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Dr. Peter Duchemin, PhD, has been practicing esoteric Tarot for over 25 years, from an ecclectic, non-emanationist magickal perspective, specializing in calendar magick. Peter is the author of over 30 magickal calendars, and the developer of an original approach, called meta-magick that uses these calendars to realize potent spiritual energies in time with the movement of the heavens. 

Before devoting himself full time to esoteric calendrics and Tarot, Peter performed professionally as a stage magician, clown, and circus performer - with a skillset inspired by the Tarot archetypes. In 2006, he completed a Master's thesis entitled,  The Enchanted Circus: Language, Time and the Circus Arts while touring with the Wonderbolt Circus in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada. Dr. Duchemin received his PhD in the interdisciplinary study of magic in 2019 from the Memorial University of Newfoundland with a thesis entitled The Art of Hidden Causation: Magic as Deep Mediation.

He has since contributed to numerous scholarly and trade publications - an output ranging from poetic and artistic works to academic essays and theatre monologues - and has performed magic, clown, and Tarot all around the world. Duchemin is also a prolific visual artist and metasequential cartoonist who posts his work regularly on instagram: @metasequentialartist.

Peter is completely committed to the path of Tarot Time, full of love of the Work. He is dedicated to helping others to realize their true magickal Ways - as artists, magicians, and Taroists.

Since 2019 he has been publicly celebrating the Forest of Life Venus calendar on his Instagram page, @tarotphilosopher. He lives in Hong Kong with his wife Evelyn and his son Arcturus, and teaches his original approach to Tarot and Magick.

The Meta Magick Tarot course on the Forest of Life Calendar is his flagship class. He is also available for private tutoring, reading, coaching and consultation.

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We highly recommend that if you have interest in Peters Introduction Course on Perseus or indeed his flagship course over on his own site that you read this interview. It is an amazing read, honestly more value and information in this interview than there is in many esoteric books. It is that good and almost 9,000 words of pure genius.

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The Genius of Meta Magick - A Universal Tool

Metak Magick once understood allows you to see other systems of Magick through the lens of Meta Magick. This is like a Key that opens the door to the essence of what is taking place. Here in this video Peter introduces his course and what students will be learning.

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