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Sixty Skills - A Practical Approach

30 Years of Travel, Discovery and Training

We are extremely happy to have SixtySkills on Perseus Arcane Academy. After conducting many interviews with the founder, the feedback for these interviews has always been incredible. There are not many out there who have the experience and the ability to communicate clearly exactly what to do, how to do it and how to ensure ongoing progress rather than getting stuck and fixated on specific practices.

The SixtySkills curriculum is liberating as it opens these teachings to anyone willing to put the hours in. On this page we have included the description of all courses available in the 18-month curriculum and a direct link to the individual course. We also offer the opportunity to purchase all of the SixtySkills curriculum in one purchase - the Master Course - for those who are interested we are offering a generous discount.

Sixty Skills Meditation and Franz Bardon Training

All Corners of the World...


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In order to let people discover how effective Sixty Skills courses are, Bob the founder has agreed for one of the most important courses to be made available to everyone. You can go through the course and see how you benefit.

If this is something you would like to do then click the button below to get your FREE course - All we ask is that you actually practice it and finish it.

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The Three Transformations is a critical foundation for those pursuing this path as it is both fundamental and advanced. Join the course today and you can gain a deeper understanding of this transformative process.

Sixty Skills - A Practical Approach

Why is the Curriculum so Important?

The significance of this curriculum lies in its ability to serve as the fundamental basis for achieving independence. Without such independence, one cannot effectively engage with the unseen realm and create their own Akasha and Non-Dual Light. This lack of self-sufficiency can leave one vulnerable to various risks and implications. In essence, the curriculum's importance stems from its role in fostering a sense of autonomy and empowerment. 'Ultimately I want all sentient beings to be free, this training is one way to do that.' - Sixty Skills

In addition to the critical factor mentioned earlier, there is another compelling reason to complete this curriculum. By doing so, you will be well-equipped to participate fully in Bob's future endeavors at SixtySkills. Bob has grand plans and is holding nothing back, with a well thought out curriculum that ensures anyone with the work ethic can make progress. But to take advantage of these opportunities, it is essential to possess the necessary foundational skills.

This is a great insight into just where this path can go with the proper work ethic. Prepare to be stunned.

This interview updates us on work previously mentioned. The startling results, the conclusions drawn and what comes next.

This post is a full listing of the 18-Month Temple Curriculum. Each course is listed with extensive previews for you to watch.

Interview with Sixty Skills

Courtesy of Clint Sabom

The Master Course

If you are a serious practitioner who aims to complete the curriculum, then the best thing to do is to get the Master Course. This allows you to save $450 compared to buying the courses separately. This is also the lowest price you will ever see the individual courses or the Master Course at. Due to inflation and world events, prices will have to go up at some point. So the Master Course allows you to secure the entire curriculum at todays prices.

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