Jake Green

Mystery College with Jake Green

Reiki, Initiation, Evocation and Kabbalah

Jake has a tremendous amount of experience that has been gained from some intensive training literally living and travelling with some very well-known teachers from within the Franz Bardon community. The result of this is a clarity and understanding of the path of the Initiate, Sphere Magician and Quabbalist with the rare ability to teach the skills that allow others to gain the very same access and understanding to these teachings.

In 2022 Jake created the Mystery College where he shares experience in a range of courses. Perseus and the Mystery College work closely together to ensure high quality teachings are always available to the public, consisting of entire systems of practice.

We at Perseus are proud to host Jakes s huge course the Evocation Masterclass.

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In this Interview Jake discusses his journey, his training and his approach to Initiation, Evocation and Kabbalah

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Our experienced Reiki instructor Jake Green will guide you through interactive lessons and hands-on practice sessions so that you can experience the benefits of Reiki energy work for yourself.

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