Unveiling Virgil’s Profound Literary Journey: From ‘The Spirit of Magic’ to ‘Marian Hermetics’


Falcon Books Publishing are so close to the launch of the hardback edition of Virgil’s new book that that I wanted to revisit some of his titles and introduce Virgil a little for anyone that is new to Franz Bardon, so here it is:

Virgil, a writer and Christian magician who has dedicated himself to mastering and sharing insights from Franz Bardon’s magical system, he has an impressive back catalog of titles leading up to his highly anticipated new hardback edition of Marian Hermetics. While the ebook version of this latest offering is already available, with the paperback soon to follow, Virgil’s previous books – The Spirit of Magic, The Elemental Equilibrium, The Covert Side of Initiation, and The Gift to be Simple – provide a wealth of profound and accessible wisdom on the path of initiation. Beyond just being a prolific author, Virgil embodies the compassion and service at the heart of the magical path, organizing community initiatives like the fundraiser book Equipoise to support worthy causes. With Marian Hermetics representing the culmination of his work thus far, now is the perfect time to explore Virgil’s other titles and incorporate what speaks to you into your own practice.

Marian Hermetics

The Rosary is a powerful spiritual tool for those walking any path to God, whether religious, mystical, or magical in nature. It contains within its fifteen mysteries the wisdom of all of the world’s spiritual traditions and serves as a valuable lifeline through which aspiring magicians can access divine assistance in their training. It also functions as a spiritual weapon through which the aspiring magicians may strike down any obstacles that stand between them an adepthood. In this groundbreaking book on the Rosary, readers will find many valuable teachings, includng:

– Revelations regarding the esoteric lessons embededded within the Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries – An explanation of the alchemical aspects of the Rosary

  • Correspondences between the mysteries of the Rosary, the cards of the Major Arcana, the classical planets, and the elements – Instructions for using the Rosary as a tool for accelerating one’s advancement along the magical path
  • Creative ways to adapt the Rosary so it directly addresses the specific challenges the reader faces on their own unique journey through IIH
  • An analysis of the numerical symbolism embedded into the Rosary
  • A collection of many prayer intentions especially useful for those walking the magical path
  • Discussions of several “wildflowers” that can be incorporated into the Rosary along with the white and red roses
  • Descriptions of the ten virtues of Mary and explanations of their value for aspiring magicians

The Rosary is an invaluable gift to us from the Blessed Virgin Mary, and it is a gift that keeps on giving. It gives hope to the hopeless, comfort to the discouraged, power to the powerless, peace to the anxious, and most importantly, advancement and success to those who are stuck. Marian Hermetics is the only comprehensive book written to date on the esoteric dimensions of the Rosary. Drawing on insights gained from a lifetime of praying and studying the Rosary, Virgil explains how the Rosary is not just a spiritual practice, but an entire spiritual path in its own right. With the guidance in this book, aspiring magicians will learn how to walk this path so that the benefits they gain from doing so will support them in their rise to adepthood. Whether you’re an initiate with years of experience praying the Rosary or a beginner just starting to dip your toes into Hermetics and Marian spirituality, there is bound to be plenty of information in this book relevant to you and your path.

The Gift To Be Simple: My Answer to a Student’s Question

Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine an old man sitting in a rocking chair deep in thought. See the dull grey hair on his balding head, the creases on his brow, and the stains on his worn-out shirt. This man is a student of Franz Bardon’s system of magical training, and has been since the day he first came across IIH in his early twenties. As he rocks back and forth, he desperately tries to figure out why he is still stuck on Step 1. Throughout his lifetime, he read many articles about the exercises of IIH, frequently corresponded with renowned Bardon-trained magicians like William Mistele and Rawn Clark, and even supplemented his training with additional exercises from Dzogchen, Huna, and Western esotericism. Yet, despite these efforts, he never did move on to Step 2. With the information contained in this book, you can avoid the fate of the old man you have just pictured. This book will teach you many things that will help you make real progress in your training, including: Why you should throw out all your books on Qabalah .Why you should learn how to practice nishkama karma instead of Golden Dawn rituals like the LBRP. Why you should not draw magical symbols on the cover of your magical journal .Why a rudimentary understanding of economics can help you decide what magical exercises to practice. Why a cryptic statement by a Zen master can help you avoid buying Bardon-related books. Why you should not ask the author of this book questions about the spirits of PME Why the way you urinate affects the speed of your magical advancement. Why writing a particular number on a piece of paper and taping it over your desk can help you train better. In 55 simple and to the point chapters, Virgil covers the common mistakes that keep students stuck on Step 1 their entire lives and discusses the one key principle that underlies all effective approaches to Bardon system training. Note: This book was written specifically for students of Franz Bardon’s system of magical training. While students of other systems are welcome to read it, they may need to adapt the teachings contained herein to fit the systems they study.

The Elemental Equilibrium: Notes on The Foundation of Magical Adepthood

Establishing an elemental equilibrium – an inner state in which the elements constituting one’s soul and spirit have been balanced and purified – has long been considered an essential prerequisite for advanced magical work. The master alchemists of the Middle Ages hinted at the importance of this state in their cryptic texts and emblems. The French magician Eliphas Levi considered this state to be the secret to controlling the astral light. Professor Gregory Ottonovich Mёbes taught that this state is the key to acquiring divine authority. Throughout history, numerous occultists have become emotionally unbalanced and mentally deranged because they failed to establish this state within themselves before coming into contact with potent spiritual forces. Due to its importance, several of the more well-known magical orders in history have given their students rituals, meditations, and exercises to aid them in establishing an elemental equilibrium. Unfortunately, many of those practices were of dubious efficacy, and as a result, this state has continued to remain elusive for even the most sincere and dedicated students of magic.

The Spirit of Magic: Rediscovering the Heart of Our Sacred Art (Second Edition)

This book was written with one purpose in mind – to share the knowledge and wisdom the author has acquired since he began working with the system of magic designed by the Czech adept Franz Bardon. The contents of this book contain:
• Reflections about the nature of magic made after over a decade of studying and practicing the art in its most genuine and pure form
• Helpful comments on important technical exercises and basic theoretical teachings
• An assessment of the inner inspiration that lies at the heart of magic and brings the art to life.’The Spirit of Magic’ contains anecdotes and stories to illustrate important aspects of magical training.

The author’s engaging and straightforward approach offers a serious, yet enjoyable and easily understandable guide for those seeking balanced and steady magical advancement. This book is unique in its approach since it draws upon the full spectrum of life in order to illustrate the most basic and important principles of the sacred art. Hardback copies are also available on the Falcon Books Publishing website: www.falconbookspublishing.com.

The Covert Side of Initiation

For decades, members of the esoteric community have considered anyone with magical skills and abilities to be a magician. As a result, there are few magical training systems designed to turn students into magicians, and many magical training systems designed to turn students into people with magical skills and abilities.

The magical training system developed by the Czech adept Franz Bardon and contained in his three books – Initiation into Hermetics, The Practice of Magical Evocation, and The Key to the True Quabbalah – is designed to turn students into magicians. Unfortunately, many students of the system seek only to become people with magical skills and abilities rather than genuine magicians. For this reason, they often spend years stuck on the system’s basic exercises.

In this book, Virgil discusses some key components of magical training that are hinted at but not expounded upon in the text of Bardon’s books. Completion of these components is what distinguishes people who are magicians from people who merely possess magical skills and abilities. In the process of discussing these components, Virgil also elaborates on magical principles explained in his previous books, offers helpful advice for common problems magicians will encounter during their training, and elucidates one of the most misunderstood exercises of Bardon’s training system.

Wisdom For My Younger Self

Certainly one of the more unusual books in Hermetic literature, Wisdom for my Younger Self reads more like a student’s notebook than a comprehensive training manual or detailed treatise on an esoteric topic. Yet, the casual notebook-esque style of this book is a large part of the book’s appeal. The author demonstrates his great respect for the reader’s time, going to great pains to omit filler and keep the exposition of his most important teachings as concise as possible. The pages of this book contain, in a highly condensed form, the most important pieces of information the author wishes he’d known when he first began his magical training.

By reading this book, those currently beginning their training may arm themselves with the knowledge they need to complete the journey to adepthood. The author demonstrates his great respect for the reader’s time, going to great pains to omit filler and keep the exposition of his most important teachings as concise as possible. The pages of this book contain, in a highly condensed form, the most important pieces of information the author wishes he’d known when he first began his magical training. By reading this book, those currently beginning their training may arm themselves with the knowledge they need to complete the journey to adepthood.

Rewriting Fate: Practical Hints for Bringing the Stage Exercise to life

This book is a basic introduction to one of the most important concepts in magic – the concept of rewriting one’s fate. While different spiritual traditions sometimes disagree on whether fate exists and to what extent humans are bound by it, the greatest teachers in the world of magic have always said that fate is something that can be transcended and rewritten, and that the magical path will place in the aspirant’s hands the wisdom and skill needed to successfully do this. Easy to read and filled with practical advice, Rewriting Fate is the perfect manual for aspiring magicians eager to chart their own course through life. As one contemporary adept once said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Introduction to Magic

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