime. Communities support and uplift one another. The Celestials are uplifting us as part of their community. I believe that their benefit comes through experiencing incarnation a little when they connect
their energies with ours, perhaps granting them a little more free will then they otherwise have not being incarnated, as this is the only place beings can change through growth by new experiences.

PAA: What evidence or personal gnosis convinced you of invisible assisting forces from subtler dimensions at play in successful magic? By what markers are their presences discerned?

Synchronicities are one way these can be discerned. Occurrences that are significant to the Intent of the working. Scents and sounds that are correlated with the entity worked with; Inner knowing, this intuitive
certainty of the beings presence; Feeling the shift in energy; Sometimes there will be a dialogue in one’s mind foreign to normal thinking patterns or novel knowledge. I have experienced all of these to varying intensities.

Divinatory methods to discern a presence can be used as well: pendulum, tarot any number of others that one is skilled enough with to utilize for such. As Orisha priests, we utilize consecrated cowri, either 2 for yes/no, or 4 for “commentary” on the yes/no determined from the pattern that falls. When I first started working on developing magically it was through a “Shamanistic” approach, and I would get manifestations from my ancestors that while seemingly coincidental to others were of significance to me. I grew up with stories of how my Great Aunt Cora could read playing cards for someone like a book about their life.

When I first decided to be dedicated to learning and developing through magick, I would find playing cards randomly on the ground. I borrowed a 1970’s book my Mother had called something along the lines of “Gypsy fortune telling” that I recalled had a section on this subject, and I would be surprised each time
how the cards I had found would relate to something currently going on in my life. Smelling specific scents at improbable times also guided me.

Smelling Orange blossoms like my paternal Grandmother wore, or sweetgrass, which I associated with my Indigenous ancestors while thinking of something significant would inform me of my ancestors support in it, or unpleasant scents that triggered traumatic memories would tell of their disapproval with that course of action. I would have saved myself a lot of suffering during those times if I had been able to be a more open minded 15-year-old and heeded that advice. That however took a lot longer, as did listening to the advice of those living who had genuine wisdom to guide me.

The Way of Return

PAA: What spiritually sets the mage’s “Way of Return” apart from more common paths, in your perspective? What possibilities lie at its summit that inspire you?

I see no difference really. “One mountain, many paths,” and “spiritual” paths are just a small sample set of all the necessary experiences in the world. To refer to the Hindu concept of Dharma, a jeweler should be the best jeweler they can be if that is the destiny they chose for their incarnation, a warrior should be the best they can be as a warrior if that is their destiny. Any life’s experience can be a path back to Source if the person experiencing it does so in it’s highest potential. A person can reach enlightenment through any experience when it is the highest potential of that experience. Buddhists have so many amazing stories about this. My Buddhist friend gave me the book “Compass of Zen” in which are stories where the protagonist had a peak experience through sometimes the most mundane experience by perceiving it in just the right way. My favorite involves a Zen master who answered every question with “cats!”

PAA: Is attainment of this ultimate state permanent or conditional? Can a perfected magus revert to mundane consciousness if vigilance about maintenance lapses? What did ancient or modern exemplars demonstrate?

My godfather said that initiation to orisha priesthood would carry through to my further incarnations. So with something like Cosmic consciousness it would be even more so. Franz Bardon said something similar in IIA Initiation into Hermetics. Spiritual Awakening once occurring can never be undone. With additional incarnations, even if full Cosmic consciousness hasn’t been realized, the development will carry over, but there will still be forgetting upon birth. However, the process of spiritual development will also happen quicker until the person reaches the same state they were in when they passed from their previous incarnation. With Cosmic Consciousness as the return to the One Self of the One Being, while retaining one’s individual consciousness. The only stories I know of that recount a return to existential reality from cosmic consciousness is that of Lord Krishna, who is said to have been fully spiritually awake and self-aware of his innate divinity from the moment of his birth. Lord Krishna however, is an avatar of Vishnu, who is a major Principle embodying the aspect of the universe that maintains the Harmony of Existence.
I too am excited and curious to find out what happens after the state of
complete self-realization.


PAA: How would you personally articulate the relationship between our inner world and the outer macrocosm when doing magic? What passes back and forth across that threshold, from what you can tell?

Internal states are projected outward, internal elements aligning with the same higher level external elements. The more of the same external elements correlated, the stronger the manifestation. I have found that Ceremonial magick works better after building up the elements within oneself microcosmically such as described in authors Bardon and Chia’s material. Energy directed by Intent passes across the threshold.
What translates the inner to the outer is symbolic or imagined identification of an external object manifestation or condition with an internal aspect.

Like the offering of flowers embodying the olfactory sense being offered (identified with) the Divine, thereby focusing awareness into attention selecting that quality or aspect of the thing as significant.
Looking at Tantric puja we see this same mechanism, with something offered to the deity as being symbolic of an internal quality. This is accompanied with a mudra and correlating bija (seed syllables) mantra. These seed syllables are the pronunciation of sanskrit letters with an aspiration as part of the “Aum,” the first sound that underlies and organizes all vibration.

PAA: In your experience, what occult laws or principles mediate the translation between microcosmic intention and macrocosmic manifestation? Is there room for unpredictability?

There are many sequences based on this:
16 odu Ifa, 10 Sephiroth, 8 trigram Bagua, 9 flying Stars, et cetera.
Unexpected random elements are necessarily intrinsic to these sequences. As an example of such an algorithm, the 16 primary odu from Ifa:
Odu interconnectedness (pattern of existence) in the Ifa order of seniority:
Cycle of major 4

Eji ogbe

Oyeku meji/ eji oko

Iwori meji/ ejila sebora
(spiritual transformation thru reunion w/ ipori- higher self in the Spiritual
realm. Occurs through returning to the spiritual realm after death, initiation
and/or trance possession).

Odi meji
(receiving a new human soul and destiny before re incarnating)
(Initiation into an ancestral wisdom tradition completes this cycle within
the human lifetime)

rosun meji
Manifestation of specific ancestral inheritance that comes into being at

Owonrin meji
The element of chance that affects the development of the potential of

Obara meji
Human consciousness as it pushes the boundaries in an effort to become
self aware (development of identity and integration of experiences of the
ancestral gift within life circumstances)

Okanran meji
Understanding the self puts a person on the path of their destiny

Ogunda meji
Perception of one’s destiny leads to a clearing of the obstacles so that it
can manifest
(Removing what prevents the full realization of one’s destiny)

Osa meji
All human destiny is periodically challenged by unexpected occurances
(Osogbo negative elementals)

Ika meji
The will to overcome the challenges is in the power of the word.

Oturapon meji
When human will is not in alignment w/ the principles of harmony &
balance (embodied in ancestral wisdom traditions which provide solutions
to challenges in ways that flow with Universal nature principles), a person
is subject to stress & illness (workings of Osogbo: negative elementals).

Otura meji/ ofun kanran
Inspiration to overcome adversity is from a renewed sense of connection
w/ Spirit (inspiration from being in harmonious alignment w/Universe and
the principles by which it works: experiencing the interconnectedness of

Irete meji
Renewed vision of one’s destiny can lead to determination (seeing one’s
place in the interconnectedness of existence causes greater clarity of
purpose & builds morale)

Ose meji
Determination is supported by prayer (petitioning help from those beings
more powerful and benevolent)

Ofun meji
Blessing from Spirit.
Then the cycle begins again @ a greater & more complex level.

Body of Light

PAA: The Body of Light concept fascinates me – could you share more about its place in spiritual development as you understand it? Where did you first see this idea?

The Body of Light is the completion of the next stage in human evolution.
If humanity can survive it’s current state of barbarism then this will be an inevitability.
Conscious awareness of directing energy through the physical body develops the energy body giving a framework for the next stage. The organs generate psycho-emotional energy correlating to the positive
and negative qualities of the elements. These are radiated out forming amorphous fields suffusing and surrounding the physical (karma) body. This auric field is the individuals soul filling the etheric egg. These
elemental energies are transformed from the negative elemental qualities into positive, purified through refinement, and condensed into a duplicate of one’s physical form through exercises such as those found in Master Chia and Bardon’s system, it forms the Lunar/Soul/Astral body the substance filling the energy body vessel. Until forged into such a vehicle for the eternal awareness consciousness, the soul forming the individuals personality disperses at death as one returns to their multidimensional self-source. This body is able to operate in the astral, the blueprint of physical existence.

When external elemental energies from environmental nature of our planet, from sun, moon and stars are united with those generated by the individual’s organs, the solar/spirit body is developed within the soul body, as the soul body was developed within the energetic double of the karma body, except like a foetus in the lower tan tien/manipura chakra. As this spirit body is developed, it grows into an idealized version of ones karma body, able to operate in the higher dimensions. Some Tibetan Buddhist tantra lineages call this the Rainbow body. They list 3 stages of this Rainbow body of light, and this is stage two. Master Chia talks about 3 enlightenments lesser, greater and greatest. Enochian taught me that the 12 zodiacal rays embodied by the four Great Secret Holy names are useful here. Each of the 4 name have 3 parts, which are the 3 zodiac signs of that element: the 3 modes of that elemental energy, or in yoga terms, the three
gunas. Cardinal (satvic), mutable (rajasic) and fixed (tamasic).

The third stage is the Body of Light, in which all three of the bodies are united into a permanent immortal vehicle, an independent avatar, and the prime personality of one’s multidimensional source-Self. These all
have developmental stages, and are not like flipping a toggle switch. It could also be conceptualized as the third dimensional state of probability selection through choice making being imprinted as an instinctual mind for a higher dimensional body formed of condensed energy fields external to one’s internal limited energy resource contained by ego boundaries. To operate effectively beyond one’s personal, limited ego boundaries and so expand ones sphere of influence on reality a vehicle composed of those same external energies forming a relatability that allows resonance with those fields. Then, consciousness directs energy through focus of attention (Intent on outcome of transformation).

PAA: What new capabilities or hidden metaphysical senses get switched on with development of the Body of Light? Can reality be interfaced with or manipulated in new ways previously impossible?

Reality is composed of a sea of energy fields organized into objective form through perceptual awareness. The body of light is of higher dimensional space and so works on higher dimensional physics. It is able to directly interface with the fields of energy composing existence. Under this model the Body of Light can be said to be utilizing principles of hyperdimensional physics. This could be described as dynamic versus static or hedge magic.

As the BoL develops, becoming active, the experience of the Universe as a flow of energy fields becomes more pronounced. This begins with an enhancement or extension of physical senses to perceive different types of energy fields. It develops proximal to distal exponentially, as our awareness is most familiar with our own body, mind, energy etc… self is most relatable starting and foundation point from which to expand, such as the first house in astrology dealing with the physical body.

Comparisons & Influences

PAA: Does your cosmology align with or diverge from Kabbalistic notions at certain points?

I’m curious about comparisons that come to mind for you.
The Unity consciousness of Keter is interconnectedness. Chokmah is Hermetic polarity principle. The 1-10 conceptualization I previously sent you is based both on sacred geometry principle of Pythagoras, and the
Tree of Life model. There is an interpretation of the Sepher Yetzirah saying that the “golem” is a metaphor for constructing the body of light, that includes combining the 22 Hebrew letters with each other to form a webwork, an energy lattice matrix surrounding the space (womb) in which the golem (vessel for the Mage’s consciousness) is formed.

PAA: Were there any traditional or modern systems you explored but ultimately found too dogmatic or limited for reconciling with your personal gnosis? What did they lack or restrict unfairly?

Each system is a representational model based upon the culture it originated from, it’s steps are based on concepts in order of importance to that culture, and has it’s own goals for the path it sets forth. Ultimately
religious systems were too constricting with their adherence to the dogma of written rules. This is why Hinduism, Ifa, and Taoism appeal to me. While there are priests, rituals and devotees within these traditions, they are much more focused on the spirit of the rules, and often referred to as a Way of life instead of as religions by their practitioners. A Hindu who incorporates the philosophic principles of Sanatana Dharma into their life is practicing this, whether they attend the temple rituals, or chant one
mantra for their Ishta devata, their personal deity or perform complex saddhana (spiritual ritual). Taoist alchemy is supported by religious Taoism, but is complete in itself, following the way of life that supports
success with the practices. Boosts by the Celestials which Taoism works with can accelerate and magnify the processes, but are not required. Like saving up for a car by collecting soda pop cans to turn in, or saving money from working a career requiring a doctorate.

Beings of Cosmic Consciousness

PAA: What special qualities do “Beings of Cosmic Consciousness” possess that makes them unique or significant in your view? Have you ever sensed their presence?

Each embodies and acts as representative of a function composing the makeup of Universe, and can offer boosts of energy to us in their specific sphere of influence.
At the Mandir during Maha Shiva ratri I have had glimpses of Celestials while meditating.

PAA: Can individual consciousness expand to their scale of omnipresent universality while retaining a distinct sense of identity? Is such infinite awakening a goal of your practice? What might that existence be like?

Taoist Nei gung has the culminating Reunion of Tao and Man, yoga systems have cosmic consciousness as a goal, Kundalini yoga in particular has Sahasrara at the crown point that connects directly with ultimate reality, Tantra has union with various deities, but not traditional Kabbalah, as “G_D” is separate from His creation. It is said that a man can achieve Chochmah, but not Keter. Even the Merkavah has the ultimate
vision being that of the throne of God, still a self & other experience.

Eastern systems have many stories about people who have attained this state while alive. Buddhism: before enlightenment, chopping wood, carrying water. After enlightenment, chopping wood, carrying water. It is how the experience is perceived that ultimately changes. If enlightenment is Self-knowledge, and this is to whatever extent cosmic consciousness, then it is very much getting out of one’s head (identification with one’s ego boundary).

PAA: How do you see the idea of us co-creating relating to the everything being interconnected principle? I’d be interested in your thoughts there.

One of the main reasons we are incarnated into this world is to further the manifestation of creation through expressing free will by the process of making choices, that is, selecting what has significance, and then experiencing the consequences of those choices. Ifa says we come here from our home in the Spiritual realm to farm experiences, cultivate character, and continue the manifestation of the blessings that still remain in the spiritual realm upon the Earth. This happens through selecting the option in a circumstance that embodies ones Higher self as it is expressed as the highest potential of good fortune. This highest potential will always be that which expresses refined character.

PAA: As a partner in creation, how strongly can consciousness influence what unfolds on a global or cosmic scale? Are there examples from history of magi shifting timelines majorly through group ritual workings coordinated at power sites?

We see a practical example of this in statistical trend data, and projections of what is most probable being used to set future trends for “consumers.” This is a form of dynamic magick. To perceive the probabilities of various timelines and see strengths and weaknesses within patterns of that data, and to use that to change the current reality for an intended purpose: magick. How would one prove the shifting of timelines in a major scale? Would the ones involved recall the former timelines? Would anyone? Perhaps this is the Mandela effect, or a way of conceptualizing deva vu?

Would there be artifacts that translated over to one’s current timeline from the previous one experienced?
I cannot answer definitively on this line of speculation. I believe that when this occurs, it is the individual themselves that do the shifting, and not everyone everything else. Like loading up a single player video game, thousands or millions may have this same game, but each experiences it based upon their choices and skills, or how we each can read a novel and yet still experience it in a personal way through the lens of our emotions, learnings, and memories of previous experiences.

Karma & Choices

PAA: What role does choice and karma play on the spiritual path as a mage, in your opinion? Have you noticed those patterns or dynamics in your own journey?

Pre-existing Karmas are revealed in the astrological natal chart, showing the obstacles and advantages that define one’s incarnation. The literal instruction book for one’s life. These need to be neutralized, so they do not exert influence on the individual. A mage is in the best position to do this because they are spiritually awakened and can recognize how these patterns (karma means “action” referring to behavioral patterns) are impacting their lives and what to do to overcome them.

Aligning the internal (microcosm) with the external (macrocosmic): as within, so without. As above (celestials and deities), so below (mankind). To cross the Abyss of Awareness, we need a boost of energy from the Celestials’ realm, in order to transform each astrological negative alignment into positive.
These karmas offer repeated experiences positive or negative that present opportunities to develop oneself.

PAA: How much of your life course and experiences do you feel were predetermined or fated superseded choice? What ability exists to override astrological destiny through magical will or spiritual power?

Before I was initiated to Orisha, my birth destiny had to be read. This revealed the things I had chosen to do here during this incarnation, what was provided for me to be successful, the obstacles to be placed in my path to challenge my growth, the things my ancestors wanted accomplished, etc….in Thelema this would be called my “True Will.” But much of this destiny could be chosen to be ignored (with attending
consequences) or modified after being born. Certain things are considered unalterable once one is born, such as time of birth, lifespan, biological parents and the karmas that define one’s birth symbolized by the
astrological natal chart. Altering aspects of the destiny chosen can be accomplished after birth through this same type of divination, and through spiritual disciplines. Karmas as well are altered through various means, including, through Orisha initiation, which is a death and rebirth process, negating the karmas one comes into the incarnation with, but not the ones accrued during this lifetime, which are called seed karmas. On a lesser scale than initiation, different disciplines can be practiced in order to cancel negative karmic influences in the astrological chart. Acts of charity, specific mantra repetition, homa ceremonies, the wearing of gemstones as remedial therapy, and in Ifa, one could go for divination with an Orisha,
or Ifa priest trained in the process, and it can be determined what measures will align one with the good fortune of their destiny, and what things to avoid that will hinder one’s goals and path.


PAA: If asked, how might you advise an aspiring mage to explore some of these core truths that you find so resonant? Where would you recommend they start?

Find what speaks to your soul, immerse yourself in it, develop belief through personal experiences, but listen to the Wisdom of those who have walked that path previously and further, and always that there is more than just that one perspective. Elder in a tradition, including Gurus and teachers are of benefit by being able to advise the best courses of action with that tradition. They can answer questions, point the way along the path, but one still has to walk it their self. Having a guide can get someone to the destination more quickly, more directly, and hopefully with less difficulties experienced.

PAA: What pitfalls or mistakes should those embarking on the magician’s path steer clear of today? Are there any trending occult theories or practices currently gaining traction that you feel are misleading or

Cruelty, arrogance and egotism. Dehumanizing people, each of which is a spiritual being incarnated, and at a deeper level all beings are One, is ultimately self destructive. It also has a way of blocking one’s energy flow, keeping the positive energies radiated from the organs from developing into soul. Arrogance is a self delusional perspective that one is better than others because of their accomplishments. Egotism is taking credit for things others have done, usually from a place of insecurity. Each person is
on their own spiritual journey, and so is where they need to be at the moment. Even with dogmatic religions, these are as much spirituality as someone who is in survival level consciousness (Maslow hierarchy of needs) is able to incorporate at the moment, which is why those religions are so unsatisfying for those who have progressed their consciousness past this point. One should cultivate their energy, and eliminate wasting it through karmic attachments, and through complaining, criticizing or condemning.

Key Influences

PAA: Which teachers or traditions really highlighted certain aspects of these concepts for you over the years? I’d be glad to hear about those influences.

Most credit has to go to my Godfather, a Babalawo in the isese tradition of Ifa whose lineage is from Ode Remo town, Ogun State, of Nigeria. He guided me, initiated me, and trained me in the Orisha tradition of Ifa, pointed the way for me in Sanatana Dharma, started me with a Buddhist form of Kuji Kiri, and began my studies in Qi Kung with the 8 pieces of Brocade.

PAA: How did your key spiritual mentors, ancient or modern, guide you toward overcoming the personal weaknesses or psychological complexes that obscured growth? What lessons proved pivotal in your moments of crisis?

Before my Godfather agreed to teach me the ways of Orisha, I had to complete a Shadow work program from John Bradshaw called “Homecoming” to begin recapitulating, healing, and integrating the
traumas from 4 significant childhood states. This work parallels Erik Erikson’s childhood developmental stages, and these also nicely correlate with the lower 4 spinal chakras from Kundalini yoga, and more indirectly with the Knda Mpat (4 brothers) of Indonesian Ilmu Al-Hikma.

PAA: I would like to say how grateful we are for you to share so much in so much deatil. I am sure readers will find this interview to be a hugely inspirational, just hearing your journey. Many thanks.

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